True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Priscilla Stone writes about the beautiful spirits present tonight in such great numbers that no dark spirit could stand to be present in the same atmosphere.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.


I am here, Priscilla Stone.

Let me say just a word for I am so filled with the Father’s Love tonight, and there are so many spirits around you both who have this love to such a degree, that their souls have been transformed into the Divine Nature of the Father that causes their happiness unspeakable. This influence of love cannot be around you without your soul’s realizing its presence, and when you both say that you feel the wonderful power present tonight, you are stating a fact and a truth. It would hardly be possible for you to be in the presence or atmosphere of so much love without being conscious of its existence for your souls are open to this influence, and because there is so much of the love itself, that it would be impossible for the love in greater qualities, without you knowing the fact by your own soul perceptions. You must remember that this love is one and indivisible and that the smallest amount of it in a human soul is linked with the greater amount in all the fullness as it flows from the Fountainhead of the Father.

Well, I am happy and we are all happy, because we feel a greater nearness to you both than ever before, and this fact must convince you that the possibilities of our becoming more at-one with one another, that is our spirits with you two mortals, is without limit. As has been said, this love has a wideness that is beyond all the conceptions of mortals or even with us spirits though we have our homes in the highest Celestial Heavens.

We are so glad that so much of this love has come into your souls never to depart, even though it may not at all times be so active or sensible to your consciousness or experience. The staying power of this love is the thing that even we spirits are amazed, and cannot fully comprehend. But it is never absent from the soul when once received by it, and this you must remember in all your hours of discouragement and lessening of faith.

Well, I wanted to write this much tonight that my son may know that this love is a reality, and not only that, but that he has some of it, and it will always be his, and has no limit to the possibility of its growth in the soul. And I must tell him this also that the Master, the most perfect in love of all the Celestial spirits, has been present shedding around the influence of his love and the peace that can only come from the presence of this Divine Love when the soul of the mortal is susceptible to its influence.

And besides, many other spirits are present and here I want to tell you a fact that you may not know, and that is - such a flood of this love is present that none of the dark spirits or even those of more natural love development are present and cannot be for the power of this love is such they could not endure its presence. No, this is a night when only those who have been transformed are present and heaven itself is here without the influence of those things that make the place like a heaven. This may impress you but it is a fact, and how blessed you are that while you cannot go to the heaven of which we tell you so much about, yet, for the moment that heaven came to you and the peace that passeth all understanding is here for you to possess.

Well, I must not write more. But I so wanted my boy to know the things that I have written.

Pray more and let your longings go to the Father with greater intensity and in the quietness of your rooms meditate upon his love and goodness and you will find an at-one-ness with Him that you have never felt and cannot until you have the experience conceived of. So love the Father and have faith and you will not be disappointed not only in the hereafter but in your life as mortals.

Good night and may the Father bless you both. His mother, who loves him as only a mother who possesses this Great Love can love a son who has come so close to her by reason of the Love that is in his own soul.

Priscilla Stone