True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Leslie’s mother wants him to know that she prays for his good health and is happy to see him feeling better after his vacation.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.


I am here, mother.

Let me write just a line, as I merely want to tell my son that I am very glad to see that he is much better in his physical condition than he was before he took a vacation. I was with him at times when he was away out of the cities, and enjoyed very much being with him and wished that I might then be able to communicate with him. I am also glad that he is in a good spiritual condition and that the Love is increasing in his soul as it is. We are all praying for him and seeking to influence him to good thoughts and increased realization of the benefit of prayer to the Father.

I do not intend to write a long letter tonight, but merely to remind him that he has a mother in spirit life who loves him so much and is with him so often.

So tell him to think of me and believe in the love which is here for him, and in the prayers I offer for his salvation and happiness.

I should like to write him about his sisters in England, but will not do so tonight. I feel because of the great spread of spiritualism in England at this time, they may be induced to seek for its revealment, if through mere curiosity, and that then some truth will appear to them so real that they may be induced to investigate further and then be led to a belief in the fact of communication; and if that would happen it will embrace every opportunity to get in rapport and communication with those in this spirit world who would be glad to communicate with them.

Well, my son, I must stop now, so with my love and blessings I will say,

good night, your loving

Priscilla Stone.