True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Mary says that we spirit soulmates do not make other engagements when we can be with our soulmates on earth.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.


I am here, Mary Kennedy.

Yes, there is, and he dare not go until I can write him a few lines. He does not appreciate the opportunity for me to write, and if he thought more of me he would try every way to hear from me. But he is a good boy and loves me, I know, and I love him.

Well, dear, I am happy and progressing all the time and getting nearer to the fountainhead of the Father’s Love and into the association and lives of spirits who are wonderful in their glory and love.

But as I progress he must not think that I am taken away from him for that is not the fact, as I am with him just as much as before and bring to him more love than ever. When I leave my home in the high spheres I do not have to leave my happiness behind because the condition of my soul determines my happiness, and as that develops the greater my happiness and the more my love to him increases.

I do come to him and want sometime soon to come and tell him what my home is like and all the beautiful and magnificent surroundings that I have, and the glory of the love atmosphere that surrounds my home. And also of the many wonderful spirits who are my companions and what we do to make our intercourse joyous and happy.

I will come soon and I know you will let me write, and I will promise not to consume too much time.

Well, I shouldn’t think it necessary to ask that question. Listen to me a minute and know that we spirit soulmates don’t make other engagements when we can be with our soulmates on earth, unless our work demands our presence elsewhere. Yes, I was with you and heard what you said and was so glad to hear you, and the people who heard you were much interested and some of them feel the benefit of the knowledge of the truths which come to them; and the audience on our side was much larger than the ones that you could see and was more interested in what you said, for among them were many who had never heard the truths that you declared, and as they were looking and seeking for something that might help them out of their darkness, they were highly interested and left you with many thoughts that they had never heard before.

Whenever you have the opportunity to make known the truths to mortals, do not forget your unseen hearers, and the fact that to them what you say is most vital and important, for they, unlike your mortal listeners, have no material things or desires to distract them from those truths that may possibly be the means of rescuing them from the condition of darkness and suffering.

Well, I must not write more now, and will close with my love and the prayer that God will bless you both.

His own true soulmate, Mary.