Miscellaneous Messages from Dr. Samuels

Passover - Easter, Third Observance, 2nd Saturday evening and Sunday in April.

September and October 1955, August and October 1962, May and June 1965.

Received by Dr Samuels.

Washington D.C.


The First Holiday of the Sacred Year was Passover, the seventh month of the civil year which began at sundown of the 14th of Nissan, and continued through the 15th and 16th (March - April). It celebrated the deliverance of the Jews from slavery in Egypt by Moses and required the presence of every male over 12 years of age before the sanctuary of the Lord. It was during the Passover meal before my arrest by Pilate that I gave to my disciples the Eleventh. Commandment, “Love one another as I have loved you.” I meant that since I loved mankind, and especially my followers, with the Love that came to me from the Father’s Essence, the disciples were to seek the Divine Love in prayer to the Father and love one another with this Divine Love. Thus, we were all to be one in the Father’s Love. This was the Commandment, to be obeyed by my followers and binding upon them, just as the Ten Commandments were binding upon all Jews of that time, and even of this day, as the moral precepts given to mankind by God through Moses.

The Christian holiday, Easter, which refers to the fatal week in Jerusalem, from my arrest, death and Resurrection, is calculated somewhat differently from the Jewish method-the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox and means a movable holiday ranging from March 22nd to April 25th. For many years a system for simplifying the date has been sought in vain. The Jewish Christians in the Middle East followed the Jewish method, commemorating my death on the 15th of Nissan and the Resurrection on the 17th regardless of the day of the week they fell. Others have assigned Easter to an approximate date: the first Sunday in April, or the Sunday nearest to April 7th.

I do not wish to go back to the Jewish System in civilizations and times which no longer use the Jewish method. The Roman system is also too variable, and I would suggest the 2nd Saturday evening, and Sunday, in April for the fixed celebration of the Easter.

Now since the Passover is really identical, historically, with the Easter, I should like very much to celebrate both, or a combination of both, with certain deviations. I want to celebrate Passover because it shows the Love and Power of the Father in bringing out of slavery an entire people, numbering many

thousands, through the inspiration and courage which He gave to His instrument Moses. Many of the legends concerning Moses, it is true, are only stories, but the fact remains that Moses’ deed of leading the people of Israel from Egypt, after forcing the reluctant consent of the Pharoah, and guiding them hundreds of miles and for many years to Mt. Sinai, where, in God’s name he gave the tablets of the Ten Commandments to the people, with Yahweh their God of righteousness, becomes the great Exodus of the Hebrew Nation that only the Father, through Moses, could have accomplished, and to this day I admire Moses’ closeness to God and his faith and courage in steadfastly obeying His Commands. The Passover is an ancient holiday, one in which let me repeat as a boy in Nazareth I participated with my parents and brothers and sisters, and it is to me a sacred heritage which I do not wish to see fall into oblivion in the celebrations of the Church of the New Birth.

As for my part in the Passover Festival, I do not want to remember the unhappy period which began with my arrest, but I have already referred to the Eleventh Commandment of Divine Love, which is the New Covenant, is paramount to our religion, and which must form part of our celebration. The verses which appear in the New Testament should be spoken by the leader of the Seder group at the end of the meal, and the Prayer for the Father’s Love recited by those present.

I also wish to include in this festival the fact of the Resurrection, as it was the power of the Divine Love that made this possible in the way it took place, and while it did not happen in accord with the account given in the New Testament, yet it did happen, as I have written through Mr. Padgett, and I think that appropriate portions of this sermon, as witness to the power and the glory of the Father, the Divine Love and the Messiahship of the present writer, should be read by the leader and the celebrants at the annual observance of the Passover.

The part played by the Messiah, therefore, in actually celebrating this festival at the Last Supper, in addition to the Resurrection, is the crowning event of the period, and makes the Passover a Judeo-Christian Holiday, a unified, coherent festival that emphasizes the co-heritage of the two religions, to be observed by the Church of the New Birth as one great manifestation of God’s Love for His children, not only in freeing them from bondage in the flesh but in showing them the way to freedom from sin and kinship with Him in soul through their prayers for the Divine Love, which the Messiah taught as the New Commandment at the Passover Seder.

Here are the accounts by Luke and by myself, published in the TRUE GOSPEL REVEALED ANEW as to what transpired at the time of my crucifixion. First the message written through Mr. Padgett by Luke (Vol. I pp. 326-327) :

“I was not present at the crucifixion, and, of course, do not personally know what became of the body of Jesus, but I have been told by those who were present that the Bible description of his burial in the tomb of Joseph was true. The body was buried in the tomb of Joseph and was left there by those who placed it in the tomb, which was sealed and a guard set over it to prevent anyone from approaching and interfering with the body, because Jesus had predicted that in three days he would rise again.

After the tomb was sealed Jesus arose and, without his body of flesh, passed from the tomb and descended into the lower spheres where the dark spirits lived in their ignorance and sufferings, and preached to them the rebestowal of the gift of immortality.

The body of flesh, by the power which Jesus possessed, became so spiritualized or etherialized that its component parts became disseminated by Jesus in the surrounding atmosphere and he retained only the spiritual body in which he afterwards appeared to the disciples and others.

When he appeared at the meeting of the apostles, where Thomas, the doubter, was present, he recalled to his form, as you will better understand by my using such an expression, elements of the material, so that in appearance the body was as much like flesh and blood as when it was placed in the tomb, arid before he disseminated these elements, as I have said.

The flesh and blood which encloses the spirit form of man, as you may have heard, is continually changing in obedience to the ordinary laws of nature as understood by man. And when Jesus, who understood and had power to call into operation other laws of nature, caused such other laws to operate, dissemination of the elements of flesh and blood took place, and he was left only with the spirit form.

This, I know, has been a great mystery to mankind since the time of the discovery of its absence by the watchman at his tomb, and because of being such mystery, and as an only explanation of such disappearance, men have believed and taught that his body of flesh and blood actually arose from the dead, and, therefore, the real body of flesh and blood of mortals will also arise in what they call the great resurrection day. But no body of flesh and blood arose, and the spirit form of Jesus did not remain in the tomb after the dissemination of the material body, for no tomb or other place could confine the spirit … this I am informed is the true explanation of the disappearance of the material body of Jesus; and to me and to others who understood the laws of nature-I mean that nature that is beyond the ken of men-it is not surprising or worthy to be deemed a mystery.”

Below are additional writings dated September 1955 and October 1955 received from me by another member of the Church of the New Birth regarding my true resurrection. In these, I explain my work in Joseph’s cave, that I ascended to the spirit world to proclaim the availability of the Father’s Love through prayer and the possibility of At-onement with Him thereby and then, returning to the cave, materialized a body closely resembling my own with elements drawn from the elements of the universe.

The linen shroud which had covered my body I folded neatly and placed in a corner and I walked out of the cave, the stone blocking the entrance to it having been rolled away by the bright spirit sent by the Father for that purpose; and it was in this way that I saw Mary the Magdalene and the others, as mentioned in the gospels. The angel mentioned in the gospel, I repeat, was a high spirit sent to remove the stone; the strength he displayed in this task was obtained through the transmission of energy conveyed to him by many spirits who were present at the time. His materialized spirit body, endowed with this additional power, was able to cope with the task of rolling away the stone. He used the guard whom he put into a trance by suggestion, as the means by which he obtained the necessary ectoplasm to bring about the materialization. No, he was not able to materialize by culling from the elements a material form such as I was able to do in my resurrection, and no one other than myself; not even the exalted spirits of the Transfiguration, has done this.

I did this to show that I was still alive even after death through crucifixion for, at this time in their spiritual development, materialization was the proof in the eyes of my disciples that I was the Messiah; but the real understanding of my Messiahship came to them only at Pentacost, when the Divine Love was conveyed into their souls with such power and in such abundance that they knew I had come to bring the very essence of the Father to mankind and that it was available to them if they would seek it through earnest prayer.

This became known later as receiving the Holy Spirit, erroneously, of course, since it is the Holy Spirit which conveys the Father’s Love into the soul of him who seeks it; but even this became relegated to a secondary position before the great revelation of the Risen Christ which was preached to the pagans as a substitute for their own gods.

This, then, is the glorious fact of the Passover. Just as it showed the love and power of the Lord through one intermediary, Moses, to save a whole people from material distruction and spiritual death through slavery, so to did it show the Love and Mercy of the Heavenly Father to demonstrate victory over material death through materializing, in me, His Messiah, the dead, and demonstrating, in my resurrection, the great fact of salvation and the New Birth.

The Passover Festival is many sided, from a brief spiritualism with the invisible appearance of the prophet Elijah, to a mystic messianism, the references to the Afikoman on the broken matzah. But it is essentially national and patriatic. The head of the house, using the Haggadah (Narrative), a book containing the ritual, prayers and songs of Passover, asks of the youngest boy present the celebrated “four questions” whose answers are designed to explain the Exodus from Egypt, as the winning of freedom from slavery in the land of the Pharoahs. (Exodus 13:8).

The service emphasizes the absolute religious faith in the strong hand of God in intervening on behalf of the children of Israel, the outbreak of plagues among the Egyptians, even to the death of the first born, to force the ruler to allow the Hebrews to depart unmolested. This terrible visitation by the angel of death, as understood by the Hebrews, striking the Egyptians but passing over the enslaved people, became the “Pass over” of the festival, but the celebration is really a sacrifice to God in love, gratitude and joy, as a remembrance for His deliverance of His people.

The Pesah which means the Paschal lamb, was celebrated over 31 centuries ago, in Egypt. The Old Testament requires that when your children say unto you, “what mean you by this service,” you will say, “It is the Passover sacrifice for the Lord who smote the Egyptians and liberated the Israelites.”

Except for a certain break that took place several hundreds of years before my birth, Hebrews have throughout the years gathered together to retell this great march to freedom, and the Lord’s protection from Pharoah’s army, whose chariots and soldiers perished in the rising tides of the Nile (Sea of Reeds). This safe exodus was so extraordinary in nature that Hebrews of all ages and times are commanded to feel as though this delivery had been done unto them personally. Annual instruction is given to the young, illustrated by history and embellished by tradition. This is the festival of Liberty I loved and observed faithfully during my life, and this is the festival to which I chose to return in Jerusalem and at which I met death in the execution of my mission as Messiah of God.

Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens.


Editors Note. The influence of the medium is obvious in these messages, and this has been confirmed in this message.