True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Mary says that the soulmate love is only surpassed by the Divine Love of the Father.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.


I am here, Mary Kennedy.

I know you would rather hear from me than from spirits such as have just written you, and I am selfish enough to say that I would rather write than see them write.

Well, I am so happy that I can hardly express myself and when I tell that good-looking man, I should say boy, that it is hardly due to the love that I know that he has for me, I am telling a truth. For now since I have fallen in love with him, I never seem to be satisfied unless I can in some way make him know that I am present, and I like this way better than any other, for by it I can tell him of my love as well as tell him and know that I am present.

The thing that gives me most happiness is getting more and more of the love in his soul and consequently he is coming in closer rapport with me and nearer to the completed one which we are and ever will be. The soulmate love is, as you have been told, a wonderful love and is only surpassed by the Divine Love of the Father, yet it is not entirely independent of this greater Love, for when the latter is in the soul in greater and greater quantities, this soul will love and become more real and binding in its operations. I suppose that he may get tired of my telling him so often of my love for him, and if he wants to get tired he had better do so when on earth, for after he comes over here he will not get tired of the love, but if the tired feeling comes to him it will be the result of his striving for more and more of this Love and that is one of the things that makes happiness so great here.

I see I must not write longer, and I thank you that I could write as I have.

Helen says that I may come soon and write him a long letter and in it will show him that I can write of something beside this soulmate love, for I intend to tell him some truths of our home and spirit life and I know that will be of interest to him.

So with my love to him and my sister love to you, I will say,

Good night,

Mary Kennedy.