True Gospel Revealed Anew By Jesus. Volume 4

Mary says that Leslie is the other part of her, and will surely unite with her when he comes to the spirit world.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.


I am here, Mary Kennedy.

Well, I thought that you would not stop writing without giving me the opportunity to say one word to my dear soulmate, as it has been a long time since I wrote to him, notwithstanding he has been aware of my presence and love all the time that he was absent from the city.

Well, as I say, I was with him and had a most happy time, for I had many of his thoughts of love, and he, I know, felt my response, but I missed being in the company of you and all the bright spirits who congregate with us, and especially of my dear Helen, whom I love so much and who loves me.

I cannot tell him tonight how much I love, for language is not capable of expressing my love and I do not feel like writing of anything else.

I am so much closer to him than ever before, as he may realize when I tell him that his soul is developing, and he is coming nearer to me in rapport and in a realization that I am his real loving Mary. The happiness of my house here is growing all the time, and one of the thoughts that enters into my joy is that this happiness will be his, for the more I progress the easier it will be for him to attain to my degree of happiness.

He may not know, but it is a fact that as he is the other part of me, and will surely unite with me when he comes to the spirit world, the greater I progress in Love the more certain and easy will it be for him to progress and be with me. Of course, his progress will depend upon the development of his own soul, but when he has a love such as mine to beckon him to rise and be with his soulmate, his only aim will be to make the progress that will bring him to my home; and besides I will be with him and hand in hand we will mount upward, for he will find that the love of a little soulmate will mean to him more than he can conceive of.

We are all so happy here, and we are so anxiously waiting for the time to come when you and he will be with us, and yet we know that you must live to do your work, but the certainty that when you shall have accomplished this you will come to us, makes us happy and patient. We can be with you, and just as real is your presence to us as if you were in the spirit, but you cannot see us or realize our presence so satisfactorily, yet, you do feel at times that we are with you. But while you are mortals we cannot feel your arms around us and your kisses on our cheeks, and neither can you feel our embraces, for we do actually embrace and kiss you. So you see there is some difference between yourselves as mortals and what you will be as spirits. Oh dear! how our love makes us wish for what we should not wish, but in this particular you see we have still something of the mortal in us.

Well, I will not write more, but will express my thankfulness in being able to write once more to my dear one.

So tell him that I will go with him to his home tonight and watch over him until he gets to sleep and will lay my head upon his arms, and whisper to him my feelings of love, even though he may not hear me, but I will be there, and he will surely feel my presence.

Good night and may the Father bless him.

His own true,

Mary Kennedy.