True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Mary says what a great privilege it is that only Mr. Padgett, Leslie and Mr. Morgan at the time can make known the Truth of the Father.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.


I am here, Mary Kennedy.

Let me say just a word before you leave. I know that it is an imposition, but you are so good that I feel that you will not be imposed on if I say a few words to Leslie. It does me so much good that I can tell you when I have the opportunity of writing.

Well, I see that he is very happy tonight and in a good spiritual condition, and filled with love for me as well as the Love for the Father and it makes me so happy. I should like to write him a long letter tonight and tell him of some things other than my love, but I will wait until I see that you have the leisure to receive my message.

Well, we are all here, and many others, and enjoyed the messages that you read and also your conversation; and not the least interested is Plummer, who says he is happy and moving along all the time and wants to write another letter to his brother, for he will not have the opportunity to write many more before his brother comes to the spirit world.

I know that you and Leslie are interested in making known the truths whenever the privilege arises and the work is one that only such a few can do. Just think, only you and Leslie and Morgan know and can disclose the truths in the messages. Have you ever thought how rich you are and that your richness is such that no man can take it from you. Isn’t it all so wonderful!

Only continue to believe in the reality of the messages and of the writers, and you will find that a faith will grow in your souls that will become more real than the shining of the sun at midday.

Well, I must stop, but tell him that I do love him so much and so want him to be happy. Good night, with all my love.

Mary Kennedy.


Dr. Stone writes:

Nathan Plummer, referred to by Mary in this message, had been helped by my father after he had written for help, by James E. Padgett causing him to meet my father in the spirit world, who told Nathan Plummer he must pray to the Heavenly Father to fill his soul with His Divine Love. After a while he did obtain the Divine Love in his soul and has now progressed to the Divine Heavens.

Nathan Plummer’s brother, William Plummer, wrote in this message to his brother and was anxious to get him to read the messages that I had for his brother to read, who was at that time on earth. William Plummer was an old man and passed into the spirit world soon after he read the message I gave him on the way to the obtaining the Divine Love. The reason I wrote about William Plummer is that after making his acquaintance I was introduced by him to Mr. Arthur Colburn, who introduced me to James E. Padgett. It was this close association with Mr. Padgett that enabled me to have a knowledge of the messages he was receiving, and resulted in my learning the great truths that were the teachings of Jesus when on earth nearly two thousand years ago; and after his early followers died the leaders and hierarchy of the churches never had a true conception of the New Birth that Jesus told Nicodemus: “Except a man be born again he cannot enter the Kingdom of God.”(John Chap. 3, Verse 3 in the New Testament)

It was the realization of this great and important truth of the New Birth that Jesus proclaimed on earth. I was overwhelmed with this vital truth; I found I did not have to seek further, and I know now by personal experience that I have found the greatest blessing that comes to all who seek by earnest prayer for the greatest gift of all gifts; and the great joy and peace that comes into the soul by the earnest longings of the soul that is filled with such real longings for the Divine Love to enter the soul, to enable you to become possessor and owner of it; and eternal progress as this love increases in the soul, nearer and nearer to the Fountainhead of the Father, even after you have entered the Celestial Heavens with the consciousness that this Divine Love is immortal and all who obtain it also become immortal.

Leslie R. Stone.