Messages 2014

Diet and Spirituality

July 11th, 2014.

Spirit: Luke.

Medium James Reid.


Its interesting how often people will tell you that to be a truly spiritual person you better be a vegetarian, or even a vegan, or a raw vegan. And in 100 years of communication from advanced celestials they have never commented on this, and no one has thought to ask. Till a few days ago. This is a very short extract of an amazing bit of guidance for a young man with extreme heath issues. Its not appropriate to share any of that, but this short bit is relevant to all of us: Luke (The apostle) had this to say:

From a dietary perspective, it seems that his chosen regime of vegan eating is satisfactory and can meet his needs with attention to adequate protein and mineral intake. There is no spiritual need to continue with a rigid dietary regime if one’s desires seem to be indicating that intake of some foods outside that regime is indicated. Rigidly following any such process is a personal choice and not necessary for spiritual reasons.

Later in the same communication Luke commented that WE should not be directing our bodies how to behave. They know how to behave, and its far better that we listen to what our cells want and need. And facilitate that.