True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Kate Stone and family always respond when the call comes that Leslie needs help.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.


I am here, Kate Stone.

Let me write a line for I desire to tell my brother that I have been with him so very often and the difficulties that have come to him at times in reference to his material affairs.

If he only knew what happiness I experience when I realize the results of his longings for the love he would know how much I love him, and how I rejoice when I see the transformation of the Divine Love and his progressing as he is doing.

This love is all so wonderful that it is impossible for me to tell him what it means to a soul that has the consciousness of its existence as I have, and how as it fills my soul I become the more desirous that it shall fill his also.

We, and I mean his parents and sisters, and, of course his Mary are with him whenever we feel that he wants us, for his desires in this particular come to us as the electric fluid fills the wire when the receiving end calls for its coming from the sending end. We always respond and even though we may not be present with him, yet, our rapport is now so perfect that whenever his desires for us ascend from his heart, we never fail to sense the same and respond, and as we come to him, we bring all our love and happiness with us, and try to make him realize the influence of the same. There are no limitations such as we had on earth to prevent our coming, and space is as it were non-existent, and we are with him “in the twinkling of an eye” in all our love and sympathy. What a wonderful provision of the Father this all is! And how the great enemy of mortals as most men call it, I mean death enables us to come so close to our mortal friends when they call for us. Death as I just heard him quote is a friend of all mortals and the great friend of spirits, for when it comes the mortal is no longer bound by the bands of the limitations of the physical but becomes as a free bird of the air, or rather, as the stars that shoot from their courses, because we spirits have it with a greater velocity than do the shooting stars especially when love calls us.

I felt in the mood of writing as I have tonight as my soul is filled with love for my brother, and I want him to know that it is a truth, and that nothing can keep me and my love from him but he himself, and knowing this he must realize that I am always so happy when he calls for me, even if it be only a wish unexpressed or the longings of a sigh.

We are all progressing and happy beyond expression and at the same time have our wishes that his sisters and brothers may know the great truth, that we, whom they suppose to be away off either in heaven or hell, are at times very close to them, so close that even the whisper of their passing thoughts cannot escape our hearing; and if they could only know this, and would think of us at times when their thoughts may be taken from their earthly affairs, how we would come to them and throw around them our love, and make them feel our presence. But they do not believe that we can be with them (and throw around them our love and make them feel our presence) and especially that they can call us as I have written.

We all hope though that some day their eyes may be opened to the light, and that they will consciously realize that parents and sisters are not dead, but are really living the true and immortal life.

Well, this is what I wanted to say tonight and I hope that it may do Leslie some good, and I know it will - for love has never yet failed of its mission when it has found a receptive soul. Of course he knows many things in connection with spirit life, and among them that there are different kinds of love, and that some are because of their very nature deeper and more intense than others, but nevertheless the love of a mere sister, as I am, who has the Love of the Father in her soul is beyond all conception to mortals.

I will not write more now and am thankful that I could write.

Good night and God bless you both is the earnest and sincere prayer of - Kate.