True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 3

A grateful spirit writes to thank Mr. Padgett for the help, he had received from him.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.


I am here, Joseph G. Godfrey.

Let me write for a short time, as I am very desirous of writing you in reference to some things that have been in my mind for a long time with the desire to communicate the same to you. You may not know who it is that writes, but that makes no difference as the subject matter that I shall communicate constitutes the important thing to be considered.

As I said, I have thought of these things for a long time and now that I have the opportunity will not hesitate to convey the same to you.

As you may not know, I am one of the spirits which came to you several years ago in much darkness and suffering and asked your help and you were so good as not only to tell me of the way by which I could get out of my sufferings and into light but also brought to my assistance a beautiful, bright spirit who instructed in the way and patiently endeavored to cause me to see the light and learn the way to happiness. I cannot express to you my gratitude or the appreciation of the wonderful good you did me or the joys that now are mine; but this I can say, that in all eternity I never will be able to repay you the great debt that is owing to you by me, and many others who have had experiences similar to my own. Only we who have experienced the torments of hell can appreciate the greatness of the relief after we have come into a new and different existence. I hope that you will pardon my intrusion, as I could no longer refrain from expressing to you my gratitude for your kindness. good night.

May the Father bless you in all your undertakings and make your soul happy in the Love, which is now mine.

So believe that I am very grateful.

Your friend,

Joseph G. Godfrey.