True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Priscilla Stone praises the work of both Mr. Padgett and her son, Leslie R. Stone, and thanks the Heavenly Father for bringing her son to the knowledge of this Love.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.


I am here, Priscilla Stone.

I desire to write a few lines tonight if agreeable to you as I so much want to tell my son that I have been with him a great deal of late trying to make him happy and to assist him in turning his thoughts to things spiritual and to the Father’s Love which makes us all so happy and draws us so near to the presence of the Father.

I have been able to get in quite close rapport with him not only in a physical sense but in his soul qualities and have enjoyed the presence of the Love in his soul as well as that in my own, and he must understand that the love that I possess is a part of the same love that he possesses both having the qualities of the Divine and the very Substance of the Father and partakes of immortality. It is a wonderful and consoling thought and fact to know that what binds our souls together is this great love that comes direct from the Father without stint or limit except as only our want of longing and faith prevents its coming. Of course in the earth life he cannot receive this love to such a great degree as I have it in the spirit life but it is the same love and to him it is just as freely given as to me.

What a happy mother I am to have a son whom I know is bound to me by a tie that has an eternity of existence that can never be severed.

I thank the Father so much for His goodness and His mercy in bringing my son to a knowledge of this love and the way of making it his own.Well, I have also been interested in the conversation between you and my son, and I want to tell you that the Doctor is a wonderful spirit with a great amount of the Father’s Love in his soul and who is devoted to the work of doing good to others whenever the opportunity arises, and especially is he interested in you both for he realizes the work that you have been chosen to do and knows that it is the greatest work upon mortals since the Master came to fulfill the great mission that the Father bestowed upon him. This may seem extravagant to you and you may hesitate to believe fully what I say, but this I want to tell you that my assertion is based upon what I have heard the Master declare and what the others of the high spirits of the Celestial Heavens have said and what they are working to accomplish.

You are both a blessed pair of mortals and should never cease to thank the Father and love the Master for the great opportunities together with the gift that has been bestowed upon you. Only have faith and pray and work and the certainty and truth of your mission will come to you some day in such convincing force that you will never again doubt.

Well, I will only say that we all are very happy and enjoy so much the atmosphere of love and joy that comes to you so frequently.

You have at times a visitation of the joy of the Celestial Heavens and your souls at times as I can see respond to the love and influences that surround you. Your father and sisters are present tonight and send their love and you may rest assured that the other dear one is also here in all her love and wants me to say that her love is like a sunshine of a summer evening that becomes the more beautiful and mellow as the twilight comes and soothes the soul of man as he meditates upon the wonders of the Father as displayed in the glories of the heavens. When his soulmate sees the Father’s Love flowing into the soul of her one dear soulmate she then offers her thanks that such is his condition and privilege.

I will not write more now and will only say to him watch and pray, for with watching and praying his soul will be able to realize the wonderful greatness and all-embracing qualities of the Great Love.

Good night and may the Father bless you both,

His mother, Priscilla.