True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Dr. Arbelee wrote through Eugene Morgan that he is realizing what Dr. Stone had told him, when he was on earth.

Received by Eugene Morgan

Washington D.C.


I am here, Dr. Arbelee.

Let me make a statement; I am now a spirit and I am realizing what the Doctor told me I would probably encounter, only it is far worse than I could conceive of or describe it. He actually expressed it to me. I am in miserable condition and my darkness and suffering are almost unendurable; yet there is no way to avoid them. There is nothing desirable here. It all must be borne with. I will say a word as to the spiritual things the Doctor used to talk about. I am, as I said, in darkness and suffering. Yet I am not without hope, for I remember what the Doctor said to me, and I know that God is Love and I must not attribute to Him my suffering and that their duration is dependent on myself. I thank God that I possess this knowledge, as without it I do not see how I could exist, though, of course, I would. May I ask a question? I want to know, may I come at sometime and write an extensive communication to my wife.

I will try and get this consent to my writing, as I desire very much to do so. You are, I am told, possessed of wonderful powers and can cause spirits in this plane to visualize those of the higher planes. Will you do this for me?

I am Dr. Arbelee of U St. in Washington, D.C.


Following written by Dr. Stone.

I was present when Dr. Arbelee wrote through Eugene Morgan. I used to give him treatments. I also introduced him to Mr. Padgett and the Doctor’s father wrote to his son through Mr. Padgett a very beautiful letter, and explained to his son while he was in the flesh, many important truths that lead to progress from the lower spheres into the Heavens. While the Doctor was writing his message through Eugene Morgan, I asked Dr. Arbelee if he had met his father. I knew that his father would be able to help his son if he would make the favorable conditions that would enable Eugene Morgan to cause the Doctor to visualize his father.

Message from Dr. Arbelee now continues.


I have not met a spirit or my father. I am astonished, as when you spoke a beautiful spirit appeared and when he spoke, I saw it was my father. Who could believe such a thing possible. You are indeed as wonderful as you say you are. Oh! I am so happy to meet my father, as when he did come, I was reflecting on the vastness of this world which is so infinite, that it was next to impossible to locate anyone who was not immediately about us. I thank you for your kindness and now will go with my father, who says that he will show me the way out of my darkness.

Dr. Arbelee.