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Assisted suicide and Christian Symbols.

October 5th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


Hello, my dear brother. Don’t tell me that this is a surprise, because you yourself wanted to meet me. And here I am.

Yes, I have not forgotten the questions, and I will answer them all in due course. I not only remember these questions, but many of the points that I myself have touched and left without dealing with in detail. We cannot do everything at once. Step by step, the Kingdom of God is built, and step by step, we will deliver information.

So then, the first topic I woul like to deal with today deals with suicide. Your friend R___ asked: “What about the Dr. Kevorkian and the way he helped those who had serious illnesses? He would give them a shot and they would pass away to the next life. Is this is a sin for either person involved?”

My dear R___, I understand very well that considering that all these sick persons were in the terminal phase of their life, it is easy to say that what the doctor in question did, in fact is not a murder, and if the sick person decides to shorten his or her life by a few hours or by a few days, that this does not constitute a serious moral problem either. Because, as a matter of fact, the doctor didn’t apply the injections himself, but he gave the sick people the ability to trigger a simple mechanism, in order to start the poison’s flow into their blood, thus putting an end to their life. So the question is: “Is it allowed to shorten one’s own life, when one suffers from a terminal disease, and is it allowed for another person to facilitate this form of suicide?”

The first thing that I wish to do is to remind you all is that the Law of Compensation doesn’t operate on isolated actions, but on the overall condition of people’s souls, because the deeds are the consequence of this condition. Our behavior is the reflection of our souls.

Then I would like to add that never, absolutely never, is it justified to call this an harmonious action, that which puts an end to life, whether it be one’s own life, or it be the life of someone else.

As I have said, I understand that there are extreme situations of pain and suffering, of despair and anguish, which seduce people into thinking that in such a situation it is indeed justified to shorten life. But in fact, this is not true. God has provided many mechanisms, physical as well as spiritual ones, for removing “the unbearable” of any condition. In the special case of pain, you know very well that even in not very highly developed people, as to their soul, pain exerts an effect which is called phasic-tonic, that is to say, it begins with great intensity, and after a few moments decreases in its intensity, although some pain remains. There are also other mechanisms, internal drugs of the body, which take away the sensation of pain. And how much more help receive people of high spirituality. Their soul development even allows them the privilege of not feeling pain. Our work, as spirits, is not only the one of healing, but also the one of mitigating, when a healing is not possible.

The decision to end one’s life in such extreme situations is the reflection of one’s soul condition. In other words, yes there will be suffering, but its cause is not the isolated action of ending one’s life, but rather it is the condition of one’s spiritual development. Never see isolated deeds, always see souls whose condition leads to certain deeds.

As for the doctor, it is also necessary to investigate his motives. Did he do this in order to help, unselfishly? Or did he do this for money? To gain publicity? In short, this attitude is not OK, it is not harmonious, but once again, it is not that action of facilitating suicide which bears suffering, but it is the soul condition which determines the motive and consequently the action.

I killed myself. Everybody knows this. I suffered, yes, I suffered a lot, and I despaired. But this didn’t happen because of the fact of my committing suicide, but for the deplorable state of my soul. All the rest was simply a consequence of this.

It is certainly easy to understand that consequences are not the same for people who commit suicide, one because he has lost all his money in the stock exchange, and another one because cancer is devouring his body piece by piece. The motivation is completely different. The second one, if he were healthy and had lost all his money, he very probably would not commit suicide. But what is true in both cases is that they lack trust in God, this ultimate and definitive trust, which only soul development may give us. And this is why they suffer.

I think I have written enough on this complex subject. We will move to another topic.

There was the question on the symbols of Christendom. Many people who read and embrace the Padgett messages feel some resistance to the use of the cross as a symbol. And this is understandable, because the cross reflects the idea that it was Jesus’ death which culminated in Christ’s saving action. But we know that this is not true. The salvation that Jesus communicated to us, happened through the fact that he was and is the Christ, the first Christ, the first person whose soul had been transformed into a Divine soul. At the present time, there are millions of Christs, yes; all those inhabitants of the Celestial Heavens are Christs according to this definition.

The fish, as a symbol, is an excellent idea. In fact, it is the oldest symbol of Christendom, and it is based on several facts. First, Jesus moved at the beginning of his activity among fishermen at the Lake of Genesaret. And he told them: “I will make you fishers of men.” Another reason is that the Greek word for fish is “ichthys” (the letters “ch” pronounced as in the Scottish word “loch”). And the following anagram appeared: IESOUS IESOUS Jesus CRISTOS CRISTOS Christ QEOU THEOU of God UIOS UIOS the son SWTHR SOTER the Savior

And taking the first letter of each word, “ICQUS”, we obtain the Greek word meaning “fish.”

Yes, my fishers of men, this is a good idea. I also think it is good to find something like a logo or brand for the movement in general.

This is all I wish to say on the subject.

Pray and ask for answers, and you will always receive them. Let yourselves be guided, and put more trust in what you perceive.

May God bless you all,



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