True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Mary Kennedy describes the difference between the soulmate love and the mother’s love for her son.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.


I am here, Mary.

I am very anxious to tell that little boy sitting opposite you that his Mary is here and loves him just as much as ever, and that she does take delight in tickling his ear to let him know she doesn’t intend to be forgotten.

So, I thank you very much for listening to my impressions, as I am so anxious to just say that he must love me with his whole heart and soul, as I do him.

I am so glad that he is progressing in his knowledge of things spiritual, and that when the time comes for him to come over, he will not feel like a stranger in a strange land, as Judge Syrick said, but will know that he is among friends, the chiefest among whom will be his Mary.

I won’t let even his mother claim that privilege, although she loves him very much and is here now, and sends her love to him and wants him to know that she was with him this morning, and cast on him all her love and influence. “He realized it and I was happy that he could realize the presence of such love.” This is what his mother says.

Well, tell him I was there too, and my love was flowing towards him as well as that of his mother, but there was no conflict in our love, for we both love him more than he can conceive of. The only difference is that my love is one that will grow and last through all eternity, while that of his mother will not last through all eternity, as she will have to give it to her soulmate when the time comes for a separation between him and her. This does not mean that his mother will not always love him, but that another will be first in her love, while he will always be first in my love, for he is my soulmate, and no love can come between us, even the Divine Love of the Father will not do that, but it will only make our love for each other the stronger.

Well1, as he said, you will commence to think that I will write all night, but he slanders me for I would not be so unkind to put you to such an ordeal.

So thanking you I will say, that I love you as a sister, and him - well, I suppose I will have to say as a real true soulmate; and if he doesn’t be a good boy and love me, I will not let him know again how much I love him.

So my dear friend I will say good night,


the soulmate of Leslie, the bad boy.


1 P.S., by myself.

While Mr. Padgett was receiving the message from my soulmate, I jokingly said - “Mary will write all night if you will let her.”

It was then that she referred to my remark. This shows that “spirits like a little fun as well as mortals even if they have reached the higher spheres.” Mr. Padgett was much amused at her reply and we both had a hearty laugh, and have no doubts that the spirits present did also.

Leslie R. Stone.