True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 3

St. John writes that Mr. Padgett is very near the Father in His Love and not to doubt that the Master is not with him.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.


I am here, St. John.

You are the especial care of the Master, and must believe what he says, for what he says is true. I am with you too, and love you, and am interested in you and the work that you will do.

I know that at times your faith falters, and you think that the Father is far off, and you also doubt that the Master is with you, or that what you receive from Him is not true; but I must tell you that you are very near the Father in His Love, and that the Master is actually writing to you, and wants you to trust in Him, and doubt not His Love or His power.

I, John, say this because I know whereof I speak, and am anxious that you let your faith in God increase, and your trust in the Master be firmly established, for you have in Him a friend such as you never before had, and can never again obtain.

You are benefitted tonight by your attendance at the meeting, although the people paid more worship to Jesus than to God, and you felt the error of it. But let not that disturb your belief or your faith in God. These people were happy in their beliefs, and the Holy Spirit was with them and entered into their souls and made them happy.

They do not realize that Jesus must not be worshipped but yet their real prayers were to the Father and He understood what they were seeking, and hence the Holy Spirit came to them.

Jesus was with you at this meeting and was filling your heart with his love as well as receiving the Divine Love and it helped you very much. I was there also and joined in the services as tar as the worship of God was concerned, and tried to help the people with my love and inspiration.

These people, notwithstanding the mistaken belief as to Jesus’ mission, yet have the Divine Love of the Father in their souls and it will help them progress in their soul development. They, of course, will be surprised, when they come into the spirit world to find that Jesus is not God, and that his blood or death does not save them, but their souls, by reason of the divine love being in them, will find that they have progressed towards the fountainhead of God’s Love and these mere errors of their beliefs will not retard them long in their spiritual progress.

So I say, do not let the fact that they worship Jesus as God prevent you from attending these meetings as the great flood of the Divine spirit which is present will help you very much.

I will not write more tonight, as others want to write - but soon I will give you a message on a subject dear to my heart and needful for you to know.

With all my love,

I am

Your brother in Christ,

St. John.