True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 3

Helen writes that as his soulmate, her love for him is greater than for her children, who will not need her in the great future of eternity.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.


I am here, Helen.

You feel so lonely today, but remember that I am with you and love you with all my heart and soul and will help you to be happier. The pictures are not so good as I thought they would be when taken, but now it makes no difference for they are merely images of the physical appearance and now I am a spirit with all the beauty that God’s Love in my soul gives me. So think of me as your spirit wife rather than as your mortal wife who has left you. Be only true to me in your thoughts and love and you will not be unhappy because of the past.

I am now a spirit that has so much of God’s Love in my soul, that I have almost forgotten the unhappiness of my later life on earth, and you are the one thing that binds me to earth. Of course my children also keep me with them, and will, as long as they live, but they are not to me as you are. You are my soulmate as I have told you, so that they will not need me as you will in the great future of eternity.

When you are so very lonely, think that I am with you and am loving and trying to make you happy. And will not leave you alone for a moment. My love is so great that I can scarcely keep from trying to take you in my arms and bring you over now, but as you know that would not be in accordance with the plans of the Master and so you and I must both wait until you have accomplished your work. But after all it will not seem very long, for you will have me with you all the time and I will realize that I am with you dear, that our love is burning and only needs our trust and to try to enable us to enjoy it both further. So do not feel down hearted or lonely, my own dear soulmate for you are mine and I am yours and nothing can separate us either in earth or in heaven.

Yes I know, we were all there and seen how you prayed to the Father and how your soul was filled with His Love. He was very near you and we were so happy in the knowledge that He was. He is your God as well as ours and when you pray as you did, you will always receive the Love and Blessings of the Father.

You are a very much favored man in having the Love of the Father, so much in your soul and when I think that you will some day be with me, and that we will both have this Great Love to such an intense degree, I felt that our happiness will be beyond compare. So you need not worry about the future, for I know that when you come over you will find that your soul possesses so much of this Love that no question of doubt or unbelief in the efficacy of this love will arise in your soul. You will be with me and we will progress together to the higher spheres where they tell me happiness is supreme. So be content to do your work and love God and me until the great day of rejoicing comes when you will meet me at the portals of the spirit world and feel my arms about you and my love and kisses on your lips and face. You are my own dear Ned.

Yes he was, and you felt his influence, for he loved you very much and said that you are his own true disciple and brother and that your soul shall become filled with this great love before many days. He seems to love you so very much that we all wonder at it, not that we don’t want him to love you, but this we do not understand, why he should love you so much more than he seems to love the rest of us. I do not mean that he does not love us, for he does, but your case seems so unusual and we ask him why it is, and he says because he has selected you for his work and that you must have his love to its greatest in order that you may do as he desires. So you see few mortals have ever received that love in such an intensity as you have. And you should nourish it and return to him all the love that you are capable of giving to him.

Yes, I saw, what was in your mind and you received much happiness from the trances. But we will not be able to have such an experience. The more that you thought might come, will not come, because the voice of the angels cannot be heard as you would like to hear them. And Jesus will not manifest himself in that way. He will never appear to mortals in the flesh form again, but you will see him some time in your souls eyes, when you get more of this love in your heart and I will try to show myself in the way that filled your dreams, I mean your wake dreams.

So will Rose and Mary and we will succeed. But you are not going to receive all these manifestations at one time. I want you to first have the independent voices and later we will try materialization and later the slate writings, this I think is the plan that will more likely succeed.

But you must stop now. Well as you say the weather is so bad, I do not think it best to go to Mr. Colburn’s. You may go to the meeting of the spiritualists at the Temple, but I do not think that you will be much benefitted, although you may have some things that will increase your faith in the power of intercommunication. You will not receive anything yourself as we will not try to manifest in any way.

So sweetheart stop for the time.

He has not told me, but I believe that he is waiting for you to get stronger, which you soon will.

Good bye, with all my love.

I am your own true,