True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Eugene Morgan’s cousin is grateful to him for all the spiritual guidance she received when on earth to enable her to progress to the seventh sphere in the spirit world.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.


I am here, Cousin Minnie.

Let me say a word, if you please, for I so much desire to write to Eugene, as I was promised some time ago that I could do.

I am his cousin of whom he has spoken to you so often, and I feel that I am really an old acquaintance of yours, and consequently, that I can take advantage of your kindness in permitting me to do just as if I really were an old friend.

I want in the first place to tell him that I am very happy on my own account as well as on his, for while I know that I have a very great amount of this Divine Love in my soul that he first told me about, bless his dear heart. He also possesses a great deal of it. And I know that it is the only thing in all the universe that causes the real, genuine happiness of the soul, whether of the mortal or spirit. I cannot but be happy, not only because I possess it and must be happy, especially when he permits it to manifest itself to his consciousness.

I have heard him tell you that I am in a certain sphere, and I qualify the remark by saying that I really told him so and to make the fact certain I wish now to tell him that I am in the Seventh Sphere and hope soon to be in the First Celestial, and of this I am quite certain, for the beautiful spirits of that Sphere who seem to love me so much tell me that my home will soon be in that Heaven of Bliss and that I will soon become an immortal angel and realize the fact that never again in all eternity will it be possible for me to die.

It is all so wonderful to me that the Father has been so merciful and loving to me in bestowing upon me this Love in such great abundance and especially when I realize that a few short months ago I knew nothing of this Divine Love and first heard of it from Eugene, who, I thought when he told me of it and of other things pertaining to spiritualism, was a little off, as you would say. But now I realize so fully what great truths he possessed. Even though I doubted, in view of my present knowledge, that he really comprehended the full purport or meaning of these truths. But be that as it may, he just told me of it and while I paid little attention to what he said at the time, yet when I came to the spirit world and found myself in communication with him and he again recalled to my mind this great Love and pointed out to me the way by which I might obtain it, and then on top of this came so many bright and beautiful spirits and reiterated what he had said, I just couldn’t doubt what he had said. I just couldn’t doubt that there must be truth in what he had told me, and as a consequence my whole soul was aroused and I determined to seek for it and I did so with all the energy and longings of my soul. And so I found it and now am so supremely happy.

They tell me that I have made wonderful progress in the short time that I have been here, and from my own observation by comparison, I see that it must be so, but as I now look upon my progress I am not surprised, for when once I was convinced that this great Love was a thing of reality and that it could be mine for the seeking, I commenced the quest with all the energy and desires of my whole being, mind and soul, and let nothing stand in the way of my ever and every striving to obtain the goal.

And as I progressed I found that there came to me increased power and strength, and greater and greater abundance of the Love. I was not worried and faith came to me, until the reality of the object of progress or seeking became more and more certain. In addition, I had the help of the beautiful spirits who had traveled the road that I was pursuing, and their encouragement was always with me and their love seemed, as it were, to give wings to my speeding.

Well, I have said enough about myself, but as I felt that Eugene wanted to know more definitely just where I now am and the story of my progress, I have taken up more of your time to tell him than I otherwise would have done.

I am frequently with my people in spirit life and with his, and I must tell him that they are very happy and thankful to the Father that they recovered their freedom from the bondage of the false beliefs and influence of the church of which they were adherents when on earth.

And I must further say that much of their present condition, that is, the abandoning of the stagnation and darkness of their beliefs in and association with the priests is due to Eugene and his declarations of truths that showed them the true way to light and happiness.

I am now in condition that I can in a way repay him for his great help to me, and so with the others, for I can be, and am, with him quite often trying to help him with my love and influence, and at times when his soul opens up to my coming, I get close to him and his heart throbs more than he possibly realizes.

This wonderful Love creates a great, indescribable rapport when it his physical conditions and the influences that come to him from the exercise of his organs of sense perception, but I know that at times he does feel my presence to a very great degree and he is happier by it. This wonderful love creates a great, indescribable rapport when it exists in two souls striving to get in closer contact, and sometimes I find that rapport is possible and I take advantage of it.

He must have more faith and pray more for the inflowing of the Love, and remember in his times of discouragement or depression that he has with him a power that if he will let it exercise itself, will enable him to endure and overcome all his conditions of doubt and despondency.

As he believed in me when I lived on earth, he must believe the more in me as a spirit, a cousin who loves him very much, having a soul filled with gratitude and unselfish affection.

I will come to him very soon and write him.

I do not care to speak of the material things in which I know he is interested, for tonight the higher things of Love have possession of my soul.

I must not write more. So thanking you for your kindness and leaving him my love, I will say good night.

Cousin Minnie.