True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Old friend of Mr. Padgett and Dr. Stone tells how happy he now is, thanks to the Father’s Divine Love in his soul.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.


I am here, Nathan Plummer.

Well, I am glad to be with you and the Doctor again, as I am very different from what I was when I last wrote the Doctor.

I don’t know just how to tell you what my condition is, but as I told you it was hard to learn heavenly things in hell, I now tell you it is hard to describe the heavenly things which are now mine and which to me are more wonderful than I could ever conceive of, even when I was in dreamland on earth, as I sometimes was.

I am in the Third Sphere, and with such beautiful spirits, all having this Love of which you and the Doctor tried to tell me when on earth, and which you told me so many times of after I came to the spirit world. My home is something that I cannot describe, and I will not try; but you can let your imaginations work, and at the same time remember the descriptions of heavens that you may have heard from other spirits. And my happiness is beyond compare, and I am enjoying it, you may rest assured. As I used to swear with all my soul, I now pray with all my soul, but my soul now has much of this Great Love.

Well, to think of all the changes that have happened in the short time since I left you on earth, makes me realize that the Love of the Father is beyond all comprehension of mortals. And I also realize that a very little thing made all this glory and happiness possible for me - I mean the few talks that I had with the Doctor and you when on earth.

I have been with my brother a great deal lately, for I can see that he will soon be in the spirit world, and I am so anxious that some of the truth may come to him before he passes. I am glad that the Doctor talked to him as he did, and read him the messages, and also sent him the ones that I wrote, for he has read them more than once, and he has commenced to think of some of the truths that they contain. He is not yet able to comprehend their meaning, but when he comes over, he will find it easier to realize conditions, and be the more ready to understand and believe what may be told him by the spirits here.

My wife is progressing also, and yet a strange thing appears in her case, and that is that she has not been able to progress as rapidly as I have. I was a very wicked man and she was a good Christian woman, but my wickedness has not kept me back so much as have her Christian beliefs. While she knows that some things she believed are untrue, and that she must get rid of other things of her earth belief and that they have been disappointing to her, yet she does not seem to be able to give them up entirely and seems, therefore, to be kept back in her progress. This is strange to me.

Well, give my best love to the Doctor and tell him that what he told me as a belief of his I know to be true, and I am happy in my knowledge.

Good night. With my love, I am

Your old friend,