True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

A woman writes of her need for help: She is in a condition of darkness and suffering.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.


I am here, R.F.

Let me write, too. I need help so very much, and so come to you. I am now in a very dark and suffering condition and want to find relief in some way, and I hope that you can help me.

I was a woman who lived the life of an adventuress and made many men lose their money, and their souls, too, as I can now see. I lived on my wits and beauty, for they often told me that I was beautiful, and I accepted their statements and used it as my capital. So you see I was not a natural woman in my thoughts or desires. I know now that my life was a wicked one, and that I violated every feeling of humanity and did a great amount of wrong to those who became my dupes. But the life was exciting and profitable in a material way, but damnable in the way of my soul’s interest.

I was never married and never cared for any man except for what I could filch from him. Many a man has trusted me in my protestations of love and found that I was false as hell, and not worthy of one kind or noble thought. Some have gone to the dogs in the way of dissipation and degradation because of my treatment of them.

And now I see how wicked it all was and am paying the penalties. So you see, I must necessarily suffer, because of my evil life. I am in torture and darkness with never a ray of light to lessen my sufferings or anything to help me forget my evil deeds. Oh, if I could only get rid of my memories and live only for the future! But memories stick to me closer than the bark to the tree, and I only suffer.

I wish that you would show me some way to get rid of these memories, and forget all the injuries that I have done to simple man. But I have forgotten to forget, and no way comes to me in which I may run away from these awful recollections. So I suffer and wait without hope, and without expectation of being lifted from this dark abyss of hell.

I don’t know where I am. I have no home or habitation, but wander about from place to place, an unhappy and darkened spirit.

I have met some of my dupes, and they are in a condition similar to my own, but they were not the cause of my condition, as I was of theirs - and so I can get no consolation from the thought that others were my undoing. I want some help, if possible.

My name was R.F. and I lived, when on earth, in many cities, but principally in New York, because there were more rich fools there than in the other cities. I passed over in 1889, a miserable, unhappy woman without friends or anyone to mourn my passing. I will do anything that you may advise, only do not disappoint me.

Yes, I see a great many spirits who are waiting to write to you, and some are so urgent in their demands that I must stop writing, that I feel that I must soon stop.

Yes, I see some beautiful spirits, too. Who are they? They seem so happy and loving. I wish I was like them - but they do not care for me.

Well, I see one who looks so kind and loving that I would like to go with her. She says she is your father’s soulmate, and calls me to her, and says that she will love me and show me the way to happiness, and if I will only believe her; and I am going to believe her.

So, my kind friend, let me say

Good night.