Messages 2001

Justice and punishment.

October 23rd, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


Hello, my dear brother. I see you have been thinking of the problem of human justice.

[H.: This is true. I thought that if God, or rather His Laws, take care of “justice”, it is really not necessary that we should worry about it. Yes, I know, several times you have told us that justice is a human invention, and I understand that God’s Laws do not establish regulations of justice, but they are as the Hand of God, which tenderly but firmly guides us to harmony, in other words, to our own happiness. The rigor of Divine Laws, which we feel at times (and which we will feel more clearly in the beyond) is caused by our resistance, because when we cede, everything unfolds smoothly. If we resist, we feel the pressure.

But the question is, if we do not enforce regulations of justice here on earth, how will we end up? There are obviously many people who need threats and vigilance to keep them in check.]

And does this system of justice really work? It is always the same story, my dear friend. You build up a scenario of “anarchy”, or so you imagine it, and compare it to what exists now, thus arriving at the conclusion that what you have now is better.

It is true that when you analyze certain events in history, you can see those moments of anarchy during initial stages of revolutions, for example in the French Revolution, or in the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. Afterwards, another hierarchy won the battle, imposing its own laws and justice, defective in the same way as the previous ones, which they destroyed, except that now another group of people are benefitted.

I ask you, if human laws, and especially their enforcement with all possible harshness, are so necessary for peoples’ welfare, how is it that there is so much crime?

Again, you have to analyze causes. Crime has causes, and human laws only try to cover up symptoms. You believe that there will always be people who try to do things their way, who try to abuse others. And you think that for these people you need laws. But you are wrong.

Well, I disagree. The criminal is a product of a sick society. He may also be the product of his own sickness, but even according to your modern laws, in that case he would not be considered a criminal, but a diseased person, wouldn’t he?

A great part of discontent and crime in this world are simply the product of unjust and inequitable laws, laws written for the benefit of some and for the disadvantage of others.

Now, this would be the point to speak about love and the effect of love, when people really show it and live it. But today our rapport is not very good. We will not forget this subject, because it is a very important one, but we will postpone it.

Yes, I know, this time you put aside a good time for me, but the circumstances are not good. Don’t worry. I will come again later. We’ll see if we can deliver a message.

Hello, my boy, I am here again, Judas, your brother and guide along your way to God’s Love. I fear that today we are not lucky. You are not better. But don’t worry about that. Tomorrow will be another day. And we will choose another subject for tomorrow, something easier. You are right; I wish to continue with Jesus’ life, we have already almost lost the thread. I want you to prepare yourself a little bit; so read about the tax revolt in Galilee against the Romans. We will speak of this and other things.

Send my greetings to M___. How wonderful is it that she is just a short time with us and yet she already has more comprehension than you?

She wrote:

“Yes Sir, these are the things one discovers when wisdom is coming.

[H.: I had written: “And when we lose the certainty of things, which looked so certain for such a long time, we lose balance. I think that is what happens to me.”]

“This is the wisdom of the old ones, which we aspire to attain to sooner rather than in our later days, but no matter if it comes to us only in our old age, we may then write poems, and in them we may convey truth… the truth we discover in this experience of living on the planet earth. And those poems, then, will teach those who know how to read. So it is, how little by little this world will change.

You need not change the world of others; you have to change your world. Nothing more. And when you change your world, others will wish to follow you, and if not, well, it is worse for them.”

Think it over. This is what we always want to tell you, this is being an example, being the light of this world, this is about not having fear.

You remember the news about that corrupt banker, who “consumed” eight hundred million dollars, and as it seems, will get away with it now. You will not change that, just change your own surroundings. If you can do this, you will have achieved a lot. As to the banker, he has gained a few years of supposed opulence in exchange for something which awaits him, and which would fill him with horror if he knew it. Nobody gets away. And he will not suffer for those eight hundred million dollars, he will suffer for his attitude, the expression of his soul condition. And he has committed the crime despite laws, he even took advantage of those laws and of those who supposedly enforce those laws, for his own benefit. No Sir, as M___ would say, don’t seek solutions in laws.

If I can speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but am destitute of Love, I have but become a loud-sounding trumpet or a clanging cymbal.

If I possess the gift of prophecy and am versed in all mysteries and all knowledge, and have such absolute faith that I can remove mountains, but am destitute of Love, I am nothing.

And if I distribute all my possessions to the poor, and give up my body to be burned, but am destitute of Love, it profits me nothing.

Love is patient and kind. Love knows neither envy nor jealousy. Love is not forward and self-assertive, nor boastful and conceited.

She does not behave unbecomingly, nor seek to aggrandize herself, nor blaze out in passionate anger, nor brood over wrongs.

She finds no pleasure in injustice done to others, but joyfully sides with the truth.

She knows how to be silent. She is full of trust, full of hope, full of patient endurance.

Love never fails. But if there are prophecies, they will be done away with; if there are languages, they will cease; if there is knowledge, it will be brought to an end.

For our knowledge is imperfect, and so is our prophesying;

but when the perfect state of things is come, all that is imperfect will be brought to an end.

When I was a child, I talked like a child, felt like a child, reasoned like a child: when I became a man, I put from me childish ways.

For the present we see things as if in a mirror, and are puzzled; but then we shall see them face to face. For the present the knowledge I gain is imperfect; but then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

And so there remain Faith, Hope, Love — these three; and of these the greatest is Love. 1 Cor 13:1-14

So, Paul knew the solution, don’t you think? It is time that you know it, recognize it and apply it, too.

Let things take their way. Care about what is within your own reach, and you will see that everything will turn out well. Pray more, you are neglecting this. Our bad rapport is also a reflection of this fact. Tomorrow will be another day, tomorrow we will talk.

God bless you, and I pray you may find peace.

Your brother in Christ,



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