True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Mary Kennedy tells of her great love for her soulmate, Leslie, in an early message.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.


I am here, Mary.

I am the only woman in all the spirit world who ever claimed that dear Leslie is her true soulmate.

Oh, how I love him, and what a blessed spirit I am to have such a soulmate.

Tell him that in all the earth, and heaven as well, there is no one who loves him as does his Mary. I want so to have him feel that I am his, and that no matter how long the years may be, and how many other loves may intervene, there is no love like that of his Mary.

He is so dear to me! I can scarcely write for my tears of joy, and if he could only see me I know that he would shed tears with me, and feel his heart so full of love, that he would think that heaven is with him now.

He must take good care of himself and love his soulmate, for he has now a great work to do, for I have heard the Master telling you this, and he must believe.

And to think that after the years of his work have gone by, he will come to me and enjoy the beautiful home which I have prepared and will continue to prepare, for us! Oh how I thank the Master for having chosen him to do this work.

The Master will be with him so much that the great love of the Master will become a part of his love, and his soul will expand to such an extent that when he leaves his fleshy body he will leave most of his sins behind.

And you, my dear brother and friend, I cannot express to you my gratitude for the great opportunity you have given me to make known to my dear lover that I am his and he is mine, and also for permitting me to write to him. If I could only answer his letters at night as he writes them, I am afraid that he would think so much and so often of his Mary that he would be in danger of neglecting his business.

I must not write more tonight, but will say that you must not forget to pray for me with all your heart, and to believe that when he prays his Mary is with him in all her love and anxiety to see his soul develop in great love for the Father. Tell him also to kiss me good night when he retires, for I shall catch the kiss though he may not realize it.

He is my own true boy, and when I think of the great bliss that will be ours when he comes to me, I can scarcely wait for the time to come. But this I know, is not right, and that he must live and do his work.

You are blessed, too, with having such a beautiful pure soulmate, and how I love her, and only wish that you could see her now! She is here, loving you and smiling, and says that she thanks me for telling you, but she guesses she will have to do her own love-making.

So my dear friend, tell him to love me with all his heart and soul, and to think often of his own true, loving,