True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Dr. Stone’s mother, Priscilla Stone, is very happy to see the inflowing of Divine Love into Leslie’s soul and sorry that she cannot reach her other children on earth.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.


I am here, mother; Priscilla Stone.

I am here and want to write a line to my son, for I have been listening to your conversation and saw that his soul has more of the Divine Love than he realizes or is conscious of, for I am so happy when I come to him and find that the Love is possessing him and at times when it is so active I am enabled to get in very close rapport with him and to have the influence of my love enter into his feelings; for when I say my love I do not mean my mere mother’s love but also the love that flows from me because of my possession of this Divine Love.

Well, quite a number of spirits have been present tonight listening to your conversation and they have enjoyed the thoughts that you have both expressed and are so pleased as they are that you comprehend some of the divine truth that is so much increasing with you. How we pray for you and send our longings to the Father for a greater inflowing of the Love into your souls.

I have recently been with my other children on earth and when I compare the great difference in my ability to get in contact with them and with my son it makes me so sorry that their conditions are such as to keep me from them.

How strange as you might say that with one of my children, and I love them all very dearly, I can come in with closeness and with the others I cannot enter into their feelings and longings. Yet it just illustrates of the experience, and I may say of the Divine Love with some mortals it can find a lodgment in their souls and with others it cannot for their conditions are as if there were an adamantine wall separating them from the inflowing of that Love. But we pray and try to impress our mortal children with our thoughts of what the truth is and the necessity for them seeking these truths and we believe that our prayers will be answered for we know that the Father is always ready and willing to bestow that Love and only their false beliefs or their idle thoughts prevent them from receiving that bestowal.

Tell my boy not to cease in his endeavors to bring to the knowledge of his brothers and sisters the existence of this Love, and that upon themselves depends its inflowing into their souls.

We are all very happy and progressing more and more towards the fountainhead of this Love, and we know that it is of real existence and is waiting for us all without limit.

I will not write more now and am thankful that I can say these few words to my dear boy. We are with him very often trying to help him and we also never cease praying for him.

So good night and God bless you both,

His loving - mother.