True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Mary says that the visit that Leslie made into the spirit world was one of the happiest nights of her life.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.


I am here, Mary Kennedy.

Let me write for I know that my communication will be more interesting than the others you have received tonight, just as love to the lover is more interesting than war to the peaceful man.

Well, I am the loved of the lover and I will tell him I am so happy that I can write to him tonight. I am progressing in my soul development and am happy beyond expression; and the more of this Great Love that I receive the more my love for him increases, as I have told him before.

I should like to tell him of the time when he last came with me to the spirit world, but it is too late now, and Helen says that you are too exhausted to receive my message at this time, so I will have to wait, but I will say that it was one of the happiest nights of my life and I hope that before long I will have the experience again, and that he will have some faint remembrance of the joy that he will experience.

I am with him often, as he knows, and enter into his spiritual exaltation that comes to him sometimes, and also I pray with him every night and try to mingle my love with the other Love that comes to him.

I know that sometimes he may get a little tired of hearing me tell of my love, but if he only knew what it means to me and that there is nothing in all the universe that brings such happiness except the Love of the Father, he would not tire of hearing me say how much I love him or how dear he is to me.

Many spirits are here tonight who are interested in him, and especially his mother, who seems to never be weary of attending him in his moments of meditation and when he may seem a little despondent throwing around him her love and efforts to help him. We are all so much interested in his soul development and in the good work that he is doing to both mortals and spirits, for he must know that when he talks to mortals of these truths of the Father that have come to him, there are many spirits present who derive much benefit from what he says; and I have a kind of pride which is not unnatural that my soulmate has been given to him the power to do such work and that there are so many grateful souls in this spirit world who are feeling the effect of the good that he does them.

But he knows all this, and yet I felt that I must tell him also for he will realize that I am telling him only what is true and that my joy is what would only be his if he could see and understand the conditions that surround him.

I must come soon and write my letter. Helen says that she is waiting to write him also, and we will be so very glad when the opportunity comes that we can do so.

With all my love for him and regards to you, I will say good night,

His soulmate.