True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Ingersoll relates his experience in obtaining the Divine Love.

February 18th, 1916

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.


I am here, Robert G. Ingersoll.

Well, my friend, I come tonight to say a few words, for I have been very anxious to take advantage of your kindness and communicate a few thoughts that have come as the result of my progress here in matters spiritual.

As I told you in my last communication, I am a thoroughly convinced spirit as to the truths of Christianity as taught by the Master - not as set forth in the Bible, but as I have been instructed by him and your grandmother, and other bright spirits, since I have had my understanding and soul opened to these great truths. I have progressed very much since I last wrote you and have received into my soul a wonderful abundance of this Divine Love of the Father - which you first called to my attention when I thought that you were a foolish and deceived man. But I now know that you were not foolish, nor deceived, for this Divine Love is a real, existing thing, and is obtainable by all God’s children, whether on earth or in the spirit world, who may seek for it in the way that the Master teachers.

My mind, as well as my soul, has opened up to the truth of these teachings, and I now realize that I was in great darkness on earth in my own beliefs and teachings, and that man is not of himself sufficient to bring about his own salvation, but must seek for and believe that his salvation is dependent very largely upon the help that will come to him from the spirit world. I mean, that such help is necessary whether he seeks the Divine Love of the Father or only the purification of his natural love and the happiness that will arise there from.

Of course, man’s own will and desires are important factors in obtaining this salvation, and he may go on for his whole mortal life, and for a long time after he comes into the spirit world, and never obtain this salvation unless he realizes the fact that he needs this outside help and that it is ready and open to him for the seeking.

I know that many may be astonished and refuse to believe that I am now in this condition of belief; but as I when on earth sought only for the truth, so when I came to the spirit world I sought for the truth, and when I found it, as I have, I believed and accepted it and made it a part of my faith, with the result that I am now convinced beyond all doubt that I am the possessor of a knowledge that has its foundation in truth which never changes.

I am in the earth plane yet, but in a very bright and beautiful location, and free from the darkness and sufferings that I first endured when I came to the spirit world.

Life is a thing that is lived on earth only for a short time, and man is given the opportunity to make of it the great means of his salvation and progress to the higher spheres of light and happiness and immortality that those bright spirits tell me of; and when men fail to make the most of the opportunity which the mortal life affords, then they lose that which, when they become spirits, would help them beyond all conception to progress to the higher realms. I know that in the case of many thinking men, as in my own case, it is impossible for them to believe the teachings and dogmas of the churches and the interpretations and even many of the precepts of the Bible; and as a consequence men turn entirely away from these things, though there are many truths in the Bible, and become seekers of knowledge which science and their own reasoning powers afford them.

But the trouble here is that science does not teach things spiritual, and their reasoning powers must be based very largely upon what their senses tell them to be true; and these senses can only learn what naturally comes to them, which necessarily is of the material. As a consequence, men discard entirely all things spiritual which they cannot understand and thus render impossible any development of their soul qualities, except that they do realize the great qualities of their natural love and, in many cases, develop it, and in that way gain a progress that does help them in their condition of light and happiness both on earth and here.

Well, as you suggest that you are tired, I will stop, but will soon come and finish my communication.

Yes, and I am glad that you feel that way about it. You have many spirits here who desire to write and some of them are such elevated and wise spirits that I feel that their writings will benefit you more than mine.

Yes, I am with her quite often, and she is a wonderful spirit in love and wisdom, and has such deep and wondrous knowledge of God and His Love. I almost adore her, and feel that if I had not met her I probably would not be where I now am. I tell you, I am thankful that I came to you that night.

Yes, I see your wife quite frequently and she is a wonderfully beautiful and happy spirit, and makes so many other spirits happy by her goodness and help. She is a very positive spirit as well and she lets nothing stand in the way of her work and mission.

So, my dear friend, I will say good night and God bless you.

R. G. Ingersoll.