Padgett's Messages

All The Padgett Messages In Date Order For 1916 both published and unpublished

Author Title Date of Message
Helen Padgett refers to Pastor Russell’s “Spiritualism” - not true - she is Helen & not some lost angel .- what Russell will find when he comes to spirit world - with Nita and me at dinner - encouragement - her love Jan. 1, 1916
Jesus refers to Pastor Russell’s book “Spiritualism” - no such thing as fallen angels - no spirits except the spirits of men - many evil spirits, but not devils - never any rebellion in Heaven - never any Lucifer, or any other angel who became Satan - the penalty for Russell - the reason therefore - advice - the spirits actually write Jan. 2, 1916
Helen Padgett speaks of Nita & my getting a home - with me at Trinity W.E. Church - the people have the love - her love Jan. 2, 1916
Jesus at Spiritualists’ Church - Mrs. Kates did not know the things she predicted and no spirit controlled her - spirit could not make the predictions - her reasons for making the predictions- no basis of fact - the disease - at Trinity Church with me - the people have the divine love - many spirits of mortals who once attended that church were present - advice and encouragement. (Both of these messages on this date link to the same message which appears to cover both topics.) Jan. 2, 1916
Jesus warns against doubt as to their actually writing to me - Russell’ “Spiritualism” a snare and a lie - never any angels who revolted against God - when “angels” are mentioned in Bible always mean the spirits of departed mortals - will tell me of the angels who were supposed to have had an existence prior to creation of man - more important truths first to be told - no devils ever manifest through mediums - men’s beliefs as to devils - speaks of casting out devils - speaks of obsession and the law of attraction - obsession obtains today - and if there were any men in the condition of soul development as were his disciples they could cast out these devils - men have not this faith and some believe it would be contrary to God’s laws to attempt to cast out devils - but this faith will come and men will cast out devils and heal the sick, etc. - never a miracle - teachers of false doctrines will have to pay the penalty Jan. 3, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle must not think that they are not writing - refers to works of my mind since I read Russell’s “Spiritualism” - no such angels and no such devils - the only spirits - all those who once lived the life of mortals - Helen Jan. 3, 1916
Helen Padgett refers to Jesus’ message - these so-called devils will cease to exist & become either redeemed or happy in their natural love - advice - home in Park - Nita Jan. 3, 1916
Saint Luke finishes discourse on the Atonement Jan. 4, 1916
Jesus comments on Luke’s discourse on the Atonement - Jesus’ teachings to develop the natural love - why his teaching of the divine atonement were not considered so important by men - what salvation is Jan. 4, 1916
Padgett, John H. - my father (at office) - advice as to material things - Jesus - they write Jan. 4, 1916
Helen Padgett (at office) - take father’s advice - encouragement - her love - refers to Luke’s message & Jesus’ confirmation - describes Jesus’ appearance when he was writing - Nita’s sickness - love Jan. 4, 1916
Jesus my condition better - must not doubt - think of what has been written me - visited Nita - encouragement Jan. 5, 1916
Lincoln, Abraham not about religious things - in 7th sphere - describes his home and his condition of happiness - the love of spirit for spirit - divine love waiting for all - mind of man - Jesus, the wonderful Jan. 5, 1916
Todd, John B. the happiness of the children of God - 1st celestial sphere - knows he is immortal - was recently with Lincoln - compares the happiness of the two spheres - the inhabitants - compares his condition as a mortal - every man may become the possessor of the blessings Jan. 5, 1916
Butler, George H. describes the hells, and his life therein and on earth Jan. 5, 1916
Helen Padgett Refers to Butler’s message - describes him & his belief Jan. 5, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle advice as to material affairs Jan. 7, 1916
Jesus advice as to material affairs Jan. 7, 1916
Helen Padgett dark spirits tried to write - they think they must come to me first - the Master’s advice - her love Jan. 7, 1916
Ann Rollins could not get in rapport last night - encouragement Jan. 9, 1916
Helen Padgett Mary wrote the Dr. - advice - go to church - music of the organ drawn closer to me - seldom are the high spirits at the spiritualists’ meeting - look to the Father - encouragement Jan. 9, 1916
Stone, Priscilla - Dr’s mother (added) Jan. 10, 1916
Jesus discourse - many sayings in the epistles of Paul and Peter not true - Jesus is not God his blood does not wash away sin - did not die on the cross for the salvation of man - did not take upon himself the sins of mankind - the Father did not foreordain his death on the cross - not in the plan of God for man™s salvation - neither Paul nor Peter wrote these things and Jesus did not teach them - they do much harm - too much emphasis given to faith and works and not enough to the new birth - many teachings as to mans conduct towards man are true - moral conduct will lead to happiness but will not enable men to enter the Kingdom - why his true mission was not preserved in Bible - the errors in copying and translating - why he taught the moral truths - repeats now: narrow is the way and strait is the gate that leads to life everlasting - all men will ultimately be brought in true harmony with God - sin will be eradicated - his moral teachings more at large set forth in the Bible than were his higher truths Jan. 10, 1916
Helen Padgett received message from the Master - such deep messages hard to receive - spirits will write - love Jan. 10, 1916
Jesus continues discourse of last night - after the death of his followers the teachers of the church taught the moral truths were the important things for men to learn in order to gain salvation - these teachings been utilized by rulers of the church to build up power of church - before his coming the Jews could not teach the new birth - they could teach the development of the natural love - ten commandments - natural love never taken from man - the Jews - their Messiah - the great gift not known to the Jews - their conception of God - (continued) Jan. 11, 1916
Padgett, John H. - my father personal - advice Jan. 11, 1916
Helen Padgett refers to Mr. Stone’s appearance when mistake was made in writing number of his sphere - been with Nita - with her more than ever - happy Jan. 11, 1916
Jesus continues discourse - object of his mission on earth - secondary object - natural love not sufficient to make man divine - object of compilers of Bible - love and almsgiving - good deeds Jan. 12, 1916
Helen Padgett must not worry about Nita - encouragement - love what do you want to know of dance halls - dancing days over - Mary wants to say one word - Mary says it - lovesick, etc. Jan. 12, 1916
Saint Luke discourse on The Mystery of the birth of a Soul into the Human Being Jan. 13, 1916
Helen Padgett refers to Luke’s message - heard Jesus explain to him - Mr. Colburn’s mother wants to write - Mr. Colburn’s soulmate has come to spirit world - will tell her - her love will be the greatest Jan. 13, 1916
Keating, John S.- Prof. at Oberlin we never die and can communicate - a professor - never believed in hereafter as he now sees it - would like to write a thesis Jan. 14, 1916
Helen Padgett sorry Mr. Boatman could not write - anxious to tell Mr. Morgan something - in earth plane - not happy - describes her meeting him - his beliefs hold him back - Mr. Morgan’s father wrote him - his soulmate with him - with Nita Jan. 14, 1916
Jesus discourse on: The relationship of Man to the Creation of the World and the Origin of Life Jan. 15, 1916
Kennedy, Mary message to Dr. Stone (no archive record of Mary Kennedy on 15th Jan) Jan.?, 1916
Helen Padgett refers to Jesus’ message - Mary wrote Dr. Stone - will write me a long letter on a subject she has been studying - Nita Jan. 15, 1916
Somerville, Hannah leader of sect that believed in resurrection of body - and eternal punishment - vicarious atonement - has seen the errors of her beliefs - suffered a long time because of her beliefs - died in 1682 Jan. 16, 1916
Saint Paul discourse on “The Resurrection” (continued) Jan. 16, 1916
Jesus pleased that Paul and Samuel wrote so successfully - upon the question of the resurrection founded the doctrines of Christianity - Nita (Linked message does not mention Samuel) Jan. 16, 1916
Samuel - the Prophet supplement to Luke’s discourse as to how a soul is born into the flesh Jan. 17, 1916
Saint Stephen the resurrection a vital truth - what is the Church - Jesus the head - “I am the resurrection and the life” Jan. 17, 1916
Helen Padgett the messages - happy - Ingersoll - Perry - Mrs. Emmons - soon bring Colburn’s soulmate to him Jan. 17, 1916
John the Baptist desires to write upon an important subject Jan. 18, 1916
Riddle, Albert G. discourse on: “The soul’s progress as I have experienced it” Jan. 19, 1916
Helen Padgett Mr. Riddle wrote - Prof. Salyards has a message - grandmother has one - mother & father have messages & Helen also Jan. 19, 1916
Baldwin, Stephen J. lived many years ago - died in 1769 in faith of church - and awakened in darkness - and so continued for a long time - found it difficult to believe - importance of having right beliefs Jan. 20, 1916
Helen Padgett was with me at Mrs. Miller’s - spirit wrote through me - her guide talked - Indians know a great deal about healing - Mr. M. anxious to become free - she is worldly Jan. 21, 1916
Galileo thought his telescope would revolutionize man’s knowledge of astronomy - has explored the heavens - desires to explain the hidden truths - lives in sixth sphere - has seen Jesus - does not know what divine love is Jan. 21, 1916
Salyards, Prof., Joseph H. discourse - “Law is the unchangeable factor in determining the status of men on earth and spirits in this life” Jan. 21, 1916
Somerville, Thomas needs help - in darkness - threw away certainty of heaven to satisfy appetite for drink - a hell - his sufferings - lost opportunities never come again - with Tinie often - mother comes to him Jan. 21, 1916
Helen Padgett glad I had message from Mr. Somerville - reincarnation all speculation - Master says it is false doctrine - will try to find a spirit who taught reincarnation Jan. 21, 1916
John the Baptist must not worry about Nita - will have her with me - studying Bible Jan. 28, 1916
Roller, Cousin Sally much happier - loves Helen - knows what love means Jan. 28, 1916
Helen Padgett White Eagle won’t let the dark spirits write - Great Bear here - she is happy - encouragement - Nita Jan. 28, 1916
Helen Padgett reading with me pamphlet on Swedenborg - do not think any of his works would benefit me - his mission a failure - not best to read any books on Christianity - every sitting attracts an increased number of dark spirits - taking my advice without waiting to write - bright spirits numerous - dark, turned over to them - my work becoming widely known in spirit world - all protect Feb. 2, 1916
Saint Luke discourse: Development of the Soul in its Natural Love wherein the New Birth is never experienced Feb. 3, 1916
Helen Padgett refers to Luke’s discourse - not the result of my thinking Feb. 3, 1916
Helen Padgett refers to Dr. Stone & messages - Mary writes -she is progressing Feb. 4, 1916
Helen Padgett Jesus will finish his discourse tomorrow night Feb. 5, 1916
Jesus finishes discourse on: “The Relationship of Man to the Creation, etc.” - my thoughts not interwoven in the message Feb. 6, 1916
Helen Padgett refers to Jesus’ message - visited Edward with me - his ordeal - C. will not live long - conditions determine the direction of life - her heart - been with Nita - all looking after her - many spirits of higher order will come to write Feb. 6, 1916
Helen Padgett refers to Jesus’ message - the messages as to divine love of more importance - love Feb. 7, 1916
Saint Paul finishes message on “The Resurrection” Feb. 8, 1916
Salyards, Prof., Joseph H. desires to finish his discourse - refers to Paul’s message on “The Resurrection” - refers to my school days - the result to him in the spirit world of our meeting - my work with the dark spirits - happy - prayers - love - Helen Feb. 8, 1916
Helen Padgett I need a keeper - White Eagle at Mr. Miller’s and gave Mr. Morgan a guide Feb. 8, 1916
Helen Padgett sorry, I not in condition to take Luke’s message - Nita all right Feb. 10, 1916
Elkins, Stephen B. has written before - in better condition - listened to grandmother - material things not important - wants to tell his family - in brighter plane - exalted spirits with me - Jesus - earth beliefs Feb. 11, 1916
Helen Padgett White Eagle won’t let dark spirit write - Nita - her new home - Elkins - Syrick Feb. 11, 1916
Saint Luke will finish discourse tomorrow night - go to some church where music is good Feb. 12, 1916
Helen Padgett speaks of Caroline’s sickness - Dr. Campbell visits her - he examines her, and describes her trouble - prescribes for her - her heart trouble - speaks of C’s dying soon - message to Edward Feb. 12, 1916
Saint Luke advises that I finish indexing before writing Feb. 13, 1916
Helen Padgett speaks of C’s sickness - will try to influence Dr. to use remedy Feb. 14, 1916
Saint Luke desired to continue message - my absence prevented - not complaining Feb. 15, 1916
Saint Clement - Pope of Rome I have been selected to do the work - Jesus writes to me - in celestial spheres - underwent sufferings Feb. 15, 1916
Campbell, Dr. Jas. C. not satisfied with change in prescription - Caroline’s condition - will try to help her Feb. 15, 1916
Saint Luke continues discourse of the Development of soul in its Natural Love Feb. 16, 1916
White Eagle great number of dark spirits present - they tell one another - hundreds of bright spirits present to help - is happy - dark spirits my friends to protect - Great Bear present - happy Feb. 16, 1916
Stone, Priscilla - Dr.’s mother (added) Feb. 17, 1916
Padgett, John H. - my father gives information as to market - how his informants learn - my financial condition - advice Feb. 18, 1916
Ingersoll, Robert G. convinced of truths of Christianity - progressed - mind and soul opened up to truth of teachings - discourses - in earth plane - grandmother - Helen - soulmates Feb. 18, 1916
Ann Rollins in 3rd celestial sphere - knowledge of spiritual truths greater - speaks of God - describes Him and His qualities and attributes - He is not with and within men - has a location in the Heavens - man does not live and move and have his being in God - God is Soul and Soul is God Feb. 18, 1916
Yorking, John was a disciple of Jesus - not known to history - worked in country outlying Palestine - he received the communications from the spirit world in the public worship - others interpreted them - such communications that St. John referred to when he advised them to try the spirits - knows Jesus taught the new birth - never taught that he was God or that his death or sacrifice would save from sin - had the powers which Jesus possessed of healing, etc. - Jesus was the teacher, etc. - departure from these beliefs - the dogmas of the church - I am receiving revelations of the true religion Feb. 19, 1916
Helen Padgett (added) Feb. 19, 1916
Helen Padgett At Colburn’s with me - tried to make me have a vision of her - partly successful - was very happy - wishes I could have seen her Feb. 20, 1916
Helen Padgett at office - Nita - a wrong message - Edward’s writings - evil spirits intruding - will find Edward an Indian guide - my mother his guardian angel Feb. 24, 1916
Helen Padgett grandmother here to finish her message - my condition not good - a number of other spirits desiring to write - Jesus has another important message - White Eagle has found Edward’s guide - his name Rolling Thunder - Edward will make a strong medium - speaks of Caroline & Dr. Campbell - not seen her father or mother Feb. 24, 1916
Ann Rollins continues her discourse on God - often with Nita trying to develop her soul Feb. 25, 1916
Padgett, John H. - my father listened to grandmother’s message - Jesus teachings to the spirits the same - when scientists and infidels come into the spirit world they soon realize that there is a God - only one little veil of flesh between their mortal and sprit beliefs - speaks of Mr. Morgan and the market - advice as to my habits - anxious to deliver messages - happy Feb. 25, 1916
Helen Padgett speaks of Caroline & Edward - he is developing in his writings - his Indian guide is with him - White Eagle Feb. 25, 1916
Jesus will come tomorrow night and write a message - must write faster - many more truths to reveal - conditions becoming riper every day - I the only one among all the mortals through whom he can write - my conditions soon change - Baha’o’llah a bright spirit - not the great prophet of God - never received the divine nature - not in celestial heavens - his beliefs of a Mohammedan nature - he may write Feb. 27, 1916
Jarvis, Rachel She loved me as a boy - I chosen to make known - the truths - wonderful - happy - 1st celestial sphere - love Feb. 27, 1916
Padgett, Ann R. - my mother long time since she wrote - I in the Father’s love - Jesus anxious that I do his work - close communion - believe and pray -grandmother with me often - her happiness - her soulmate has progressed - Edward - Caroline Feb. 27, 1916
Jesus Message: How a soul must receive the divine love of the Father in order to become an inhabitant of the kingdom of God - the true “brotherhood of man” Feb. 28, 1916
Helen Padgett Jesus wrote - Prof. Salyards & Ingersoll want to finish their messages - the latter progressing very rapidly - he realizes how much harm his teachings are doing - he knows of the second birth Feb. 28, 1916
Jesus has read over his last message - received correctly - will come soon and deliver another message - speaks of the evil desires that I have - not new creatures - explains - “If you will turn your thoughts to the Father, and assert that you are one of the redeemed children of God, you will find that these desires will leave you” Feb. 29, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle soul in spirit world - soul and body - no heaven or hell as taught by the churches - many heavens & many hells - soul only thing made in image of God - neither spirit body or physical body is an image - what becomes of them after death Mar. 1, 1916
Helen Padgett Caroline will soon pass over - Heard what Daond told Edward - saw the spirit which made the suggestion to Daond - all his impressions come from spirits - a number from his own country - how he reads palms Mar. 1, 1916
Jesus Message: The redeemed Soul from the penalties which sin and error had brought upon it - the mission of the Holy Spirit - did not finish because of my condition - not satisfactory Mar. 2, 1916
Helen Padgett personal - Caroline - wrote Edward - Dr. Campbell visited C - her love Mar. 2, 1916
McGovern, Rose - (Syrick’s soulmate) happy - soulmate of Judge - he is progressing - he will never forget me - a true believer in the Master’s truths - happiness in store for me - Helen - the Master’s love - I am favored - high spirits come - dark spirits Mar. 4, 1916
Helen Padgett just had a letter from Rose - sorry I was not in condition to take the Masters message Mar. 4, 1916
Ingersoll, Robert G. desires to finish message - my condition bad - happy and progressing - speaks of grandmother Mar. 4, 1916
Helen Padgett sorry I am not in condition to write tonight - the Master expected to write - grandmother here, says pray more - Prof. Salyards here - will be pleased to finish Mar. 5, 1916
Indian - Last of the Mohicans lived in early days of country’s existence - a warrior - and leader - many scalps - some Indians in saint world who still glory in deeds done on earth - still feel hatred - understands some Indians have lost all such feelings and are happier - cause him to think - what do I think? - will follow advice Mar. 6, 1916
Seligman - Mohammedan ex-sultan (later says his name is Seligman -ed.) has written before - has made investigation - divine love true - has received some of it - never before learned of this love - the Prophet never taught it - only the natural love - very few of his people have any conception of the existence of the divine love - they are in the spirit sphere only - Christian spirits - in third sphere - becomes more unselfish - desire that his brothers shall know of this love - will go back to his brothers & teach - Seligman is his name - the other name (Seleman) a mistake Mar. 6, 1916
Stone, Priscilla - Dr.’s mother (added) Mar. 6, 1916
Helen Padgett had letter from mother & soulmate of Dr. Stone - can give names at times and at other, cannot - (dark spirits intervened - White Eagle sent these away) - when interfered with, trying to concentrate on name Mar. 6, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle not in good condition of soul, because I have been thinking of teachings that do not lead to soul development - give up these things - mostly speculation - what the spirits reveal are truths - Bible not the word of God - may benefit me some to consider its teachings, and make comparison - my book will be read in light of the Bible - the Master and high spirits have many messages to write for the “book of truths” - what else I may read - is acquainted with all religious teachings - the Bahaists have not the knowledge of the truth of the new birth - their teachings do not show men the true way to the Celestial home - pray and believe Mar. 7, 1916
O’Neal, Lewis I. was called Judge - in better condition - as he gets rid of his old beliefs the more progress - Helen - sees old friends, many in darkness - Lipscomb in bad way - tries to help him, but - visits his old haunts - appetites of earth - his work - every time he helps a lower spirit he helps himself - Maurice Smith, John Clark - and Webb and Perry - P. in bad condition - grandmother tries to help him - my writings - his beliefs hold him back Mar. 7, 1916
Carlisle, John G. better than when he last wrote - advice benefited him - if he could only have faith - old ideas stick to him - beliefs wonderful things of substance - his animal appetites - struggle hard - if he could only come into earth life again - Riddle - divine love - hope - Helen - his evil thoughts - he sowed and is now reaping - in desires still a mortal Mar. 7, 1916
Padgett, John H. - my father personal - the market - the spirits, Morgan - friends all progressing - mother’s soulmate - is with me Mar. 7, 1916
Miller, Robt. L. can’t understand the spirits - wants my advice Mar. 7, 1916
Davis, Frank my old chum - quite happy - not orthodox on earth - found that belief is an important thing - prided himself on his moral excellence -describes his entrance into spirit life and experience -divine love - third sphere - heart to heart talk Mar. 7, 1916
Helen Padgett enjoyed Davis’ letter - see him often & talk - tries to help him Mar. 7, 1916
Helen Padgett the dark spirits - Nita - think of higher things Mar. 8, 1916
Helen Padgett Nita with me at dinner - letter from Mr. Morgan’s father Mar. 9, 1916
Helen Padgett Dr. Stone and his work - the Master’s messages - with me at show Mar. 10, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle encouragement - specially designated to help me - material affairs - high spirits - my future & powers - my work - Jesus - they are sustaining me Mar. 11, 1916
Mastry, John D (added) Mar. 11, 1916
Helen Padgett (at office) encouragement - John wrote - my work - the high spirit Mar. 11, 1916
Helen Padgett (at night) - happy - our love - many spirits present Mar. 11, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle advice as to taking messages - my condition - turn thoughts to God - Book of Revelations - allegory - no practical use - meaning of “Amen” - Aman & Amon came to me - how they were created - their story of the Fall - known thousands of years ago - Adam & Eve Mar. 12, 1916
Helen Padgett at Mrs. Ripples’ séance - spoke to Edward Mar. 13, 1916
Jesus keeping appointments - dark spirits - worries - spirit Morgans - encouragement Mar. 14, 1916
Morgan, John S. about market - will pay close attention and write Mar. 14, 1916
Parker, John D. - Englishman interested in my work - am receiving messages from high spirits - God - in seventh sphere where only the followers of Jesus are Mar. 14, 1916
Josephus interested in work - receiving messages from the high spirits -believe Mar. 14, 1916
Wesley, Charles not forget my mission - high spirits are writing Mar. 14, 1916
Salyards, Prof., Joseph H. finishes his discourse of Jan. 21 Mar. 15, 1916
Jesus message: What it is that makes a man Divine (I go to sleep) Mar. 15, 1916
Saint Stephen Master disappointed - does not complain - all interested in work Mar. 15, 1916
Helen Padgett Master’s message - Joseph’s message - he wrote - Mudd went with Riddle - many spirits present - Perry spoke to me at Mrs. Ripple’s - Butler’s condition - Ingersoll progressing Mar. 15, 1916
John the Baptist my condition not good - as to permit high spirits to communicate - have so many messages to communicate - let mind turn to truths Mar. 16, 1916
Joseph of Arimathea he existed as a mortal - the man who laid the body of Jesus in the tomb - details - Jesus’ death - his rising - Jewish leaders - angel came soldiers slept - Mary - Jesus revealed himself - Peter - empty tomb - explains disappearance of body - he writes to me (we learned many years later this was actually Joseph, Jesus’ real father) Mar. 16, 1916
Garrison, Nm. D. - Preacher follower of Jesus - wants to help in my work Mar. 16, 1916
Helen Padgett Personal - as to Colburn’s soulmate - her condition - Caroline Mar. 16, 1916
Helen Padgett Dr. Stone and my talks - they enjoy them - J. P. Morgan Mar. 17, 1916
Helen Padgett had a long message from John - John’s love - J. P. Morgan Mar. 17, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle on the orthodox belief in the Atonement of Jesus by his death - Constantine convention - early fathers - God and the individual - prayer - doctrine untrue - Master’s teachings distorted - truth and untruth - individual salvation - the one way - what possible connection between God and the death & blood of Jesus? - God - argument against the sacrifice - thinks of the cross with horror - no debt paid - salvation - new birth - divine love - first parents - the great gift - how Jesus is the saviour Mar. 18, 1916
Hay, E. R. his condition etc. - wonders why he is not happier Mar. 19, 1916
Smith, C. Maurice his condition - other lawyers in same place Mar. 19, 1916
White Eagle (added) Mar. 19, 1916
Helen Padgett old lawyer friends wrote - Lipscomb - with me at church - preacher’s sermon on the unpardonable sin - all saved Mar. 19, 1916
Helen Padgett Master anxious to write - Mr. Morgan’s condition - spirits not to talk to him Mar. 20, 1916
Samuel - the Prophet future life - wishes to write to those who say “I don’t know” - the materialists - reappearance of life in vegetable, etc. does not prove future life of man Mar. 21, 1916
Saint Luke comes to write on: What is man to do to obtain that knowledge which will enable him to reach that soul development which will fit him for a home in the celestial spheres - postpones the message Mar. 21, 1916
Ann Rollins sorry Luke could not write - will write later - is happy Mar. 21, 1916
Helen Padgett sorry that I could not take messages of Luke & grandmother - happy at show Mar. 21, 1916
Jesus will not write tonight - rapport weak - trying to help me - pray more and faith will come - will give me a form of prayer soon - speaks to Mr. Morgan sometimes - have selected him to do a work - he has been favored - his friend and brother - not come or written to other mediums - what will come to us - he speaks with authority Mar. 22, 1916
Helen Padgett refers to message from Jesus - again he displayed his great glory - Ingersoll present - says Jesus is the true son of God - I so humble - refers to the three times when his glory was displayed - she is so happy - Mr. Morgan’s soulmate - the effect on her when Jesus declared that Mr. Morgan had been chosen - glorious night Mar. 22, 1916
Jesus Writes on subject: How the divine love enters into the soul of a man - describes body, spirit and soul - finishes his message later Mar. 23, 1916
Henkle, Genl. Saul S. younger than us - enjoyed messages - Mrs. Stone - Dr. a soulmate - how happy my spirit friends are - circles - his wife Mar. 23, 1916
Syrick, Frank D. is happy - with Rose - progressing - Dr. Stone’s soulmate - our advantage over him on earth - his surprise Mar, 23, 1916
Kennedy, Mary (added) message to Dr. Stone Mar, 23, 1916
Stone, William. - Dr.’s father (added) Mar. 23, 1916
Helen Padgett refers to Jesus’ message - all our spirit friends are happy Mar. 23, 1916
Elias, the Prophet (Elijah of the Old Testament) knows about my work - wants to write a message for the book of truths - in celestial sphere near the highest spirits Mar. 24, 1916
Saul of the Old Testament desires to write - happy Mar. 24, 1916
Samuel - the Prophet will soon finish message - no reason that I should know what it will be Mar. 24, 1916
Seurges - the Babylonian makes his sign manuel - on earth many thousand years ago - his sign now, the great seal of the Father’s love - now a Christian - will come later & write Mar. 24, 1916
Saleeba - the Egyptian Princess progressing - the divine love, hers - wants to write a long letter Mar. 24, 1916
Morgan, J. Pierpont market - Eugene Morgan - progressing Mar. 24, 1916
Padgett, John H. - my father must not be alarmed about the market - what spirit Morgan says - is happy - hopes to soon be in 1st celestial sphere - not to worry over business Mar. 24, 1916
Luther, Martin interested in the messages - wants to write soon Mar. 24, 1916
Morgan, J. Pierpont Morgan & I missing opportunity to make money - his mistake on earth Mar. 25, 1916
Helen Padgett love letter Mar. 25, 1916
Morgan, John S. must have confidence in him and his son - market - objects of spirits - fifth sphere - happy - after death his condition Mar. 27, 1916
Helen Padgett messages - number of spirits present who heard - they commenced to think - orthodox spirits would pay no attention to high spirits Mar. 29, 1916
Samuel - the Prophet continues message on future life - as shown by manifestations of nature Mar. 30, 1916
Mills, Samuel C. describes home and condition of drunkard - what spirits met him when he came into spirit life - his experience - describes him Mar. 30, 1916
Wesley, John Samuel has finished his message - would like to write Mar. 30, 1916
Garland, John a stranger - interested in my work - in celestial sphere - knows plans to bring to mankind the truths Mar. 30, 1916
Bright Star - Mrs. Ripple’s guide progressing - will soon be in seventh sphere - glad I went to Mrs. Ripple’s - gets Mary - refers to Edward - messages I receive - she hears them - Mr. Morgan - his mortal friend Catholic Mar. 30, 1916
Helen Padgett dark spirits trying to write - Egyptian spirit - Samuel’s message Mar. 30, 1916
Helen Padgett Mr. Morgan - Samuel wrote - happy - heard conversation with Nita - Caroline Mar. 31, 1916
Helen Padgett Samuel’s message - loves me Apr 1, 1916
Jesus writes on my personal condition - assertions of mind over aspirations of soul - not free from influences of flesh - turn thoughts to the Father - Christian Scientist’s doctrines - source of power to heal - smoking Apr. 3, 1916
Helen Padgett stop smoking - must not be despondent - the woman - explains the mistake as to the woman that Mr. Morgan brought to her - spirits make mistakes Apr. 3, 1916
Helen Padgett personal - at show - with me - made us think of something that happened in our lives - closer to me than when on earth - her love Apr. 4, 1916
Jesus not pleased at my smoking - advice - actually writing - my work - Christian Scientists - how they are helped - faith - God does not personally intervene - works by spirits - Christian Science faith - many of its teachings misleading - is with me, helping me April 5, 1916
Root, Richard Indian did not want to let him write not happy - Helen is helping him - his wife - regrets - his daughters Apr. 5, 1916
Helen Padgett Mr. Root wrote - he and wife in bad condition - trying to help them - work Apr. 5, 1916
Helen Padgett personal - J.P. Morgan - Nita & I at show - Caroline - Dr. Campbell Apr. 6, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle letter on belief, faith, knowledge & love - the process by which Jesus obtained his spiritual knowledge of truth Apr. 7, 1916
Saul of the Old Testament refers to the account of him in Old Testament - the witch of Endor Apr. 7, 1916
Helen Padgett with me and Nita - soon be together - enjoyed the show - John and Saul wrote - if I will study what John wrote, I will find the true key to the unlocking of the door to a knowledge of spiritual truths Apr. 7, 1916
Le Sales French soldier killed at Verdun - wandering - saw a light - whether he is a spirit & I a mortal - kept charging after death Apr. 8, 1916
Helen Padgett poor spirits wanted to write - my band present - love is so strong that if she should let the power of its longings be exercised, would draw me out of the body - her love - Dr. Stone - Mary Apr. 8, 1916
Saint Luke Message upon the text: The sins of the parents are visited upon the children unto the third and fourth generation Apr. 9, 1916
Saint Luke makes corrections in last message Apr. 10, 1916
Saint Luke satisfied with manner in which I took the message Apr. 11, 1916
Emmons, Mrs. Jennie should like to come and write a long letter - not happy - Helen - our love - sees the life George is leading - does not love him - soul mates Apr. 11, 1916
Helen Padgett Mrs. Emmons wrote - not told her who her soulmate is - George - law of love Apr. 11, 1916
Burroughs, Laura - cousin has progressed - thanks - Helen - Belle - Manda - higher spirits Apr. 13, 1916
Jesus must finish our message - why I get into an unspiritual condition - the remedy - promises of development - Nita - her grandmother - Caroline Apr. 14, 1916
Le Claire French soldier - killed in battle - in confusion Apr. 14, 1916
De Sale, Jean needs help - lived in New Orleans a wicked life Apr. 14, 1916
Barton, Clara founder of Red Cross -her society - its needs - war with Mexico - in earth plane - will take my advice Apr. 14, 1916
Helen Padgett White Eagle & Great Bear - the Frenchmen & Miss Barton - love Apr. 14, 1916
Mary, the Mother of Jesus her mother’s love - the Father’s love - in celestial heavens - Jesus - her condition determined by her own soul development - Joseph was the Father of Jesus - Holy Spirit - Jewish maiden Apr. 15, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle wants to write - postpone it - pray more - divine love - he helps many spirits of the celestial spheres around me Apr. 15, 1916
Samuel - the Prophet many high spirits around me - my soul development - encouragement Apr. 15, 1916
Saul of the Old Testament Mary, Jesus’ mother wrote - not pleased when mortals pray to her Apr. 15, 1916
Helen Padgett Samuel, Saul & Mary wrote - happy - never saw so many celestial spirits present - in atmosphere of love - Mary - the Dr. Apr. 15, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle Master will not write - instructed John to tell me - Mary the mother of Jesus with me - her love - Jesus not conceived by the Holy Spirit Apr. 16, 1916
Galliona stranger - lived before human history began - Asiatic - sixth sphere - will come again Apr. 16, 1916
Helen Padgett was with me at church - made her presence known to me - with me at Edward’s - Caroline & Nita - ancient spirit wrote Apr. 16, 1916
Selman, John P. in better condition - was infidel - salvation - Mrs. Selman - Helen Apr. 18, 1916
Laura Burroughs Laura Burroughs writes that she is so grateful to know the truth Apr. 18, 1916 (added)
Lipscomb, Andrew A. Indian won’t let him write Apr. 18, 1916
White Eagle and Arondah (added) Apr. 18, 1916
Helen Padgett Lipscomb’s condition - Dr. must believe the message from his Hindu guide - the power to heal - still exists - Mary Apr. 18, 1916
Solomon - the wise the greatest thing in all the world - Love will come and then faith, and then knowledge, and then ownership Apr. 20, 1916
John the Baptist is with me often - celestial spirits my friends - never sent his disciples to Jesus to ask if he were the Christ - Bible wrong - Jesus: who he was to John - no necessity for another Christ - the great gift - what he meant when he said “I am the voice, etc.” Apr. 20, 1916
Saint Paul with me often - will never leave me to others - my whole future life will be taken up in receiving messages - life for many years - belongs to the work Apr. 20, 1916
Samuel - the Prophet I am in better condition to receive the Master’s messages - my band - Elias Apr. 20, 1916
Ann Rollins waited to let higher spirits write - many around me - with me often helping me - mother present - in a higher sphere - no number - always progression - no conception of the beauty of her home - mother and Helen still in third sphere - no limit to increased beauty and happiness Apr. 20, 1916
Helen Padgett White Eagle had to use force to prevent dark spirits from writing - her pity - the Miss Hulbert, mediumistic Apr. 20, 1916
Helen Padgett my condition - advice - at church with me Apr. 22, 1916
Jesus in better condition of soul - advice - disproves the worship that has been offered to him today - erroneous beliefs - who he is - wrong beliefs hard to eradicate - must make more speed - give no attention to speculations of philosophers and theologians - dark spirits - helping the dark spirits will be a part of my work as long as I live - commented on in spirit world - will realize my material desires - Takoma will be my home - others will come - Dr. & Morgan already selected - have faith - immortality - he is preparing a mansion for us - the way - celestial heavens - have locality - life therein means immortality with progress and increased happiness April 23, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle with me at two church services - suggested thoughts - both sermons on immortality - “when all is said it was merely hope & belief, knowledge was absent” - regrettable that men won’t seek the knowledge when they can get it - he means continuous life - how it may be known spirits & angels communicated to man prior to the Bible - Bible has many instances - orthodox say special interposition of God - law governs - same law which enables the evil spirits to communicate applies to high spirits - land filled with mediums - spirit communication has been established to satisfaction of men of all kinds - object - this privilege a part of God’s goodness to man - faith and hope - preachers, when they know, will not declare the truth to their followers - why? - their accounting Apr. 23, 1916
Lafayette thought of my talk - went to Washington for explanation of the divine love - got it - found the love - is progressing - third sphere - predicts the end of the War Apr. 23, 1916
Helen Padgett with me at church - I have had some interesting messages Apr. 23, 1916
Saint James not written for some time - taking a special interest in Dr. Stone - helping him spiritually, others helping him in his professional work - Dr. developing and having faith - will become a man of great faith & love - will succeed in his work - pray - mortal lives will soon pass and then the awakening - our reception in spirit life - soulmates real - what depends upon the soul development - the Father’s love - soulmate love Apr. 24, 1916
McGovern, Rose - (Syrick’s soulmate) So happy - Judge has progressed to third sphere - he is here - and knows what the divine love means - his progress will be more rapid - so happy cannot write much Apr. 24, 1916
Ingersoll, Robert G. describes his progress - third sphere - knows what was meant by Jesus when he said - “in my Father’s house are many mansions” - divine love - regrets his erroneous teachings - Jesus the way to immortality - his work now - sometimes disappointing - the law of retribution - work self imposed - the result of one of truth a follower of Jesus the Christ - our prior conversation the means of starting his progress - much pride in his opinion Apr. 24, 1916
Helen Padgett enjoyed reading of messages - glad that I can understand what the spirits mean - so can Dr. - how good the Father - these truths mist be learned by all men either in mortal or in spirit life to become redeemed - in sleep my spirit will come to her - will realize it Apr. 24, 1916
Helen Padgett sees I am happy - divine love with me and celestial spirits also - with me at séance - the people present - Mrs. Kates - others of band present - she sees clairvoyantly - Mary present - Mr. K. soul development not sufficient to enable her to see higher spirits - the law Apr. 25, 1916
Helen Padgett dark spirits wanted to write - White Eagle kind to them - Forrest in an awful condition - did not make herself known to him - he went with Mr. Riddle - he must suffer some yet Apr. 26, 1916
Jesus will write tomorrow night - read the first part - been with me a great deal improving - trying to help in business affairs - will realize Apr. 27, 1916
Saint Luke message: What is necessary for a man to do, to recover the purity of soul and love that was possessed by the first parents - the natural love only - original sin Apr. 27, 1916
Root, Richard with me when the spirits write - still in darkness - Helen helps him - somehow can’t understand - God is so far away - will try to follow my advice - wife better - Helen helping her - don’t understand how he writes Apr. 27, 1916
Helen Padgett had important letter from Luke - Mr. Root wrote - has been trying to help him - will bring grandmother to him Apr. 27, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle I not in good condition - Master will not write - he told John to tell me so - advice Apr. 28, 1916
Scranton, Wm. B. jolly man - knows nothing but fun - not the poor depressed spirits I may think - describes dark spirits - describes the girls Apr. 29, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle Master will come to write May 1, 1916
Salyards, Prof., Joseph H. intruding spirits - soon write a message May 1, 1916
Morgan, John S. about market May 1, 1916
Latimer, John L. interested in my work - seventh sphere - English preacher May 1, 1916
White Eagle hard to prevent some spirits from writing - no more trouble May 1, 1916
Helen Padgett intruding spirits - pitiable - Nita May 1, 1916
Helen Padgett intruding spirits - Jesus did not attempt to write - his love for them - messages - about Mr. Leavy - encouragement May 2, 1916
Morgan, Mr. - Eugene’s father message to Eugene - an evil spirit - Red Fox - Boarman May 3, 1916
Helen Padgett dark spirits - why Master did not write - J.P. Morgan - grandmother in higher sphere - happiness - advice May 3, 1916
John the Baptist my soul condition & advice - interested in me and my work May 4, 1916
Ingersoll, Robert G. desires to write - progressing - sees Perry - grandmother with him P. May 4, 1916
Ford, Samuel I. describes himself - enemy of the Morgan’s - White Eagle - what he has learned - his condition - my offer to help - his mother & brother - his awakening May 4, 1916
Helen Padgett speaks of Ford’s message - White Eagle - my talk to F - she is happy May 4, 1916
Helen Padgett at Mrs. Ripple’s séance with me - Judge there - progressing to 5th sphere May 5, 1916
Helen Padgett enjoyed conversation between Dr. & self - Mary wrote - and his mother - many high spirits present May 6, 1916
Jesus will deliver message tomorrow night - my soul condition - advice - will be with Nita - soon be together in our home - she is mediumistic May 7, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle my condition - advice - all try to help me May 7, 1916
Samuel - the Prophet try to help me - no need for worry May 7, 1916
Morgan, J. Pierpont as to market - progressed some May 7, 1916
Helen Padgett enjoyable time with Nita. - Nita will be with me often - finger May 7, 1916
Jesus Finishes his message: “How the Divine love enters into the Soul of a human being” - the soul as the man - work of the Holy Spirit May 8, 1916
Helen Padgett the dark spirits tried to write - the Master’s message - financial matters - Mr. Morgan - J.P. - describes Mrs. J.P. Smith’s entrance to spirit world May 8, 1916
Helen Padgett with me at Edward’s - music - sometime soon l will see her - Taggart & Mackey out of their darkness May 9, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle good condition - many high spirits present - many anxious to write May 11, 1916
Padgett, John H. - my father market affairs - Mr. Morgan - advice - Nita - progressing - Caroline May 11, 1916
Helen Padgett my condition - Nita - home - Caroline May 11, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle message - the Father’s truths - beliefs, because ancient, not certain - truths of all times, the same - never change - truths revealed today should be accepted - men susceptible now - no ultimate of truth - the churches - the Bible - why men have not progressed more - men must seek and criticize - the soul smothered May 12, 1916
Helen Padgett dark spirits wanted to write - anxious to write her promised letter - high spirits want to write - market deal May 14, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle comes because I am disappointed - can read my thoughts - to help me in my want of faith - J.P. Morgan’s advice - encouragement May 15, 1916
Helen Padgett disappointment - last night dark spirits broke rapport - love May 15, 1916
Jesus with me at Mr. Morgan’s - if rapport can be established will cure him - laws controlling the power to heal - difference in exercising power now and when on earth - what rapport is - when the power comes to me - power can be possessed just as the disciples possessed it - what a prerequisite - White Eagle was trying to help Mr. Morgan - will make demonstration May 16, 1916
Granger, Alice - my cousin saw me when I spoke to Mame - heard what I said - Mame’s mother present - in 3rd sphere - happy - prays - Helen & mother - Aunt Mary May 16, 1916
Luther, Martin desires to write to his followers - necessity for correcting their beliefs May 16, 1916
Helen Padgett at Mr. Morgan’s - tried to help him - White Eagle - Jesus there - love May 16, 1916
Morgan, Mr. - Eugene’s father wants to encourage Eugene - will soon be well - his sickness will help him get nearer the Father - his mother anxious May 18, 1916
Helen Padgett must not become despondent - money - think more of the Father May 20, 1916
Jesus must not become discouraged - others will advise - Mr. Morgan brought some - not bright - such work not congenial - but interested May 22, 1916
Luther, Martin message - Roman Church in his time - Bible - people - all dependent on priests - spiritual enlightenment not attempted - duty - obedience - indulgences - Reformation - rejected some truths that should have been accepted by the reformers May 23, 1916
Helen Padgett several dark spirits tried to write - love and prayer May 23, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle must not be despondent - encouragement - the Broker - actually writes May 24, 1916
Helen Padgett with me at Mr. Morgan’s - heard conversation - Dr. Campbell has helped him May 24, 1916
Saleeba - the Egyptian Princess happy and progressing - Helen May 25, 1916
Helen Padgett message from Luther, Mary & the Broker - enjoyed conversation between Dr. & myself May 25, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle what will become of soulmate - at separation - don’t know - many souls will not enter the celestial heavens - advice May 26, 1916
Ann Rollins message - in celestial sphere where are no lines of demarcation - inhabitants - impossible to describe the happiness - all mankind may obtain - love - man’s fall - coming of Jesus - the great privilege - majority of men die without knowing of this privilege - all men may receive Holy Spirit -work of spirits - God has no peculiar people - not necessary for men to have heard of Jesus - conflicts with orthodox beliefs - the effect of Jesus’ sacrifice - divine love - Jesus’ mission - ministering spirits - myriads of spirits heard Jesus’ teachings on earth - spirits now hear the teachings of men - happy to write again - is with me helping me May 28, 1916
Ford, Samuel I. has progressed - mother & brother - no longer hates - with Mr. Morgan - helps evil spirits away - White Eagle - Helen displays her glory May 28, 1916
Helen Padgett showed Ford her power - grandmother will help him May 28, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle message - What does the spirit of man do when it leaves the mortal body for eternity? May 29, 1916
Luther, Martin continues message - churches power - harm done - many of his teachings wrong - justification by faith - Jesus not part of Godhead - Jesus’ mission - what his followers should believe - difficulties in the way - his responsibility - truth - (see last tablet) - communion of mortals and spirits - hell and purgatory - probation - salvation May 29, 1916
Helen Padgett had important messages tonight - my condition - happy day - with me at Mr. Morgan’s - many spirits present - music at church - mother and grandmother present - pray more - expressions of love - will try to carry me with her when I sleep May 29, 1916
Helen Padgett was with me at Mrs. Phillips’ in Takoma Park - spirits surrounding her - how she may be relieved - her grandmother send message - love May 30, 1916
Helen Padgett dark spirits - Mary sends message to Dr. May 31, 1916
Ann Rollins continues message June 1, 1916
Saint James I am blessed by the love of the Master - encouragement June 1, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle desires to write another message - encouragement June 1, 1916
Helen Padgett grandmother finished message - personal June 1, 1916
Helen Padgett speaks of séance at Mrs. Ripple’s - Nita with me - Syrick & Rose present - reason they do not talk much - my doubts June 2, 1916
Jesus encouragement - personal - will soon write another message June 3, 1916
Josephus his History of the Jews - some corrections - source of his story of creation - description of creation of man not true - the facts of man’s creation - man and woman equal - result of the fall - woman’s future equality June 3, 1916
Helen Padgett Josephus wrote - in the celestial heavens, no distinction made between men and women except as the individual soul development makes the distinction - the one perfect soul - instead of thinking about woman’s rights should try to get the divine love - woman’s rights on earth - love an equalizer - when I am asleep will try to take my spirit with her June 3, 1916
Saint Luke message: What is the use of believing in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross as a salvation from sin? June 4, 1916
Seafee spirit of Assyrian - spirit when Moses lived - believed in one God - no belief in devil - states beliefs & sacrifices - lives in Sixth sphere June 4, 1916
Luther, Martin pleased with manner in which his last message was received - will come soon and write June 6, 1916
Sommer, Lillian society woman - describes her life on earth and why she now suffers and is in darkness June 6, 1916
Kate Stone (added) June 6, 1916
Helen Padgett her promised letter - in sphere with grandmother - the beauty of her home - increase in love - what the “mansions” are - the wonder of her progress - my help - never forgotten what I said - what a thought of love may work - the benefit of a Christian mother, etc. - the influence of the divine love - Christian instructions - the fortunate man - nothing lost - the final destiny of all souls - her progress - entrance into the spirit world - my father - advises all men to so love as to attract spirit friends - the happiness may be mine - her love and that of the higher spirits - when I pass over - her love - mist pray - will pray, my spirit form from my body tonight - will tell me when she writes June 8, 1916
Helen Padgett I must try to get more love - took my spirit it as she promised June 9, 1916
Jesus will write important message - I am happy - letter from my wife true - it is the evidence of what the Father’s love can bring about - I should be happy because of so much love - my experience - revelations June 9, 1916
Jesus message - What is the correct way in which a man should live the life on earth in order to receive the cleansing , from his sins, so that he can gain the purification of his natural love (Divine Love not considered) - not completed (Continued June 17) June 11, 1916
Helen Padgett (added) June 11, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle must not let spirits write tonight June 12, 1916
Jesus smoking interferes with receipt of messages - advice as to - will try to help me - danger of surrendering will to spirits - some spirits never satisfied - my mediumship - need not fear results - my mental faculties - as to loss of memory - advice as to improving my memory - refers to a book “Why are we here” - no such thing as the second “embodiment” of the soul - no return to earth, etc. - will write later on reincarnation June 13, 1916
Samuel - the Prophet Paine’s Age of Reason - reasonable & true - God of the Old Testament not the true God - will come and write with reference to Old Testament Books June 16, 1916
Jesus continues message of June 11 - (original sin, etc.) June 17, 1916
Luther, Martin will write again - Jesus’ message - my work June 17, 1916
Helen Padgett (added) June 17, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle condition of the soul when the Divine Love flows into it June 19, 1916
Perry, R. Ross still in darkness, but not to same extent - commencing to realize that there is a way open - grandmother - trying to follow her advice - prays - feels better - Helen - Davidge, in darkness - Riddle - spirit world such a vast place - never seen his brothers - limited as to where he may wander June 19, 1916
Luther, Martin will write soon - in celestial sphere not numbered - far above that in which Helen is - still progressing - no ending - will sometime describe these higher spheres June 19, 1916
Samuel - the Prophet comes because I am worried about business - encouragement - wants to write about some soul truths and historical facts June 20, 1916
Mills, Samuel C. I am doing good work - present when dark spirits write - some do and some do not follow advice difference in appearance and state of mind - progressing June 20, 1916
Calvin, John interested in the work - divine love - wants to get in rapport so he may write of things important to mortals June 20, 1916
Burroughs, Laura - cousin progressing - grandmother - mother - Helen June 20, 1916
Taggart, Hugh T. not written for long time - spirit life wonderful - thinks of many lost opportunities - out of darkness - happy - Mackey also progressed - knows that there is the divine love and earnest prayer brings it - often talk about argument & of prayer I formulated - opened up his soul - sometime will tell experience - Harry has progressed some - priests - prayers - Mac, not advanced much - hard to get out of his beliefs about purgatory - Davidge in darkness - not suffering so much (no archive record) June 20, 1916
Sprague, Kate Chase progressing - almost out of darkness - higher plane than when she wrote before - intellect not sufficient June 20, 1916
Root, Richard in better condition - Helen & mother - listened to her advice - prayed and tried to have faith - darkness leaving him - almost happy - has had much suffering - no spirit could suffer for him - his wife progressing - wants to write to his daughters June 20, 1916
Jesus glad that I could tell some truths to Edward’s visitors - is with me whenever he has the opportunity to impress me with the truths - Edward’s visitors - many will hear and not heed - must preach the truths - encouragement June 21, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle worries - encouragement - all trying to help June 22, 1916
Jesus message: Why the love of God - the divine love - is necessary for man to possess in order that he may become one with the Father and an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom June 27, 1916
Forrest, Edwin needs advice - in darkness - don’t know why - help - sees beautiful spirits - Helen - she says she will help me - Taggart - how did I get the power to write June 27, 1916
Helen Padgett refers to message from the Master - encouragement - Forrest - condition bad - will try to help him - he has gone to his place - Mr. Riddle - will soon write letter about meeting in spirit June 27, 1916
Luther, Martin message : Observation of ceremonies which my church still uses in its worship- infant baptism - Lord’s Supper June 29, 1916
Helen Padgett enjoyed conversation with Dr. - many higher spirits present suggesting - not sit up so late - Mary present - mother present - happy June 30, 1916
Kennedy, Mary message to Dr. Stone - was present when I came to spirit world in my spirit form - what she told me - will have Dr. come July 1, 1916
Helen Padgett Promised letter - caused my spirit to leave body - in third sphere - beautiful home - heard the music and saw the spirits - did not want to return to earth - love making - promises - my appearance - introduced to spirit friends - mother - White Eagle - danger of being away from the body too long - I returned & slept - she waited until I awakened - my memory does not remain with me - will repeat our meeting - happy July 1, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle message: Why should men learn that they are not to be left to themselves in their conceptions of what life means, and what its importance is in the economy of man’s creation and destiny (continued) July 2, 1916
Kennedy, Mary message to Dr. Stone - was present when I came to spirit world in my spirit form - what she told me - will have Dr. come July 3, 1916
Helen Padgett Mary wrote - will help her to carry the Dr.’s spirit to spirit world - to third sphere July 3, 1916
Rejewiee- the Indian (claims to be the one who wrote the hieroglyphics to the woman friend of Mr. Kelly, and herein translates the same.) lived many years before the known history of the world - rarely comes to the earth plane - sixth sphere - no matter how long spirits may have lived in spirit life they can return to earth - speaks of message to woman medium - gives a description of his country, and people and then of himself - Yarma July 7, 1916
Helen Padgett had message from ancient spirit - said he was the Indian he represented himself to be his coming not the result of my inquiry on her part July 7, 1916
Jesus pleased with my efforts to find the truth - some of the errors of Christian Science - the want of the true comprehension of its founder of the realities of being - not a great while until my desires are realized July 9, 1916
Solomon - the wise must have more faith in the communications - spirits who write are actually whom they represent themselves to be - come soon and write July 9, 1916
Helen Padgett thinks the movement of the Christian spiritualists (a new church at Pythian Temple) in the right direction July 9, 1916
Samuel - the Prophet speaks of the book of the Israelite (street preacher) - spirits keep their eyes open to the various ideas of men - derive no good from reading such books - will, come soon and give his understanding of man’s creation and fall as he understood it while in the flesh - cannot positively know the manner in which creation occurred - knows of the fall of man - has talked with the first parents - they have written me - of no importance, except to show what man lost by the fall and what was restored to him at the coming of Jesus - revelations coming to me are the truths of God which they have been striving for centuries to make known to humanity - the results of my work July 10, 1916
Helen Padgett reading messages - the spirits who wrote tonight are whom they represented themselves to be - Mary present Dr. Stone’s treatment of Mr. Morgan beneficial July 10, 1916
Helen Padgett encouragement, etc. July 11, 1916
Helen Padgett personal - must pray more July 12, 1916
Helen Padgett personal - must pray more July 14, l916
Helen Padgett personal - must pray more July 16, 19l6
Helen Padgett personal - Caroline July 17, 1916
Forrest, Edwin in a better state - Helen & Mr. Riddle have helped him - is praying, though it is hard to understand bow prayer can help him - number of old friends in same condition - Helen’s beauty - wants me to pray for him - how strange it all is - not dead - more alive than ever July 19, 1916
Helen Padgett many dark spirits present - Forrest wrote - improved - hard work with him - all trying to help him - Samuel wrote July 19, 1916
Jesus I am in better condition - desires to write another important message - need not worry - the importance of the work July 20, 1916
Helen Padgett personal read it July 23, 1916
Saint Luke corroborates Luther - did not write the Gospel or the Acts as they are now contained in the Bible - many things emendated and many added - before messages are ended will know of these things July 25, 1916
Luther, Martin personal - encouragement July 25, 1916
Helen Padgett Luther & Luke wrote - all interested in me - what my work means - encouragement July 25, 1916
Jesus I in better condition - personal July 27, 1916
Helen Padgett Jesus & Samuel wrote - with me tonight on trip July 27, 1916
Jesus personal - encouragement - how I may obtain the divine love - have faith July 28, 1916
Helen Padgett read with me the book of Mr. Benlisa - the vital truth not there - the new birth - comments July 28, 1916
Helen Padgett personal July 30, 1916
Helen Padgett personal July 31, 1916
Helen Padgett spirits who worship Buddha - not in celestial heavens - Buddha in sixth sphere - does not teach reincarnation - love Aug. 1, 1916
Jesus my soul calling for him - his love - my soul - advice - love in my soul - don’t understand - love most real thing in all creation - how I will understand its coming - work Aug. 3, 1916
Helen Padgett the Master wrote - advice Aug. 3, 1916
Darwin, Charles never knew me on earth - wants to write - in the earth plane - trying to lift himself to a higher position - was a scientist - mistaken in his knowledge - was a materialist - what surprised him - the result - no foundation for his theories - discourses matter & spirit - matter a mere incident and spirit the reality of life and evolution - did not understand the basis of evolution - should like to deliver a discourse on evolution (archive record lost) Aug. 4, 1916
Helen Padgett several spirits who wanted to write - hard to get rid of - White Eagle - why they do not prevent the spirits from writing - speaks of Darwin - advice & encouragement - many spirits want to write - her father & mother - love Aug. 4, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle message: The Divine Love of the Father Aug. 5, 1916
Helen Padgett received message from John - she has the love - how I can increase its inflowing - was present when Dr. and I were conversing - Mary & many spirits present - declare with all the positiveness and earnestness of conviction, the truth - unseen hearers - Mary’s message to the Dr. Aug. 5, 1916
Helen Padgett refers to my reading messages in Psychic Research - written by spirits of the earth plane - after my work completed these things will be explained - describes spirit body - not a mental creation - soul changes, its appearance Aug. 7, 1916
White Eagle glad to write - with me - happy - messages of high spirits Aug. 9, 1916
Jesus refers to sermon by Elder Daniels - Turks will be driven out of Europe - will establish their capital in Jerusalem - will be driven from there and disintegrate - preacher’s predictions as to what will happen after war, not true - peace will be established - He will not come as the Prince Michael - has already come - and is now working - men will not need him as a visible king - no Satan will arise - there is no Satan - who the devils are - pities the “soul sleeper” belief - no battle of Armageddon - except as the soul of each man fights, etc. - their teachings do harm - hard to teach the 7-day Adventists that their doctrines are not true - Daniel’s prophecies have no application to the present condition of the world - no man or spirit could foretell these things - peace will come - do not waste time in reading these teachings - with me trying to show me the way to the new birth - love Aug. 13, 1916
Helen Padgett refers to the lecture - prophecies - Master’s explanation Aug. 13, 1916
Jesus interested in my reading messages & indexes - many spirits present that wonder what they mean Aug. 15, 1916
Helen Padgett many spirits present - why she did not prevent the dark spirits from writing - if necessary would have done so - White Eagle Aug. 15, 1916
Helen Padgett personal - advice Aug. 16, 1916
Saleeba - the Egyptian Princess still progressing - been praying - in 7th sphere - Helen - thanks God that she came to me - divine love - will go to her people Aug. 17, 1916
Helen Padgett received letter from Saleeba - soon receive some important letters - sent no message through Mrs. _______ - never communicates through other mediums - (hand feels dead) White Eagle will give treatment Aug. 17, 1916
Helen Padgett refers to my visit to Edward - his life - Caroline - her condition - death - encouragement Aug. 21, 1916
Helen Padgett personal Aug. 23, 1916
Lillabridge, Stephen J. seventh sphere - advice and encouragement Aug. 24, 1916
Helen Padgett the Broker & Morgan wrote - business - advice - my future years and work - baby & Edward Aug. 24, 1916
Jesus will soon write a message - speaks of my sickness - advice - the only immortal part of man, the soul - spirit merely the active energies that manifest life - will soon deliver a message defining what the soul is and what the spirit is - soul the ego Aug. 26, 19l6
Jesus with me at the Christian Spiritualist Church - describes the soul condition of the preacher - her love Aug. 27, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle soon be well - the book - material matters - James the lesser, who he was - don’t know whether he wrote the Epistle - the errors of the New Testament Aug. 28, 1916
Luther, Martin desires to continue the letters to his people - met the Popes who ruled when he started the Reformation - they are now in the celestial heavens - they suffered - their work - state of the ignorant Catholic layman - that of priest - will come and describe in detail Aug. 28, 1916
Helen Padgett personal - A. J. Davis and his writings - other writings Aug. 29, 1916
Helen Padgett refers to dark spirits - many bright spirits present waiting to help - rejoice that I have the power Sept. 1, 1916
Helen Padgett personal - Edward - Caroline’s sickness Sept. 2, 1916
Helen Padgett personal - at Colburn’s etc. Sept. 3, 1916
Jesus personal - cautious about reading certain books Sept. 4, 1916
Helen Padgett the Master wrote - must believe Sept. 4, 1916
Constantine Roman Emperor - not really a Christian - state policy - why he adopted Christianity - never changed his beliefs - convention of Nicea - Bible - experience in spirit world - divine love - in the celestial kingdom - creeds - truth Sept. 5, 1916
Saint Luke Constantine wrote - a bright spirit - he was scourged - thought himself still Emperor for a long time - pray Sept. 5, 1916
Helen Padgett Constantine wrote - other spirits who were prominent on earth would like to write, but there is not time - personal - many spirit present Sept. 5, 1916
Saint Luke personal Sept. 9, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle wants to write on the destiny of the man who does not receive the divine love of the Father - comments on spiritualists - the divine love must be taught - prayer - my work Sept. 10, 1916
Samuel - the Prophet personal - faith - love - effect of - Paul’s description of Sept. 10, 1916
Helen Padgett personal - with me at church - the preacher Sept. 10, 1916
Jesus personal - never said to Peter upon him would he build the church - the Romish Church - its destiny Sept. 11, 1916
Forrest, Edwin is progressing - Helen - her help - Mr. Riddle - his mother Sept. 11, 1916
Helen Padgett Forrest wrote - he is progressing - his mother Sept. 11, 1916
Cornelius the first Gentile Christian - listened to messages - my work - in the celestial heavens Sept. 12, 1916
Saint Luke personal Sept. 12, 1916
Saleeba - the Egyptian Princess happy - the love - will tell her life on earth - go to her people Sept. 12, 1916
Helen Padgett way of helping the dark spirits - at Mission meeting refers to some of the men there - their prayers - spirits there - at Mrs. Ripple’s - spoke to Mr. Morgan - Mr. Bauman’s father present Sept. 13, 1916
Helen Padgett send message to Mr. Riddle’s daughter - at Colburn’s - their beliefs - Mrs. Riddle in third sphere - Bert has progressed Sept. 14, 1916
Helen Padgett my condition - my work - many things in Bible not true - spirits anxious to write - George Emmons Sept. 15, 1916
Helen Padgett dark spirits - my calling her - my dreams - what dreams are - I have left my body & gone with her - promise of future Sept. 16, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle comments on what the preacher said about the “Word and the Word was with God, etc.” - it does not prove Jesus to be God - never written by him - who Jesus was - describes how he, Jesus, became the “sent” - he has never seen God - except with the soul perceptions, as have many celestial spirits Sept. 17, 1916
Jesus discourse on the “Sons of God, who are” - encouragement Sept. 17, 1916
Helen Padgett had messages from Jesus & John - people at meeting had some of divine love, yet their beliefs constitute a barrier, etc. Sept. 17, 1916
Saint Luke many messages to be delivered - all trying to help me Sept. 21, 1916
Lazarus Jesus and others write - my work - why chosen - his sisters - who he was on earth Sept. 21, 1916
Helen Padgett had messages from Luke & Lazarus - my visit to Colburn’s Sept. 21, 1916
Helen Padgett personal - Caroline - Mrs. Mosher’s sickness Sept. 22, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle message on “What is the destiny of the mortal who has not experienced the new birth but who will progress to that condition which may be called the perfect man” - (continued) Sept. 23, 1916
Helen Padgett John wrote - refers to her last night’s message as to Mrs. Mosher - Mr. M. in spirit life Sept. 23, 1916
Jesus starts to write about God - thinks it best not to continue - comments on the preacher’s text, “Verily, verily, I say unto you. He that believeth on me, the works that I do, he shall do also; and greater works than these shall he do: because I go unto my Father.” “If ye shall ask anything in my name I will do it” (John 14:12 & 14:14) Sept. 24, 1916
Saint Luke Jesus wrote - refers to the preacher’s sermon - desires to write a message - advice as to writing Sept. 24, 1916
Helen Padgett Master wrote - so contradictory to what the preacher said - Miller will soon die - his condition - who will meet him, etc. - Mrs. Miller’s spiritual condition - will write her letter Sept. 24, 1916
Helen Padgett with me at Coburns - spirits present not of kind that know much of spiritual truths Sept. 25, 1916
Helen Padgett personal - Nita - her eyes. White Eagle will treat Sept. 26, 1916
Jesus message: “The destiny of the man who has not the divine love in his soul, and dies with only the natural love and a belief in the creeds and dogmas of the church” Sept. 28, 1916
Helen Padgett dark spirits tried to write - received message from the Master - not necessary for high spirits to use low spirits to write - the higher the progress the more power spirits acquire - at office - Mrs. Mosher did not actually do the writing - why - her condition - Miller - his condition - his dark friends Sept. 28, 1916
Helen Padgett with me at Miller’s funeral - comments on preacher’s address - Miller’s condition Sept. 29, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle completes his message of Sept. 23 Sept. 30, 1916
Helen Padgett John completed his message - personal Sept. 30, 1916
Elias, the Prophet (Elijah of the Old Testament) interested in work - dark spirits - would like to write upon the history of the times in which he lived - never understood the divine love - received spiritual knowledge of things that would make men better Oct. 1, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle comments on Dr. Gordon’s sermon on The End of the World Oct. 1, 1916
Helen Padgett John wrote on the End of the World Oct. 1, 1916
Helen Padgett to Mr. Morgan - no man lives alone - Mrs. Mosher progressing - Mr. Boarman Oct. 2, 1916
Helen Padgett refers to reading of messages - crowds of spirits present Oct. 3, 1916
Saint Paul writes on What is the real body that is resurrected at the time of the physical death? Oct. 4, 1916
Berger, Fred has learned the secret to true happiness - third sphere - present when high spirits write - on earth an unbeliever - remained so for a long time in spirit world - suffering - awakening - mother - Uncle William Oct. 4, 1916
Padgett, Ann R. - my mother personal advice - her soulmate in seventh sphere - grandmother and her soulmate - father - uncle William Oct. 4, 1916
Helen Padgett personal Oct. 4, 1916
Saint Paul completes his message of last night Oct. 5, 1916
Saint Luke corroborates what Mr. Morgan heard - refers to Dr. Gordon’s sermon - back of each mortal an unseen spirit - sometimes more than one - Dr. Stone’s helper is James - Mr. Morgan’s is Luke - Padgett’s is John Oct. 5, 1916
Helen Padgett Luke wrote - announcing our guardians - she with me at church Oct. 5, 1916
Elias, the Prophet (Elijah of the Old Testament) desires to write a message - Helen - soulmates - transfiguration a fact - humanity has never understood its meaning Oct. 8, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle with me at church - many messages to be written - Luke - Morgan actually heard - he is a powerful clairaudient Oct. 8, 1916
Helen Padgett many spirits at church with me - describes Dr. Gordon - Elias Oct. 8, 1916
Ellis, Samuel E. earth friend - not happy - all the spirits that he knows are in darkness - Helen comes to him - wonderful that he can write Oct. 10, 1916
Helen Padgett Ellis glad to write - she took him to mother Oct. 10, 1916
Elias, the Prophet (Elijah of the Old Testament) on earth a prophet - how he warned the Hebrews - what God was - what he now knows God is - describes condition of Jews - their beliefs and expectations - he did not know of the divine love - the future - when the warnings of the prophets came to them - psychic - Jesus - divine love - the transfiguration -to show that the divine love had been rebestowed - the voice that proclaimed Jesus the well-beloved son - a fact Oct. 11, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle heard the messages - one of the great errors in beliefs - its effect - spirits anxious that men should know the truth - how they work with men - we must believe that the communications are true - and I used only as a mere medium - nothing but the truth will be written Oct. 11, 1916
Helen Padgett personal - advice & love - Jesus - his prayers - (sweet letter) Oct. 11, 1916
Saint Luke refers to Dr. Gordon’s sermon on Modern Spiritualism - Dr. G’s characteristics - open mind - erroneous beliefs - advice to Dr. S., M & myself - “argument of contrasts” Oct. 12, 1916
Forrest, Edwin better condition - describes grandmother - helps him - prays - dark spirits Oct. 12, 1916
Helen Padgett Forrest wrote he is progressing - F. & grandmother - she in higher planes - soulmate love increases - often with me - her home - being in it not necessary to her happiness - her love for me - Jesus’ love - the Father’s love - man determines his own happiness Oct. 12, 1916
Stone, Priscilla - Dr.’s mother (added) Priscilla Stone again expresses her great love for her son and is very happy to see his soul development in the Love of the Father as well as the love of his soulmate Mary. Oct. 13, 1916
Helen Padgett many spirits present - Mr. Stone & Mary wrote - I heard her voice - will develop clairaudience as time goes on - her love - my home here Oct. 13, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle position Dr. Gordon will take on modern spiritualism - his investigation superficial - cannot discuss it impartially - does not benefit - imbued with Bible beliefs - yet he may be convinced Oct. 15, 1916
Helen Padgett at Colburn’s - actually rubbed my cheek - Indian took control - Seventh Day Adventist - belief in death of soul keeps spirits from getting in rapport - Mrs. Colburn Oct. 15, 1916
Saint Luke message on: Necessity for men turning their thoughts to things spiritual, and letting material things consume less time & thought Oct. 16, 1916
Helen Padgett my visit to library - not very enlightening - many spirits desire to write - she and Alice at Mrs. Ripples Oct. 17, 1916
Helen Padgett wrote me at office - Nita - advice Oct. 18, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle heard preacher answer questions - comments on What should a man do who is not satisfied with any of the churches? Oct. 19, 1916
Helen Padgett spirits who wrote Mr. Morgan actually present - his cousin - her progress - her father - gotten rid of the priests - soon write Oct. 20, 1916
Judas Iscariot message, The Greatest Sin in all the World, what is? Oct. 21, 1916
Helen Padgett Judas wrote - was chosen to do so - why Dr. & I should feel blessed Oct. 21, 1916
Luther, Martin personal - cannot foretell the future, except from cause and effect - anxious to continue messages to his people Oct. 22, 1916
Elias, the Prophet (Elijah of the Old Testament) comments on sermon on spiritualism - every space in church filled with spirits - its effect on congregation - how far Dr. G. is a spiritualist - all down the ages spiritualism has existed - many spirit friends present Oct. 22, 1916
Helen Padgett sermon on spiritualism - Dr. - Mary - Edward - Nita - love Oct. 22, 1916
Jesus personal - my power over spirits - let other spirits write - advice Oct. 23, 1916
Helen Padgett dark spirits anxious to write - increasing in numbers - Jesus wrote Oct. 23, 1916
Jesus personal Oct. 24, 1916
Helen Padgett Jesus was present to write - personal Oct. 24, 1916
Saint Luke personal - not omniscient & cannot foretell the future as can God - knows certain things will happen in future - personal Oct. 25, 1916
Helen Padgett encouraging messages - about lady who took me riding - personal Oct. 26, 1916
Saint Luke personal Oct. 27, 1916
Ann Rollins personal - encouragement and advice Oct. 27, 1916
Helen Padgett personal - encouragement and advice Oct. 27, 1916
Padgett, John H. - my father been with me a great deal - personal - in first celestial sphere- divine love - his home - advice - Helen - her progress - vast number of celestial spirits around me - mental development - his soulmate - mother’s soulmate in seventh sphere Oct. 28, 1916
Helen Padgett her promised letter - people at meeting - in higher planes of the celestial heavens - description of home not possible - things of earth gradually fade away from her memory - only love for me and children remain - would not often come to earth - her work - the attraction of our love - high spirits in earth plane - where there is no attraction - always working - when not - what she is teaching - “the more we give the more we receive” - spirits in intellectual spheres - these spirits hard to convince - when work may cease - human will - celestial spirits cannot control it - love the persuader - her love for me - may induce my spirit to come with her Oct. 28, 1916
Jesus with me at church - comments on Dr. Gordon’s sermon on: No Probation after Death - Hell Oct. 29, 1916
Helen Padgett the Master wrote - my happiness - last night carried my spirit with her - will come soon and tell me in detail Oct. 29, 1916
Constantine personal - advice Oct. 31, 1916
Saint James personal - encouragement Oct. 31, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle personal - advice Oct. 31, 1916
Saleeba - the Egyptian Princess Personal - encouragement Oct. 31, 1916
Ann Rollins personal - encouragement and advice Oct. 31, 1916
Albright, Leander knows the reality of the Divine Love - many in the higher spiritual spheres do not know it - why - his work - difficulty Nov. 1, 1916
Nottingham, Charles school boyfriend - in earth plane - does not understand the love - mother - comes when dark spirits write - his people in darkness Nov. 1, 1916
Emerich, Addie in great darkness - committed suicide - change brought no happiness - why she comes to me - feels that I will help her - Helen Nov. 1, 1916
Syrick, Frank D. Rose & he often talk of communion through me - in fifth sphere has much of the love - happy - want of knowledge on part of preachers - my work - good doing to dark spirits - at Mrs. Ripples séances - impostors - describes a deception - why the impostors are not disclosed - Bright Star (no archive record) Nov. 1, 1916
Granger, Alice - my cousin thankful - Helen - mother & grandmother - love - progress - Mary Nov. 1, 1916
Helen Padgett refers to Nottingham and Emerick meeting - helping them - Addie’s beliefs - advice - Russell - will soon bring him Nov. 1, 1916
Jesus message on the moving picture “Civilization” Nov. 2, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle controlled by him - if conditions were better would talk and convince Dr. S. that he is a redeemed child - he must believe Nov. 2, 1916
Stone, Priscilla - Dr.’s mother happy - love is filling the Dr.’s soul - Jesus - John - she loves him Nov. 2, 1916
Kennedy, Mary happy - letter to the Dr. Nov. 2, 1916
Helen Padgett refers to Jesus’ message on “Civilization” - his glory and effect on spirits - effect on Dr. Stone, could he have seen Jesus - at the show the Master stood between Dr. S. & myself - with his hands on our heads - the influence Nov. 2, 1916
Helen Padgett many spirits present last night - saw the display of the glory of Jesus and John - effect - Nita - encouragement Nov. 3, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle what the Master said to Dr. S. applies to Morgan - love, faith, doubts - Morgan’s difficulties and awakening - how he was rescued from the dark spirits - their influence - fight through life - advice to Morgan - divine love - never leaves, though dormant Nov. 4, 1916
Morgan - Eugene’s grandfather Celestial heavens - interested in Eugene’s experience - helping - rapport mystery - work of mortals among spirits - with family - differences - John delivered message - advice to Eugene - the workings of attraction - results Nov. 4, 1916
Morgan - Eugene’s sister happy - he has received the love in his soul. - John’s message - her mother - progressing - Mrs. Mosher - her rapid progress Nov. 4, 1916
Taggart, Hugh T. been listening to messages - funny spirit wrote - messages from the spirits who claimed to write - Morgan - how many hours of darkness could have been saved him - has progressed - in 3rd sphere - happiness - the wonders - would not exchange - divine love - Morgan has love Nov. 4, 1916
Helen Padgett Morgan received assurances from John and the other spirits Nov. 4, 1916
Saint Luke message on What the Holy Spirit is Nov. 5, 1916
Newman, John P. - Bishop interested in message of Luke - heard minister (at Metropolitan Church) discourse on Paradise - interested in the people - he often declared the same doctrines - erroneous - suffering to unlearn - no way reaching the people - part of his penalty to work to have people unlearn - Seventh sphere happy Nov. 5, 1916
Helen Padgett had important message from Luke - Bishop Newman wrote - love Nov. 5, 1916
Gladstone, William E. Premier of Great Britain - wants to write a message of his views on the War - earth plane - churchman and defender of the faith - strange he is not more advanced - has same hope in sacrifice of Jesus and his atonement - will be glad to listen to me Nov. 6, 1916
Russell, Pastor Charles in the twinkling of an eye saw the falsity of his beliefs - alive more than ever - expected to go into oblivion - injury done to followers - his responsibility - will come and write - must reach his people - all the beliefs of a lifetime destroyed in one short moment Nov. 6, 1916
Richard, the Third was King of England - interested in his country - Gladstone - exterminate the Germans - wishes he could come to earth - in earth plane - still a king - doesn’t know why his subjects have deserted him - waiting for his Queen (no archive record) Nov. 6, 1916
Padgett, John H. - my father had experience which doesn’t often come - they thought best to let me have it - the reason - need not fear that the state of the deserted king will ever be ours - description of Richard (no archive record) Nov. 6, 1916
Saleeba - the Egyptian Princess interested spectator - Richard’s influence - why thankful - happy Nov. 6, 1916
Stone, Kate - Dr.’s Stone’s sister Richard the Third has left - depressing influence - love & happiness (no archive record) Nov. 6, 1916
Helen Padgett experience ended - Richard, King - the reason for the experiment - looking after me - withdrew their influence - Gladstone wrote - his condition - she brought Pastor Russell - oblivion - condition (no archive record) Nov. 6, 1916
Jesus personal Nov. 7, 1916
Helen Padgett personal - the Master wrote Nov. 7, 1916
Helen Padgett drawn on at Colburn’s - not to attend meetings - Nita’s birthday Nov. 8, 1916
Luther, Martin would like to finish his message - get in good condition Nov. 9, 1916
Saint Luke my condition - not necessary to be without worries to get love - pray and have faith & resist the worries - encouragement Nov. 10, 1916
Jesus message on: How the soul of a mortal receives the Divine Love and what its effect is, even though, subsequently, his mind may indulge in those beliefs that may tend to prevent the growth of the soul. The lost soul. Nov. 10, 1916
Roller, Cousin Sally much better & progressed - love Nov. 10, 1916
Helen Padgett received important message from the Master - its importance - the great difference between the man who has found his soul and he who has not - at show - the lesson taught - false beliefs may strangle the love Nov. 10, 1916
Saint Luke advice on smoking - wants me in good condition Nov. 11, 1916
Helen Padgett glad Luke advised me as he did - stop smoking Nov. 11, 1916
Saint Luke heard Dr. Ratcliff’s sermon on the devil - surprised that he said he is personal - beliefs wrong - will soon come & write on question - other spirits present - the necessity for the truth - working to bring about the publication of book Nov. 12, 1916
Helen Padgett at show & dinner with Nita & me - encouragement Nov. 13, 1916
Helen Padgett personal Nov. 14, 1916
Helen Padgett personal Nov. 15, 1916
Garfield, James A. many times heard the messages - Riddle & grandmother’s teachings influenced him - dissatisfied with his course - trying to follow advice - praying for the love - beliefs on earth - intellect infidel - want of satisfaction in mental pursuits - in better condition - Ingersoll - his appearance - Riddle Nov. 17, 1916
Helen Padgett personal Nov. 17, 1916
Helen Padgett at Wesley Pentecostal Church - describes preacher - love - large number of high spirits present - many of the people have the love & attract spirits - happy - band - advice to pray Nov. 18, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle comments on Dr. Ratcliff’s sermon on “Hell and the duration of punishment” - will later write a full explanation - Dr. S. and Morgan need not bother about hell Nov. 19, 1916
Saint Paul comments on Dr. Ratcliff’s sermon on Hell and Punishment Nov. 19, 1916
Middleton, Louisa - my Great grandmother seldom comes to earth - home far up in celestial heavens - died in England - will come soon and write interesting letter Nov. 19, 1916
Ann Rollins great grandmother came - never seen her here before - spirit of wonderful development - died when she was a small child - her mother’s love - while on earth and afterwards Nov. 19, 1916
Helen Padgett with me at church - hell - encouragement - great grandmother - brings Dr. Morgan - who writes - Robinson cannot live long - body & soul in bad condition - tell Eugene that he, the Dr., is interested in the matter - Mrs. Mosher - she is progressing - be is progressing Nov. 19, 1916
Stone, Priscilla - Dr.’s mother (added) Priscilla Stone explains the great joy living in the Father’s Kingdom that she wants her son to know a great deal about. Nov. 20, 1916
Descartes - the French Philosopher not a wicked spirit - observer of things - the spirits flatter me - doubts existence of divine love - give more attention to knowledge - no such desirable thing in spirit life - do not listen to talk about soul development - believe that the intellect is the only thing - associates only with spirits like himself - love speaking spirits say that love is everything - interested in me - all in earth sphere - in some little darkness - reason therefore - appearance - in spirit life many years - satisfied Nov. 20, 1916
Saint Paul continues his comments on Dr. Ratcliff’s sermon on Hell and Punishment Nov. 20, 1916
Helen Padgett Catholic spirits around me - anxious to convince Mr. Morgan that he must stop trying to convert them - we abstained from interfering - many have heard Morgan talk - Judge Morris wrote - some remark caused him to think - he & Mr. Riddle - tolerably bright - other spirits not bright - object in permitting them to write Nov. 20, 1916
Saint Paul finishes message on Hell and Punishment Nov. 21, 1916
Ingersoll, Robert G. Is in second sphere - where intellect is principal thing - many spirits developing soul - their stay brief - try for soul development - probably write from third sphere in short time - describes his soul development - his experience from the time he entered spirit life - (interrupted) Nov. 22, 1916
Saleeba - the Egyptian Princess heard me read message of Paul - personally not interested in hell - happy and progressing - praying - will soon write of her earth life Nov. 22, 1916
Jesus personal - advice & assurance - love Nov. 23, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle personal - advice & encouragement Nov. 23, 1916
Saint Luke personal - encouragement Nov. 23, 1916
Helen Padgett Jesus, John & Luke wrote - in much earnestness - Jesus displayed his glory - personal - advice & encouragement Nov. 23, 1916
Saint Luke personal - encouragement Nov. 24, 1916
Goliath no great teacher will appear - only one source of truth - no reincarnation Nov. 25, 1916
Helen Padgett Goliath wrote - strong argument - there will come no great teacher & there is no reincarnation - once a spirit always a spirit - Mary sends message to Dr. - will take him out of body Nov. 25, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle comments on Dr. Ratcliff’s sermon on “Heaven,” - deals with the book of Revelation Nov. 26, 1916
Carlisle, John G. progressing & praying Nov. 27, 1916
Miller, Robt. L. realizes what I told him is true - how strange - in much darkness and suffering - will try to follow advice Nov. 27, 1916
Helen Padgett dark spirits so anxious to write - could not get in rapport Nov. 29, 1916
Saint Luke message on subject: What is the most important thing in all the world for men to do in order to bring about the great millennium that the preachers proclaim will come before or after the coming of Jesus? (not completed - Dr. Stone came in) Nov. 30, 1916
Jesus personal - advice & assurance - will soon write on Nov. 30, 1916
Helen Padgett Jesus & Luke wrote - personal - Ike - Nita Nov. 30, 1916
Judas Iscariot material thoughts prevent rapport that will receive spiritual truths - effect of worries of life on soul faculties - only the soul faculties can perceive spiritual truths - the effect and philosophy of worry - encouragement - promises Dec. 1, 1916
Helen Padgett Judas & Elias wrote their own thoughts - encouragement Dec. 1, 1916
Jesus the promised Prayer - the only one necessary for inflowing of the love - with the answer will come all the blessings that men may need Dec. 2, 1916
Riddle, Albert G. What Ingersoll said is true - illustrates the glory of the Master - divine love Dec. 2, 1916
Ingersoll, Robert G. the Master wrote and gave me the prayer - his glory - the divine love - must declare its truth Dec. 2, 1916
Helen Padgett glorious night - the Master Dec. 2, 1916
Cornelius the Master’s prayer - divine love - Many spirits present at church Dec. 3, 1916
Helen Padgett personal Dec. 3, 1916
Esau brother of Jacob - in celestial heavens - divine love - many Old Testament characters never realized the transformation - their beliefs in spirit life - refuse to listen to the truth - why - difficult to convert them - their happiness - their synagogues & worship and customs - the new birth - probation Dec. 4, 1916
Helen Padgett writes of bright & dark spirits who desired to write - the Master’s prayer - advice - my work - its privilege & responsibility - the results of the work - Master will soon write the moral precepts - decreed that I shall finish the work before I die - Stone’s and Morgan’s work important - part of plan - so decreed - will have to remain mortals till work is finished - their entrance into the spirit world Dec. 5, 1916
Forrest, Edwin interested in the prayer - not in condition of darkness that he was - present many times when spirits write, but can’t see them - can sense their presence - learned many truths & is praying - Lipscomb - Miller - his folks on earth - and in spirit life - Carrie Dec. 6, 1916
Helen Padgett how they deal with the dark spirits - encouragement - with Nita - refers to her message of last night Dec. 6, 1916
Helen Padgett how they treat the dark spirits - personal Dec. 7, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle completes his comments on sermon on “Heaven” and describes the Third Sphere Dec. 8, 1916
Helen Padgett John finished his comment on the sermon on - while on earth may realize much of heaven€™s happiness - the same love - prayer of mortal just as effective as prayer of the spirit Dec. 8, 1916
Baha’‘o’llah what I am Dec. 9, 1916
Calif of the Blessed Allah follower of the Prophet - Mahomet - Koran - Baha’o’llah - an impostor & traitor - outcast from the heaven of the Prophet Dec. 9, 1916
Helen Padgett Baha’o’llah and Calif wrote - former bright spirit in natural love, the latter has not much love - hatred - old beliefs have possession of him - lives in one of the spiritual spheres - difference in spirits - how the former’s writing to me may do good - love and prayer Dec. 9, 1916
Jesus came to write message on Soul - I could not receive it - my condition - personal - time here when he must make a complete declaration of the truths - encouragement Dec. 12, 1916
Helen Padgett the rapport with Jesus broken - personal - advice - Caroline’s condition Dec. 12, 1916
Caesar, Julius has followed advice - in a much better condition - light is breaking - realizes that his fate as once concerned is not his fate at all - his viewpoint changed - what he thought when he first entered spirit life - bewails his fate - thankful that he came to me - what he then thought of me - the workings of his mind - his experience - death the great leveler - what be now is - how he was considered on earth - the love is real Dec. 13, 1916
Elias, the Prophet (Elijah of the Old Testament) message on: The hope that all mortals have in a future destiny of freedom from care and unhappiness Dec. 13, 1916
Samuel - the Prophet not written for a long time - with me often - writes on subject: What causes the souls of men the unrest that now exists in your mortal world - (did not finish - Dr. Stone came in) Dec. 13, 1916
John the Baptist sometime since he wrote - anxious that the work proceed - war will come to an end in a short time - the people will be ready for the truths - means will be provided for publication - considerable number of messages yet to be written - my friends soon be informed of what their work will be - the spirits are preparing Dr. & N - power will come Dec. 13, 1916
Campbell, Dr. Jas. C. describes Robinson’s condition - collapse will come suddenly - with Dr. Stone when he is giving treatments & makes suggestions to him Dec. 13, 1916
Morgan, Dr. J. B. Describes Robinson’s condition - will pass soon - Eugene not to worry - Dr. Campbell went with him Dec. 13, 1916
Kennedy, Mary letter to the Dr. Dec. 13, 1916
Helen Padgett when other spirits come & desire to write she lets them do so - the Drs. wrote - they say what they wrote will surely come true - Mary’s description of scenes actually true - Dr. did not want to return to earth - will soon describe my last experience - writes of her love and our coming together Dec. 13, 1916
Simpson, Charles W. - an evil spirit came to me a long time ago in distress - started him on his road to happiness - now a redeemed child - thankful - other spirits expressing their gratitude Dec. 16, 1916
Stone, Priscilla - Dr.’s mother letter to Dr. very beautiful Dec. 16, 1916
Kennedy, Mary letter to the Dr. Dec. 16, 1916
Helen Padgett had number of messages - Dr.’s a mother wrote & described his visit to the spirit world - Luke disappointed - a number of spirits present Dec. 16, 1916
Pyles, Mrs. mother of Johnnie Pyles - saw me speak to him - wish that I would tell him the truth Dec. 17, 1916
Lamlestia nhabitant of India - describes where he lived & the country - explains why he writes - at Theosophical meeting - many spirits present - refers to Theosophical doctrines - believes in reincarnation and karma - the audience’s want of knowledge - the Masters - Theosophists in spirit world - truths never demonstrated - man is not God potentially - never seen or known of reincarnation - refers to Karma - in closed land as to his beliefs Dec. 17, 1916
Russell, Pastor Charles wants to write - at meeting in afternoon - recognized me - suffers much - am alive and has not the rest of oblivion Dec. 17, 1916
Eddy, Mrs. Mary Baker wants to declare some facts - at church where Dr. Gordon discussed & criticized her & her teachings - doctrines neither science nor Christian - she now knows that many of her teachings not in accord with truth - refers to her earth beliefs - divine love - will come again Dec. 17, 1916
Helen Padgett the spirits who wrote the persons they represented themselves to be - with me at the meetings - Lamlestia a bright spirit - Mrs. Eddy anxious to write - she is in 7th sphere - she says, the only way in which she can remedy the wrong is through the channel that she so bitterly denounced - Pastor Russell anxious to write - his shock was so great - Mrs. Pyles wrote - Jesus with me at the morning seance Dec. 17, 1916
Conley, Wm. B. one of the spirits referred to by Simpson - if I could only see the number of spirits present whom I have helped - gratitude - working to help other spirits Dec. 19, 1916
Rollins, Florence - cousin much happier - 3rd sphere - am praying - home - seen Jesus when he comes to you - thankful Dec. 19, 1916
Helen Padgett glad the spirits of gratitude wrote me - they are the spirits that I actually helped - unusually large number present - so happy - personal - Flo wrote me Dec. 19, 1916
Caesar, Julius grateful - went with grandmother - so kind - like Brutus - his estimate of her - will come & write - at one time Caesar could write Dec. 20, 1916
Riddle, Caroline A. her condition & future happiness - how she came into the spirit world - believed kind heart and helping others all that was necessary - mistaken - long tine before she could understand - would not believe - waited in vain - Helen came to her - knows what the love means - grateful - Bert is progressing - he found it sooner - he fell in love with Helen Dec. 20, 1916
Kennedy, Mary letter to the Dr. Dec. 20, 1916
Root, Richard progressing - Helen helped him - Mrs. Root progressing - thankful - the wonderful love Dec. 20, 1916
Helen Padgett had some messages which show what love has done for dark spirits - Mrs. Riddle wrote - Col. Root wrote - Caesar anxious to write - almost idolizes grandmother - with me at the show - in my lap - Nita - Mary wrote Dec. 20, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle personal - describes how temptations come and operate - the remedy Dec. 23, 1916
Saint Luke corroborates John - How to resist temptation Dec. 23, 1916
Helen Padgett personal - read what John & Luke said - her love Dec. 23, 1916
Jesus comments on Dr. Mitchell’s sermon on: “The great Paradox - Jesus the Prince of Peace and the Troubler” (not finished) Dec. 24, 1916
Helen Padgett love - the message from Jesus - the message that will follow - speaks of Christmas Eve and our earth life together - her happiness - my future happiness - her Christmas gift to me - will take my spirit with her tonight - our Santa Claus will be the Holy Spirit and its present an increased love of the Father - the lights of the Father’s love - suggests that Mary will take the Dr. Dec. 24, 1916
Elias, the Prophet (Elijah of the Old Testament) refers to Jesus’ message of last night - God will respond to prayer when that prayer asks the removal of causes, but never when it applies only to effects Dec. 25, 1916
Helen Padgett she took me with her to the spirit sphere as promised - Dr. there - visited Caroline - her condition - love Dec. 25, 1916
Stone, William. - Dr.’s father Message to Dr. Stone Dec. 28, 1916
Kennedy, Mary letter to the Dr. - his experience in spirit world Dec. 28, 1916
Syrick, Frank D. sometime since he wrote - thinks of things that have happened since he left earth - found love of Father - our soulmates - present when our soulmates carried us to spirit world - describes scene - happy - progressing Dec. 28, 1916
Henkle, Genl. Saul S. heard us read messages - refers to our spirits being taken from our bodies - wonderful things - his experiences - divine love a truth - refers to lawyers in spirit world - his work Dec. 28, 1916
Saint John - the Apostle heard the sermon on the Second Coming of Jesus - advice to me Dec. 29, 1916
Helen Padgett wishes Dr. & myself a Happy New Year - with us at watchmeeting - many spirits present - soul of the people - spirits come with knowledge - they prayed God bless you love makes the soul a new thing - Mary’s a message to Dr. - probabilities of New Year for us Dec. 31, 1916

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