True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Dr. Stone’s mother helped her grandfather to progress out of darkness.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.


I am here, Leslie W. Winfield.

I am a spirit whom as a man you never knew for I died many years ago in England. I was the grandfather of Dr. Stone’s mother and have been in the earth plane as they call it all the long intervening years since my coming here. But recently I have come in contact with his mother who is such a beautiful and heavenly spirit. She did not know me until I told her who I was and then she remembered having heard of me and then she commenced to tell me of her beautiful home and the reason for being a bright spirit and that if I would follow her advice I would and could become bright and happy also.

I wondered at all she said to me and concluded that I would try to follow her advice and I have been trying and find that new sensations have come to me, and that some of my dark conditions are leaving me. All the long years that I have been a spirit in ignorance of the way that she told me of and I found that I was gradually getting into a better condition as the time went by, but the change was very slow and I thought it was natural, and hence, felt contented but hopeful and now when I know of this other way I wonder that I was never told of this new way to light.

But the spirits in their condition were much like myself and were contented in the same belief that I had.

How strange though that these bright spirits never came to us before. Of course, many times have I seen these spirits but I was not interested in them and did not think that they were spirits such as I was and shunned them.

It is all so wonderful now that I know. I am glad that I could write this, for it helps me. I must stop and say good night.

Leslie W. Winfield.


Dr. Stone writes: This message is important, for it shows that dark spirits in the lower spheres under favorable conditions can visualize the bright spirits, but like my great grandfather refused to obtain help in their progress from the bright spirits and shunned them.