True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Mary writes that she is both hungry and thirsty for Dr. Stone’s love.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.


I am here, Mary.

Let me say one word and I will be satisfied, for I so long to tell Leslie that I am hungry and thirsty for his love. He may think it strange that I should say this, because as I write him I have so much of the Divine Love of the Father. But a stranger thing than this is, that while the Father’s Love is all-sufficient to make me happy and contented, yet when we have in us the soulmate love, and know it, this love must have its full enjoyment, and our desire to make it known to our mortal soulmates does not take from us one iota of the Divine Love, but rather when we possess this latter Love to a great degree it causes us to have more longings and desire for the exercise of this lower love to a great degree. He may not understand this, but the Father is so loving and unselfish that He will not permit the Divine Love to satisfy us, so that the soulmate love will have no existence in our souls, but further, our souls will have longings and desires for the return of this love by our soulmates of earth.

Leslie will understand and feel that I am his in all the truth and beauty of my love, and that in loving him so much I do not in the slightest degree reflect upon the sufficiency of the Divine Love. How wonderful it all is; and from this he can realize how poor the spirit is who has neither the Father’s Love nor the soulmate love. Well, I merely wanted to say this, and to encourage him to believe in his soulmate and her love.

I will soon come and write him a longer letter. Good night.

His loving,