True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Mary writes that she will try to change the atmosphere after the depressing spirit that just left. And she is grateful to God that she does not have to work in the lower planes.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.


I am here, Mary Kennedy.

Well, let me try to make the surroundings more pleasant, as the influence left by the spirit who has just written you is very depressing and undesirable.

What a difference between the atmosphere of love and that which is always with the spirits of darkness and evil, such as the one who last wrote you. His condition is pitiable, and we spirits who know what the mercy and Love of God means in our sympathy find consolation in the fact that mercy and Love will be sufficient to redeem even that dark spirit from his hells of torture and darkness.

But he will have to suffer very much and it will be hard for love to find its way to his soul. So you can imagine the great chasm that exists between his condition and the condition of those like myself, who live and breathe in the possession of the Father’s Love.

I am Mary, and while I have so much of this love and happiness yet I cannot help from feeling sad when I see the utter misery of spirits such as the one who last wrote you. And this I want to tell you, it is only when they come to you as this spirit came, do I realize what such misery means, for my work is not among the spirits of hell and I never go to their habitations and meet the awful sights that some of the spirits whose work is with these unhappy ones tell me of.

I am so thankful that I was not compelled to have such an experience, and more thankful that my dear soulmate will not have such an experience, for I know that he has too much of the Love of the Father in his soul to ever commit any deed that will doom him to such misery.

Well, the Father’s Love is for all and the vilest sinner in the lowest hells can, by earnest prayer, obtain this greatest supreme joy and happiness that this Love when it enters the soul will give to him. But oh! the long years some will suffer.

I thank the Father, and want Leslie to thank Him that there came to him the knowledge and possession of this Great Love in time to prevent him from doing that which would condemn his soul to such a condition. Well, let us try to be happier, and for the time forget this unhappy spirit.

I am glad that I can write tonight, for my sake and for this, because it gives us both much happiness when I can communicate to him in this way.

I am with him, as he knows in all my love and trying to influence him so that his mind and soul will both be happy and feel the greater love that I have for him, a love that is increasing all the time and that will never know an ending.

Tonight your wife says that you must not write much as your condition is not just as it should be, and she does not want you to write when you are not in perfect accord with the spirits who write. So I will have to close now, but this I must say, that Leslie must think of me and love me and believe that I love him and am with him always at night when he writes me. Tell him to pray to the Father more and more for the Love and I will come to him.

His own loving,

Mary Kennedy.