True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

William Stone, father of Leslie, explains conditions of those that are suddenly forced into the spirit world as a result of war, and the great effort to contact his children on earth.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.


I am here, William Stone.

I am here and want to write a few lines. I am Mr. Stone and I have been present for some time listening to your conversation and enjoying the same, for whenever you talk in such a way as to show us that you are progressing in your knowledge of the truths it makes us all feel very thankful and satisfied at the wonderful privilege that you both have had bestowed upon you. All my family here tonight are very anxious that our son shall know that we are with him so often trying to help him.

I am progressing all the time and feel that the love never fails to bring to us not only happiness but a continual progress towards not only the higher spheres but also towards the fountainhead of the wonderful love.

I am also interested in our other children who are on earth and hoping that some time or some thing will come into their lives to turn their thoughts more to the life in the spirit world, and cause them to be dissatisfied with their condition of security in their old beliefs that they have nothing to do but rest upon the workings of the blood of Jesus and all the other means that have been promised by preachers for their future happiness as they have believed.

The last letter my son wrote was received by them and I am sorry to say did not make much impression on them although in some of the thoughts that were contained in the letter they found some things that aroused at least their curiosity.

My advice is that my son will continue to call their attention to these truths, for while they may consider that he is deranged in these matters yet after awhile something may happen in their lives when they may look upon some things that he may write them as being worthy of their consideration.

The subject of spiritualism is now agitating the English people to a greater degree than heretofore and many persons with whom they may come in contact will discuss the knowledge of the truth of the communication with the spirit world, and I am expecting that from this source their interest with the subject may be incited and finally lead them to investigate the subject.

Well, the truth of spiritualism will become more readily known and people will seek to know more about it, and when once they become interested the probability is they will continue in their pursuits of the truths until they will be willing to search in every manner possible that may lead to the acquiring of increased knowledge. I am with my children very often and see what their condition of mind is and try to impress them with my presence but so far they have not realized the fact of my presence.

They have been to a séance lately and have been a little surprised at some things that they heard others talk about but they are not willing to ascribe the things to the real cause of the manifestations, but I have hopes that their experience may lead to further investigation.

I sometimes go to the front where the battles are being fought and observe the entrance of many spirits into the spirit world and how sad it is that so many come totally ignorant of what they may expect and consequently are not fitted for the experience that comes to them.

I will not write further and only wish that I could write to the other children as I do to my son.

So tell my boy to persevere in his efforts to help both mortals and spirits, and he is helping both although he may think that his success with the mortals is not very satisfactory, but he must continue in his work and efforts to let them know the truth.

We all send our love and pray to God to bless him and keep him in His Love and faith and happiness.

Good night.

Your friend and brother in Christ,

William Stone.