Messages 2001

John the Baptist and Jesus growing up.

November 13th, 2001

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


Ain Karim was a small village in Judea, near Jerusalem, with people living off their fields, from their flocks of sheep, their orchards of olive trees, and from their crops. It was an accumulation of a few mud houses, a dusty main street, and it was very peaceful. Yes, perhaps peace was this village’s greatest treasure.

The family of perhaps the highest prestige was that of Zacharias, because he was a priest working in the splendid Temple of Jerusalem. He was certainly not the High Priest. However an ordinary priest enjoyed high reputation and honor.

Zacharias and Elisabeth, his wife, only had one son called John. And that was rare in those times, because numerous offspring was considered a blessing from God.

All that would not have been of much importance, had it not been for the fact that this little boy, John, one day would be one of the most influential people in Judea. But at that time, while he still played with his friends in the quiet streets, nobody imagined that this would happen.

John was a somewhat strange boy, a dreamer, or people perceived it this way, because he had so many strange dreams or visions. Today we would say that John was a medium, but in those days, people thought that the boy suffered from an exaggerated fantasy. They thought that would cease eventually.

As all know who have read the Bible, Elisabeth was a relative of Mary, Jesus’ mother, and therefore John was also Jesus’ relative, his cousin.

In several messages, Jesus and John the Baptist explained that the history of John’s birth is pure fiction. We read in the Bible that the angel of the Lord appeared to Zacharias, the old priest, in the Holiest of the Temple.

First, Zacharias was not an old man, second, only the High Priest could enter the Holiest of the Temple, and that only once each year. And as I have said, poor Zacharias was not the High Priest.

What the writers of the gospel texts, as they exist nowadays, tried to do, was to establish some link with the Old Testament. So we understand that the story of the old couple who could not have children and who are able to produce a son in some miraculous way, is already told in the Old Testament. It is the story of Abraham and Sara. And they repeated the same story, and everybody (knowing the Old Testament) said: “Yes, of course, this is how God works among people!”

Modern Bible scholars very soon became aware of that, but they draw other conclusions: Some say that the names of Zacharias and Elisabeth are also pure fiction. They claim that the purpose of the invention of these characters is the following:

In the Book of Exodus, we can read that Moses’ sister, Miriam (meaning Mary) had a kinswoman called Elisheba, meaning Elisabeth. And Moses’ brother Aaron married her, founding the priests’ dynasty. Since Mary and Elisabeth were relatives, and Elisabeth, married to a priest, supposedly came from a priestly family, Mary also had priestly bonds. Therefore, Jesus was an offspring of the House of David from his father’s side, and from his mother’s side he descended from Aaron’s priestly tradition.

No matter how things should have been, the fact is that the names of John the Baptist’s parents really were Zacharias and Elisabeth. But there is another tradition that belongs to myth: John was born approximately six months before Jesus. There is nothing exciting about that, nothing mystical, but this tradition was transformed into something extremely mystical through pagan influence, which soon invaded the gospels.

For reasons we will deal with on another occasion, Jesus’ birthday was fixed in the month of December, coinciding with the celebration of the winter solstice. And Saint John the Baptist’s birth feast was fixed six months earlier, at the summer solstice. The simple fact that the Messiah’s precursor and the Messiah himself were born more or less six months apart became a cosmic event, leaving its prints in the later church’s cult. In fact, I suggest that the gospels are neither historical nor biographical stories, but they contain rather a vision of a cult, and all the known pieces and fragments of Jesus’ life, together with some fictions, were compiled in such a way as to satisfy the cult of the primitive church in form of a narrative. This is how the gospels were born. Different cult traditions gave light to different gospel narratives.

Something similar happened when the conquerors came to America and found the celebrations of the solar god on the day of the summer solstice, the Inti Raymi feast. The priests and monks reacted quickly and transformed this feast into Saint John’s feast.

But coming back to our story, we know that Joseph often visited Jerusalem, complying with his obligations as a faithful Jew, and certainly he never let escape the opportunity of combining these religious obligations with the possibility of having a good time with friends and relatives. And so Jesus and John met.

I could almost say that it was love at first glance. The children understood each other perfectly from the first moment on, and this friendship would develop into something which I could call a religious conspiracy, where both exchanged their ideas and visions that were so different, but at the same time so compatible. But this we will discuss on another occasion. We will dedicate several messages to John, because, as I have already insinuated, he has been a man of the greatest influence, of even more influence than Jesus had at that time.

Tell D___ not to worry. His mother is in the best of hands, already right now. It is true that when people pass over to the spirit world they are received by relatives, friends, and by their guardian angel or angels, because often there are more than one, who also have bonds with the people they are in charge of on earth. Nobody feels alone when entering the spirit world, all receive a warm welcome.

And what is more, they all receive help - we give them our heart. But often these newcomers go back to their loved ones who remain on earth for help and advice. They observe them, they try to read their thoughts, and they give them even more credence than the higher spirits. And here a great responsibility is imposed upon mortals. They, with their example, exercise great influence over their beloved ones in the spirit world, and frequently they are able to guide them along the way towards happiness without realizing this. In this sense, mortals may also be a great light in the spirit world.

We have had a good connection today, my dear brother. It would be great if we could achieve this every day. But in spite of all the inconveniences, we have already achieved a work of remarkable dimensions.

I want to give my love to all who fight and struggle along the Divine path. We will all gather in the Celestial Heavens some day, remembering and celebrating in happiness and Love. God bless you all.

Your brother in Christ,



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