True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Nathan Plummer is grateful to Dr. Stone for his work in saving his soul.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.


I am here, Nathan Plummer.

Well, how are you? I have to break in whenever I get the opportunity and it is agreeable to the other spirits.

I come for only a moment for I know that you both will like to have one word from me.

Well, I am progressing and my soul is so very happy with the love and the beautiful home that I love. I am no more the fighting, swearing and disagreeable Plummer but a spirit who has in his soul some of the love and good feeling for all spirits and man as well. If Dr. Stone could really understand my condition and then realize that he is very largely the cause of my happiness, I know that he would feel that he had great reasons for being happy and for thanking the Father that he was the means of causing one poor soul to get out of hell, even though that soul was that of Nate Plummer and to mortals did not amount to very much.

Oh, I tell you that one soul saved is worth to the one who is the means of saving it more than all the success of life in the mortal world and will certainly bring its reward when that mortal comes to the spirit world. I know this without being told, for I know what my soul was when I was in hell and what it is now, and I also know the condition of the soul of those who were my companions in hell that are now, for many are still there.

So I am very grateful tonight and I felt that I must express that gratitude.

I must stop. Good night.

Your friend