Padgett's Messages

The Padgett Messages Undated

While every effort has been made to assign dates to the messages originally published, it proved impossible to find all of them in the diary that James Padgett kept. Hopefully when the scanning of the originals has been completed, these can take their place in the chronological sequence.

Anyone who likes a challenge is most welcome to try and match these, using the tablet, and forward any new matchings via the

The insertion of a page number indicates that I have recently, in 2009, tried to date match this record, but not succeeded. These page numbers are based on the earlier editions published by FCNB and not the 2014 editions that I have published.

Undated but published messages.

Author Message Page* Volume
S.B.C. His beliefs were merely intellectual. After awhile became skeptical. 177 Vol 1
Helen Padgett How wonderful it is to obtain possession of the Divine Love. 149 Vol 2
G. H.

falsity of Jesus’ blood - personal experience - sufferings - divine love - third sphere

| 147 | Vol 2
Emmanuel Swedenborg | A message of encouragement. | 210 | Vol 2
Helen Padgett | A short note by Helen. | 280 | Vol 2
Jesus | Jesus is anxious to explain the truth and correct the untruth as it is known. Duplicate of a message on page 207 | 23 | Vol 3
Helen Padgett | Helen tells of her love for Mr. Padgett. | 109 | Vol 3
Helen Padgett | Helen writes that as his soulmate, her love for him is greater than for her children, who will not need her in the great future of eternity. | 163 | Vol 3
Helen Padgett | Helen responds to Mr. Padgett’s call to write. | 193 | Vol 3
John | St. John writes that Mr. Padgett is very near the Father in His Love and not to doubt that the Master is not with him. | 215 | Vol 3
Helen Padgett | Helen wonders about the many beautiful spirits that are around him at times. | 232 | Vol 3
Andrew Johnson | An ex-president is still in darkness due to some earth desires. | 246 | Vol 3
Ann Rollins | Ann Rollins writes on the great love of Jesus for him and his work of greatest importance. | 269 | Vol 3
Helen Padgett | Helen writes of the great love of Jesus for him and the interest he has in both material and spiritual work. | 270 | Vol 3
Sarah Wilson | Sarah J. Wilson, an abortionist, realizes only too late the great wrong she performed on earth and is seeking help. | 339 | Vol 3
Bill Tucker | Tucker claims to have been bad when on earth, is trying to get out of darkness. | 340 | Vol 3
Solomon Brown | A wandering spirit is looking for help as he is more or less lost. | 341 | Vol 3
Samuel Williams | Samuel Williams is seeking help because on earth he made many animals to suffer. | 341 | Vol 3
Julius Soloman | Julius Soloman is in darkness and is seeking help. | 342 | Vol 3
Louisa Connell | Louisa R. Connell had a theatrical career and is in darkness with others of the same profession. | 343 | Vol 3
Joseph Godfrey | A grateful spirit writes to thank Mr. Padgett for the help, he had received from him. | 345 | Vol 3
Stephen B Elkins | Stephen B. Elkins is in a condition of darkness and suffering, is asking Mr. Padgett for help. | 354 | Vol 3
Helen Padgett | Helen, by this message, admits that she is not always present when Mr. Padgett receives communications. | 354 | Vol 3
Ralph Waldo Emerson | Emerson does not believe in the Divine Love; his home is in the Sixth Sphere. | 357 | Vol 3
Helen Padgett | Helen says that spirits that wanted to write were stopped by his Indian guide because Mr. Padgett was too tired. | 367 | Vol 3
James | St. James is helping Dr. Leslie R. Stone with his spiritual progression and is with him a great deal. | 385 | Vol 3
Priscilla Stone | Priscilla Stone is very happy to hear them discuss the Divine Love of the Father. | 49 | Vol 4
William Stone | William Stone, father of Leslie, explains conditions of those that are suddenly forced into the spirit world as a result of war, and the great effort to contact his children on earth. | 51 | Vol 4
Mary Kennedy | Mary answers the call of her soulmate, Leslie. | 55 | Vol 4
Mary Kennedy | Mary Kennedy describes the difference between the soulmate love and the mother’s love for her son. | 57 | Vol 4
Kate Stone | Kate Stone and family always respond when the call comes that Leslie needs help. | 67 | Vol 4
Priscilla Stone | Dr. Stone’s mother, Priscilla Stone, is very happy to see the inflowing of Divine Love into Leslie’s soul and sorry that she cannot reach her other children on earth. | 70 | Vol 4
Leslie Winfield | Dr. Stone’s mother helped her grandfather to progress out of darkness. | 74 | Vol 4
Priscilla Stone | Priscilla Stone praises the work of both Mr. Padgett and her son, Leslie R. Stone, and thanks the Heavenly Father for bringing her son to the knowledge of this Love. | 75 | Vol 4
Priscilla Stone | Priscilla Stone writes about the beautiful spirits present tonight in such great numbers that no dark spirit could stand to be present in the same atmosphere. | 76 | Vol 4
Mary Kennedy | Mary writes that she is both hungry and thirsty for Dr. Stone’s love. | 79 | Vol 4
Mary Kennedy | Mary Kennedy writes that Celestial Spirits are proud to know Dr. Stone. | 80 | Vol 4
Mary Kennedy | Mary Kennedy has progressed into the same sphere that is inhabited by Mrs. Helen Padgett. | 81 | Vol 4
Mary Kennedy | Mary wants her soulmate, Leslie, to know that she is progressing and is now beyond the Third Celestial Sphere. | 83 | Vol 4
Mary Kennedy | Mary says that Leslie is the other part of her, and will surely unite with her when he comes to the spirit world. | 86 | Vol 4
Mary Kennedy | Mary says what a great privilege it is that only Mr. Padgett, Leslie and Mr. Morgan at the time can make known the Truth of the Father. | 94 | Vol 4
Mary Kennedy | Mary says that the soulmate love is only surpassed by the Divine Love of the Father. | 96 | Vol 4
Mary Kennedy | Mary writes that the soulmate love increases as the Divine Love increases. | 97 | Vol 4
Mary Kennedy | Mary says that we spirit soulmates do not make other engagements when we can be with our soulmates on earth. | 100 | Vol 4
Mary Kennedy | Mary says that the visit that Leslie made into the spirit world was one of the happiest nights of her life. | 101 | Vol 4
Mary Kennedy | Mary says that if she were a mortal she would rather possess the power to help spirits that needed help than the riches of the richest man in the world. | 102 | Vol 4
Mary Kennedy | Mary says that the same Love that has filled her soul and made her an Angel of Light is flowing into Leslie’s soul. | 103 | Vol 4
Mary Kennedy | Mary says that they are able to reach many spirits as a result of his talks that otherwise could not be reached. | 104 | Vol 4
Priscilla Stone | Priscilla Stone is happy to see the Love of the Father come into his soul. | 104 | Vol 4
Mary Kennedy | Mary Kennedy tells of her great love for her soulmate, Leslie, in an early message. | 109 | Vol 4
Helen Padgett | Helen came to her husband’s call. | 132 | Vol 4
Mary Kennedy | Mary wrote through Eugene Morgan, selected by Jesus, like Mr. Padgett and Dr. Stone, to work in behalf of the Kingdom, and urges her soulmate, Leslie, to continue in this work. | 132 | Vol 4
Helen Padgett | Helen insists that Mr. Padgett stop writing. | 210 | Vol 4
Priscilla Stone | Leslie’s mother wants him to know that she prays for his good health and is happy to see him feeling better after his vacation. | 213 | Vol 4
Ann Rollins | Ann Rollins: Jesus is the Christ of God. | 222 | Vol 4
Helen Padgett | A message from Helen. | 233 | Vol 4
Anonymous | A wicked woman tells of her many deeds that took many lives while working as a nurse. | 257 | Vol 4
Kate Sprague | Kate Sprague: A spirit who lived for the development of mind while on earth now realizes the importance of love. | 260 | Vol 4
W___ | W____: All of the dogmas, creeds and apostolic succession in the world cannot bestow upon the souls of men the love or mercy of the Father.(This message is duplicated in Vol II pg 47) | 262 | Vol 4
R.F. | A woman writes of her need for help: She is in a condition of darkness and suffering. | 264 | Vol 4
J___ | Spirit who found he did not have his soul developed when he passed over. | 265 | Vol 4
J.W. | A dark and suffering spirit comes to Mr. Padgett for help. | 273 | Vol 4
Mary Kennedy | Mary writes that she will try to change the atmosphere after the depressing spirit that just left. And she is grateful to God that she does not have to work in the lower planes. | 278 | Vol 4
Mary Kennedy | Mary is so glad that Leslie is doing such a glorious work in helping the dark spirits to come out of the darkness, by telling them the Truth. | 280 | Vol 4
Helen Padgett | Helen is overjoyed with the conversation and discussion between Dr. Stone and Mr. Padgett. | 282 | Vol 4
Red Fox | Red Fox belongs to Eugene Morgan’s spiritual band. | 284 | Vol 4
Edward Sovellard | Sovellard, a dark spirit, is also seeking Mr. Padgett’s help to get out of darkness. | 298 | Vol 4
Joseph Salyards | Salyards has progressed to the extent that he is now a helper in leading other dark spirits into the light. | 301 | Vol 4
White Eagle | White Eagle, a guide, gives Mr. Padgett healing treatments whenever he needs it after a long writing. | 306 | Vol 4
Nathan Plummer | Old friend of Mr. Padgett and Dr. Stone tells how happy he now is, thanks to the Father’s Divine Love in his soul. | 321 | Vol 4
Dr Arbelee | Dr. Arbelee wrote through Eugene Morgan that he is realizing what Dr. Stone had told him, when he was on earth. | 328 | Vol 4
Nathan Plummer | Nathan Plummer is grateful to Dr. Stone for his work in saving his soul. | 333 | Vol 4
Nathan Plummer | Nathan Plummer writes about his progress from darkness. | 333 | Vol 4
William Stone | William Stone, father of the Dr. confirms the condition of the spirit that just wrote. | 339 | Vol 4
Anonymous | Unknown writer tried to explain what profit it a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul? | 347 | Vol 4
Helen Padgett | Helen confirms the unknown writer. | 348 | Vol 4
Minnie | Eugene Morgan’s cousin is grateful to him for all the spiritual guidance she received when on earth to enable her to progress to the seventh sphere in the spirit world. | 357 | Vol 4
Ben Robinson | A sailor needs help, described his travels in the Seas of Darkness, with his mates, and recalls what he did on earth. | 378 | Vol 4