Messages 2001

Effecting your desires - the Law of Desire.

October 16th, 2001

Received by H.

Guayaquil, Ecuador


Hello! This is certainly no surprise. I accompanied you to Guayaquil, of course. As I have told you, I am always very near you, and distance is no problem for us.

Very well. As I see, you are thinking of your dermatitis. Some days ago you realized that it was no longer there, at least you can no longer detect any symptoms of it.

[H. As long as I can remember, I suffered from a dermatitis, called dermatitis seborrhoeica, in the face, or rather on the hair onset, for example on the upper part of the forehead, on the temples, behind the ears, and on the skin furrow that runs from the nose to the mouth at an angle. The symptoms of this disease disappear in hot and humid climates, such as in Guayaquil, but they appear in a cold and dry climate, as it prevails in the months of July, August and September in Cuenca].

Yes, my friend, this really is a healing. I know that you never requested it from me, but you desired it, because the symptoms really bothered you. And look, the healing has already occurred. Here you can see the principle once again, that what you really want, comes true. They are desires that come out from deep inside your soul, and we recognise them, and we try to help.

Yes, you are right, all Celestial spirits have mighty healing powers. It is a healing through Divine Love, and as Jesus has already explained several times, for this kind of cure, the patients must elevate their spirituality above the earth plane level. You did it, and so your desire was fulfilled.

It is the same principle as in the sincere prayer to the Father for Divine Love. Only the purpose is different.

M___ spoke to you once of the Law of Desire, and yes, she is right. That law exists, but we have never formulated it under that name. We have analyzed certain aspects of that universal law, for example in context with prayer. But the principle is truly universal.

The problem is that mortals and also those not very developed spirits frequently ignore their desires. Those desires are born from the very depth of the heart, and mortals or spirits are not necessarily aware of them. Those desires are not always positive, many times they are destructive, even self-destructive.

Hence it is so important to elevate spirituality, because only in this way will these desires become, consciously or unconsciously, productive and positive forces. I will give you a very simple example. In many cases, when people complain about failures in their life, they wished in fact for these failures, for different reasons, for example, to punish themselves unconsciously. So, it is the execution of a desire, and it comes as a surprise or it is considered an injustice or bad luck, but as a matter of fact, it is just what the individual really wanted.

Also the guidance we can provide obeys this law. We can only guide the individuals who really want us to do so. So, it is a matter of the soul’s disposition.

It is very important to keep in mind the universal principle that people receive what they request, and in order to receive, it is necessary to request. It is necessary to ask for God’s Love, it is necessary to ask for His Mercy, etc. For God doesn’t simply give, but rather always responds to desires, to conscious and unconscious petitions.

Desires may also activate man’s creative spirit. Yes, you understood well. Men create for themselves what they desire.

Men’s desire to know the Truth allows us to guide them, as I was guiding you during all those years, and so you finally found the Padgett messages. But this is not all of it. Just think of what happened a relatively short time ago.

Well, in the supermarket you saw a volume of the novel called “The Trojan Horse,” by J. J. Benitez. And you were attracted to it as through magic. You bought all the volumes, and you were surprised. Although they are a novel, they had something in common with the Padgett messages. And practically at the same time, when you were still reading the books, another person contacted you, D, and he told you of his interest in these books. An intense correspondence developed. D informed you that the books were based on the Urantia book, and you so you sought that book and you now have also read it in part.

I wanted you to read this book, and you should do it. I admit that it is quite voluminous, but, as I have already said once, it is worthwhile reading. It doesn’t agree a hundred percent with the Padgett messages, but I have also explained that this is not so important, that there are many aspects of Truth, and that Truth has been communicated in diverse ways. In each message you can observe the mediums’ influence, their vocabulary, their way of thinking and of expressing themselves, and the spirit consciously takes advantage of the medium’s respective strengths, and the medium unconsciously contributes a little to the formation of the message, introducing his or her own thoughts, sometimes true ones, and sometimes not so true ones, but the core, the very heart of the message is authentic.

And I will tell you that the scene in Benitez’ book, which fascinated you so much, is in fact an authentic scene, it happened almost as described there, and it is also contained in the Urantia book.

The disciples went up to the room where we were to celebrate the dinner. And soon afterwards a dispute broke out between them, about who should occupy the places of honor, that is to say, the seats next to Jesus.

The Jews were accustomed to wash their feet before having dinner, a work which usually was done by servants or slaves of the house. But in this case, it was a closed meeting, where the servants of the house had no access.

It is not true that I occupied the seat reserved for Jesus. I did not even participate in this shameful quarrel, rather it was those who would later be the great pillars of the church. John, Peter, and even James, Jesus’ brother, who does not figure amongst the apostles, quarreled and insulted each other like badly behaved children. It is false that Jesus knew that I would betray him. Those are thoughts which the medium inserted, thoughts and residual ideas of a religious education based on the Bible story.

Jesus came, he looked at us, and took a seat. Everything was ready to begin with the supper, except that we had not washed our feet. Nobody moved, and so Jesus stood up, took the water pitcher and proceeded to wash our feet. We all protested, and he gave us a sermon which nobody forgot. Some understood it, and some did not, as in my case. The great Master humbled himself, doing the work of a slave, a work of love.

For me, it was an experience which definitely made me lose patience. Jesus really was a lost case, I thought. So much power, so many possibilities, and now he was humiliating himself in front of us. I really had to force him to demonstrate his power. I left, and you know already where I headed for.

What Jesus did in that moment has also some relationship with what in the messages is called “personality” and “individuality.” But of that we will speak at the proper time.

It is already late. You have to sleep now. Tomorrow we will meet again, if God and your condition allow it.

God bless you,



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