True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Mary writes that the soulmate love increases as the Divine Love increases.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.


I am here, your friend and sweetheart of the Doctor.

Well, Helen said that my opportunity is here and that I had better take advantage of it and you may be sure that I did not hesitate.

I am so glad that I can express my feelings, although I know it is not necessary in order for the Doctor to understand, but yet it is a great consolation to be able to tell him in words what he already knows. I am still progressing and have more Love of the Father than I ever had, and consequently more love for him, for this soulmate love seems to increase as the Divine Love increases. I have been with him a good deal trying to help and sustain him and I know that he has been conscious of my presence, not only because I give him the signal but because he actually feels the presence of my love, and if he knew how I try to make him feel my presence of my love, he would know that only the Great Love that I have for him can make the feelings that he realizes at times.

The spirits who are so much interested in him enjoy hearing him talk of this Great Love that has come to him and of the certainty that he has felt its presence and when he thus talks he would possibly be a little surprised if he could know of the effect that it sometimes has on his hearers. They may appear to be indifferent to the truth or may apparently not understand what he endeavors to tell them, yet some of these truths have a lodgment in the memory of the people; and then come times when they think of what they heard, and in thinking words of what he explained to them, can be the real truth. Good is being done and he must not cease in doing the work, for while it reaches a comparatively few yet the saving of one soul in its importance is beyond all comprehension that you mortals may have.

Well, I have not yet told him how much I love him and I will not try, for I cannot find words to express my feelings; but when I tell him that I love him more than any being in all God’s universe, he may have a slight comprehension of what I mean. This love is of such an intensity that to express it in words only chills its meaning and leaves more unsaid than when it is attempted to be conveyed.

I will try very soon to take his soul with me and have him enjoy the bliss of our wonderful land of love and beauty and of his own true soulmate; and he will, I hope, be able to recollect the happiness, if he cannot recall the scenes and the appearance of his Mary, but anyway he will be able to do both, for I believe that sometime the experience will come to him in his memory that he will be able to recall them with a very satisfactory degree of clearness.

I will not write more now.

So with my love for him and regards to you, I will say good night.

His own,