True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Mary says that the same Love that has filled her soul and made her an Angel of Light is flowing into Leslie’s soul.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.


I am here, Mary Kennedy.

You are not serious when you ask such a question, or you have forgotten there is such a spirit in the spirit world as Mary Kennedy, who is the soulmate of a man who has the power to attract her presence wherever he may be.

(Mr. Padgett asked Dr. Stone if he thought there were any spirits present just before Mary began to write.)

Well, my friend, we have been listening tonight to your conversation, and reading of the messages, and have been much interested both in the messages and in the workings of your mind as the truths came to you, and they were wonderful truths that will do you much good if you will only meditate upon them.

I am very glad to be able to write once again to Leslie, and to let him know that his Mary is still loving him, and enjoying his association, for I am in that condition that the mere being with him gives me unbounded happiness, although I am not able to communicate that happiness to him except as our souls come in unison, which they often do. I am still progressing and trying to influence him with my love, and especially am I trying to impress upon his mind with a vividness, that I cannot explain, the spiritual truths that I know, and not only know but experience. I realize that he has a very great knowledge of some of these spiritual truths, but as they depend for a real and deep understanding on the soul condition, rather than that of the mind, I necessarily have a better and clearer perception of these truths than he possibly can, and for the only reason that my soul development is greater than his, and will be until he comes to me in the Celestial Heavens, as he will, and this thought makes me so very happy. He will not be disappointed, and I will not be disappointed, for the same Love that has filled my soul and made me an angel of light is flowing into his soul, and sometime will fill it so that he will become as pure and transfigured as I am now.

I should like to write him a long loving letter tonight, but Helen Says “it is too late and I must wait until another time.”

So tell him that I will go home with him, and try to make him feel my presence, and the love for him that is now filling my soul.

I thank you and will say “good night.”

His only and forever soulmate,



Mr. P. and I had been conversing about spiritual truths, and talking of Dr. Gordon’s answers to questions, which had taken place at the Congregational Church that night. And Mr. Padgett also had been reading aloud in his room the many messages he received from various spirits during the month of April, 1917.

Dr. Leslie R. Stone