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To live in this world, but not be of it.

February 14th, 2002

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


How fabulous was this carnival!1 On Monday you had a good time, almost without alcohol, chatting and playing poker. And on Tuesday you had a nice family meeting, almost without any friction. And you almost did not think of God, you almost forgot to pray, you almost forgot me, because you almost did not want to communicate with me.

And then, on Ash Wednesday, you almost suffered a spiritual hangover. How was this possible? Just a few days you spent surrounded by many people “with both feet firmly in life,” and you almost lose your spirituality. What does it mean: to live in this world, but not to be of this world? Is it not possible to keep up your spirituality and to live a “normal” life?

Do you remember what you read of the priest who doubted if he really fulfilled what God wanted him to do? He went to see the bishop asking him what he should do.

“Abraham accepted foreigners, and God was pleased,” the bishop answered him. “Elias did not like foreigners, and God was pleased. David was proud of what he had done, and God was pleased. The publican who stood in front of the altar was ashamed of what he had done, and God was pleased. John the Baptist went into the wilderness, and God was pleased. Paul visited the big cities of the Roman Empire, and God was pleased. Why do you think that I should know what will please God Almighty? Do what your heart tells you to do, and God will be pleased.”

Do you recall those police movies where you find a good deal of violence, but the script writer wants to give a moral lesson, and ensures that the good finally wins, and he thus gives the lesson that love overcomes all obstacles? What a curious mix! It is not exactly what we preach, but it contributes a grain of sand to awaken the world’s awareness. Is it what God expects of each one, just to contribute a grain of sand? If this is so, then it cannot be so difficult to live in this world without being of it.

I have already told you once that we want you to be a light to this world, not the rear lights, but the headlights that illuminate the road. It is just 50 yards that those lights illuminate, but it is enough to make sure that the car does not go off the road and that driver and passengers arrive safely at their destination. The road to God is long, being many light years in distance. However, without the illumination of these 50 yards it would be a hideous trip, full of danger, mishaps and accidents.

I said “almost” many times at the start of this message. The words “almost” and “perfection” are incompatible. Do you want spiritual perfection? God does not expect it from you, not yet. So how you can expect it?

Well, I think this is enough for my first message after several days. Tomorrow I wish to continue with my story, if you allow me to do so. Although you may almost forget me, I will always be next to you. Where I live, the word “almost” has almost lost its raison detre.

Your brother,



1 NOTE : This refers to a South American type carnival - or festival


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