True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Priscilla Stone is very happy to hear them discuss the Divine Love of the Father.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.


I am here, Leslie’s mother.

I hope you will pardon my intrusion and I feel confident that you will when you understand how anxious I am to write him a few lines. I know that it gives you pleasure when you have a communication of love from your dear one and I want to assure you that it makes me equally happy when we have the opportunity to communicate in this very satisfactory way. And here let me say that I continually thank God that he has opened this means in which we can tell our dear children the truths of existence in the spirit world and the fact that we are with them so often and love them so much.

I have listened to your conversation tonight with great pleasure, and here let me say that many other spirits have been present and listened intently, and I cannot tell you the joy I experienced in realizing that my boy and you too are understanding the Divine Love of the Father, and its effect upon your souls.

The spirit who just wrote was a spirit who seemed to be very much in earnest and evidently a very intellectual one, and his inquiring was made in seriousness and he seemed very much gratified that he could go with the Professor and have the benefit of the conversation to which the Professor invited him. So this is another demonstration that you mortals can do a work that we spirits cannot always do, and you should feel so thankful to the Father that you both have this great power bestowed upon you to help spirits where even other spirits are unable to give help. Praise the Father for His love and goodness to you both.

Tell my boy that his mother is very happy and is progressing all the time and that the more of this Love that she receives from the Father the more she loves her dear son. It is all so wonderful that sometimes I wonder that there can be such a loving Father who thinks so much of His disobedient children.

I have been with him a great deal of late trying to help him with my influence and love, and making him happy in his thoughts for now my rapport with him has grown so great I can come into his thoughts and experience and influence him into the way of peace, or rather into feeling of peace, and I do so, he may rest assured.

I must not intrude longer, as you have written enough for tonight.

But I must tell him that his father is progressing also and I hope that very soon now we will be together in our home of the soul, as I used to sing when on earth. When I fell in love with his father, I thought him a very handsome man and so he was, but now his handsomeness has turned into beauty, and the beauty that only a soul filled with the Father’s Love can develop.

His sisters have been here tonight and Kate says that she wishes that her brother would get married, as that is the proper life for him during the short earthly life that will be his. She doesn’t mean that he will not live the ordinary life but that life at the longest is short.

Mary says she has heard what I have said, or rather just written, and if it is for her soulmate’s happiness on earth she will not object, because she knows that if he should marry his soul will be hers. She is a dear little angel and we all love her so very much.

Well, I must stop now. So with my love I will say good night.

His loving mother,

Priscilla Stone.