Padgett's Messages

The list of spirits.

Aaron - the brother of Moses

Abdullah ben Califf - Mohammedan

Albright, Leander

Aleyabis- Persian - follower of Zoroaster

Aman - the first parent instead of Adam

Anaxylabis - the Egyptian

Amon - the wife of Aman

Amos, the Prophet


Anabalexis - of the Atlantis continent

Bacon, Francis


Baldwin, Stephen J.

John the Baptist

Saint Barnabas

Barton, Clara

Beecher, Henry Ward

Berger, Fred


Blackfoot, John - an Indian

Blaine, James G.

Bonaparte, Helene (Hortense) - Napoleon’s step daughter

Bonaparte, Josephine

Bonaparte, Napoleon I - French Emperor

Briggs, Emily W.

Bright Star - Mrs. Ripple’s guide

Brown, John - of Harper’s Ferry fame

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett

Bunyan, John

Burroughs, Laura - cousin

Butler, George H.

Byerly, Peter D.

Caesar, Julius

Calemabis - the Egyptian

Calhoun, John C.

Calif of the Blessed Allah

Caligula - Roman Emperor - aka Gaius Caesar

Calvert, Clara - Eugene Morgan’s soulmate

Calvert, George C.

Calvin, John

Campbell, Alexander - founder of Campbellites

Campbell, Dr. Jas. C. - spirit doctor to J.P.

Carlisle, John G.

Carlyle, Thomas

Carrington, Campbell

Carroll, John B. - late of Baltimore

Channing, Dr.

Childs, George W

Cleveland, Grover - ex-President

Colburn, Mrs.- the mother of the elder Colburn

Collins, John H - The Man With the Ponderous Mind

Colville, W. J.

Colyer, Robert - preacher

Compte, Auguste

Comstock, Wm. C.

Condon, Wm. H.

Conley, Wm. B.

Conley, William S.


Cornelies, William B.


Corneys, John R.

Critcher, John

Crook, COL

Crowell, Eugene - author of “Primitive Christianity”

Curzon, Lady Mary Lester

Daniel - the Prophet

Darwin, Charles

Davis, Frank

Descartes - the French Philosopher

De Sale, Jean

Dulin, Charles G.

Eddy, Mrs. Mary Baker


Elias, the Prophet (Elijah of the Old Testament)

Elizabeth - the cousin of Mary (the mother of Jesus)

Queen Elizabeth I

Elkins, Stephen B.

Ella’s Grandmother

Ellis, Samuel E.

Emerich, Addie


Emmons, Mrs. Jennie

Emperor William - grandfather of the Kaiser


Eugénie wife of Napoleon III


Everett, Charles W. - the man with the ponderous mind

Fontaine, Rev.

Ford, Samuel I.

Forrest, Edwin

Foster, Carrie E.

Frederick, the father of the Kaiser



Garfield, Jas. A.

Garland, John

Garner, John

Garrison, Nm. D. - Preacher

Giles, Chauncey

Gladstone, William E.

Godomera - lived many thousand years ago - India


Gomeses - the Greek who lived in the time of Jesus

Goodwin, George

Gormley, Edwin E.

Granger, Alice - my cousin

Grant, U.S.

Great Bear - my other Indian Guide

Gregory, Thos. A. - Pope Gregory V, of Rome

Grossfriedrickson, John D.

Groveneur, Charles G. - the man with the lost soul

Harrison, James T. - uncle

Harvey, George W.

Hastings, of England

Hay, E. R.

Hayes, Lucy Webb

Henkle, Genl. S.S.

Herod- King of Judea

Heyde, Geo. W. (Helen Padgett’s father)

Hollingsworth, Wallace E.

Horner, Mrs.

Hudson, Jay

Inaladocie - a ruler of men when the earth was young

Indian- Last of the Mohicans

Ingersoll, Robert G.

Judas Iscariot

James, William

Jarvis, Rachel

Jayemas - an inhabitant of Atlantis

Jefferson, Thos.


Saint Jerome


Joan of Arc (the martyr)


Saint John - the Apostle

Johnson, George

Johnson, John B.

Joseph of Arimathea - father of Jesus


Kant, Immanuel

Keating, John S.- Prof. at Oberlin

Kennedy, Mary

Kitchener, Lord

Laelestia- queen of same race as Sebastobel


Lambert, Talmadge A.

Lambert, William G.


Larkin, Mr.

Latham, Charles

Latimer, Hugh - the martyr

Latimer, John L.

Layton, John - time of Reformation


Le Claire

Leekesi- the Assyrian King - at fall of Nineveh

Leetelam- the Tartar

Leibnitz, John G.

Le Sales

Leterer, Samuel - religious writer - died in reign of Henry VIII

Leytergus - the Arabian

Libbie, Laura Jean

Lillabridge, Stephen J.

Lincoln, Abraham

Lincoln, Edward P.

Lipscomb, Andrew A.

Logan, George

London, John B.


Los Trenos

Lot - of the Old Testament

Loyola - the Jesuit founder

Luckett, George E.

Saint Luke

Luther, Martin

Lutrell, Laura B.

Mackey, Franklin H.

Saint Mark

Mary, Sister of Lazarus

Mary, the Mother of Jesus

Mastry, John D

Saint Matthew

McGovern, Rose - (Syrick’s soulmate)

McKinley, William - ex-President

Meloy, William A.

Middleton, Alice

Middleton, Louisa - my Great grandmother

Middleton, Mrs. Sally

Miller, Francis

Miller, Robt. L.

Mills, Samuel C.

Mitchell, Mrs. (mother of Dr. Mitchell)

Morgan - Eugene’s grandfather

Morgan - Eugene’s sister

Morgan, Dr. J. B.

Morgan, John S.

Morgan, J. Pierpont

Morgan, Mr. - Eugene’s father

Morgan, Mrs. - mother of Eugene

Morris, Martin F.

Morrison, John T.

Mosby, John S

Moses, Stainton

Moses, the Prophet

Mueller, Max

Munroe, Thomas

Murray, Mary - aunt

Nero - the Roman Emperor

Newman, John P. - Bishop


Nita (Padgett’s daughter)

Nottingham, Charles

O’Neal, Lewis I.

Owen, Robert Dale

Padgett, Ann R. - my mother

Helen Padgett, wife of James Padgett

Padgett, John H. - my father

Padgett, Thomas - my father’s uncle

Paine, Thomas

Parker, John D. - Englishman

Saint Paul

Pelham, John G.

Perry, R. Ross

Perry, Mrs. - Ross Perry’s mother

Perry, Willie

Saint Peter

Phillips, Samuel L.

Pierce, George W.

Pinckney, Bishop


Mrs Plummer

Plummer, Nathan

Poe, Edgar Allen

Pyles, Mrs.

Raleigh, Sir Walter

Randall, John G.

Randall, Samuel J.

Rejewiee- the Indian

Rice, Bettie

Richard, the Third

Richards, John T.

Richards, Stephen J.

Richards, William S.

Riddle, Albert G. - Padgett’s law partner

Riddle, Caroline A.

Ridout, John

Robey, Sarah G.

Robinson, Jennie

Robinson, W. H.

Rogers, John D.

Roller, Cousin Sally

Roller, John E.

Roller, Oscar

Anne Rollins, grandmother of James Padgett

Rollins, Florence - cousin

Rollins, Wm. H.

Root, Richard

Russell, Pastor (Charles Taze) - founder of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Saelish - an Assyrian wise man

Saint Ambrose

Saint Andrew

Saint Anthony

Saint Augustine

Saint Camelia - a Catholic nun

Saint Celestia - of Italy

Saint Chrysostom

Saint Clement - Pope of Rome

Saint Cornelius - the first gentile Christian

Saint Gallatin - of Italy

Saint George - the Dragon

Saint Gregory - the great Pope

Saint James

Saint James - the Lesser - brother of Jesus

Saint Jerome

Saint Salatia - of the Romish Church

Saint Salvatore - Roman Catholic

Saint Sebastian - Bishop of Genoa

Saint Stephen

Salaalida - Moslem


Salaventura, John - Priest of Rome

Saleeba- the Egyptian Princess


Salyards, Prof., Joseph H.

Samera - a Greek

Samuel - the Prophet

Samuels, Samuel G.

Sarah - the wife of Abraham

Saul of the Old Testament

Scott, Charles

Scott, Sir Walter

Scott, Wm. P.

Scranton, Wm. B.

Scrivener, John B.



See, Miss - mother of

Seligman /Seleman - Muslim ex-sultan

Selim - first Muslim Sultan of that name

Selman, John P.

Semiramis- a Greek maiden

Seurges - the Babylonian

Shannon, Samuel P.

Shem - father of Israel

Sherman, Genl. Wm. T.

Sherman, Wm. P. - second sphere

Shillington, Jos.

Simms, Peter W.

Simpson, Charles W. - an evil spirit

Sinclair, John D.

Sinclaire, Madeline

Slack, Caroline S.

Slack, J. B.

Smith, C. Maurice

Smith, George W.

Smith, Samuel R.


Solomon - the wise

Somerville, Hannah

Somerville, Thomas

Sommers, Lillian

Southard, Samuel B.

Southern, John B.

Spanglios, Carlos

Spencer - the Scientist


Sprague, Kate Chase

Stahl, Win. B.

Stanhope, Grace

Stephenson, Win. T.

Stokes, Rev.

Stone, Kate - Dr.’s Stone’s sister

Stone, William - Dr.‘’s father

Stone, Priscilla - Dr.’s mother


Syrick, Frank D.

Taggart, Hugh T.

Thomas, Edwin H.

Todd, John B.

Vespasian - Roman Emperor

Von Moltke - the German general

Victoria - Queen

Wandering Jew

Ware, Clara

Washington, George

Watson, Jas. E.

Webb, Wm. B.

Webster, Daniel

Wesley, Charles

Wesley, John - leader of the Methodists

White Eagle

White, E. E.

Whitfield, George - the great preacher of England

Whiting, John S.

Williams, Arnold

Williams, Father

Willis, Sofia - mother of Dr. Willis

Willard, Frances

Wilson, Charles

Wilson, Mrs. - the wife of the President

Wolcott, Charles D.

Woodward, Wm. R.

Yorking, John

Young, George E.

Young, James L.

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