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Why Jesus was without sin

November 28th, 2014


Received by WV.


Hello again my friend.

I am glad you are feeling better and you are keeping up with doing your new daily meditation as we instructed you. Yes you are right about what you received during your meditation on “The reason why Jesus needed to be free from sin.”

Now, let’s first clarify what sin is. Sin is only a word to indicate that certain actions or thoughts are not in tune with your soul knowledge - with the laws of Love. I know people tend to put a lot of negative energy on the meaning of the word, but they shouldn’t. Sins can only be manifested or created by the mind and have nothing to do with the soul. The soul - as an image of the father - is not capable of creating anything out of tune with the laws of Love. Sins are nothing more than “mind flaws” that exist in different levels. They are portrayed in everyday life in the way we think, speak and act.

Now, why did Jesus have to be free from these mind flaws? Because as you have experienced yourself, even if someone has received a big amount of Divine Love in their soul, the mind keeps on existing. And although the Divine Love will silence the mind for a while - depending upon the amount of love you receive - the mind will come to the forefront again. That is why we need to pray as much as we can, as frequently as we can, so the Love will silence the mind and eradicate all flaws from it.

So, the reason Jesus had to be free from sin is because he needed a mind that wouldn’t interfere with his soul longings. If his mind would have contained these kind of flaws they would have interfered with his calling and it would have made his mission far more complicated; which was not Father’s intention. Jesus had to have the same opportunity as Aman and Amon, equal in its context. So you see he was “mind flaw free” because it was a prerequisite to his calling, not because he was special. And when people compare themselves with him, they are doing something impossible, because 99% of all people living on earth will be soaked in the flaws of their parents, siblings, teachers, leaders, cultures, etc.

That is also the reason why you aren’t flaw free; but you don’t need to be. In fact, it is a “good” thing because it will help you with your own calling. It will help you to understand what people are going through. It will help you explain these processes to them because you will receive the insight firsthand from the processes you have to go through yourself.

Most people do not want to look at their own flaws. They think they need to be perfect examples of the Love; that Divine Love does not leave room for flaws once they received a portion of it. Well, they are flawed! [Laughs] Because flaws will exist until people reach the level of flawlessness. And it is the recognition (not the denial) of one’s own flaws that will lead to their eradication; whether the eradication comes through the use of the natural love or the Divine Love is of no importance - although we Divine Love connoisseurs know which path will be swifter.

I think this is a good place to stop and I am glad we had this talk because you portrayed the context of what I wanted to explain very well.

Thank you for being such a good friend. (John)


This message is interesting, and the more so when one realises that 2000 years ago theologians came to that conclusion too, but sadly their total lack of any understanding of metaphysics caused them to come up with at least two doctrines totally at variance with spiritual laws. And those are of course the “original sin” and “virgin birth”. All because they wanted to “prove” Jesus was different to us in a spiritual way, if not a physical way.