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The healing of the mayor’s son in Kpar Nahum.

March 27th, 2002

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


My dear brother, as I have promised you, I am going to continue with the account of Jesus’ life.

After our return to Jerusalem, I stayed with Peter and Andrew in their house, while the other disciples returned to their respective homes.

One day, we heard loud knocks at the door. It was Matthew, very emotional, so much so that he could hardly speak:

“A new miracle has happened!” he hollered. “The Master has just healed once again!”

“Is the Master here?” Peter asked full of surprise. “I thought that he had left for Nazareth with his family.”

“Yes, it’s true,” Matthew panted. “But he has done it again… he did it! Come with me!”

Having said that, Matthew ran down the street toward the mayor’s house, and we followed him. In front of the house, there was a great multitude of people all discussing and speaking at the same time, a real fuss. And we saw the mayor, his face radiant with happiness, like the selfsame sun, singing hymns of praise to the Lord. We tried to find out what had happened, and little by little we gathered the information. Here is what the Bible tells us (the Gospel according to John):

So Jesus came again to Cana in Galilee, the place where he had made the water into wine. At Capernaum there was an official whose son was very ill.

When he heard that Jesus had left Judaea and had arrived in Galilee, he went off to see him and begged him to come down and heal his son, who was by this time at the point of death.

Jesus said to him, “Will you never believe unless you see signs and wonders?”

“Sir,” returned the official, “please come down before my boy dies!”

“You can go home,” returned Jesus, “your son is alive.” And the man believed what Jesus had said to him and went on his way.

On the journey back his servants met him with the report “Your son is alive and well.”

So he asked them at what time he had begun to recover, and they replied: “The fever left him yesterday at one o’clock in the afternoon.”

Then the father knew that this must have happened at the very moment when Jesus had said to him, “Your son is alive.” And he and his whole household believed in Jesus.

Later, Jesus’ companions would tell us the whole story.

The Master had accompanied his family to Nazareth, where he was received with honor and reverence. There was no mockery anymore on the part of the people, such as Jesus had experienced the previous times. There was one or other who hated him, who looked at him with hostile eyes. But there are always such people, who only know how to hate, whose wickedness suffocates their souls. However, the atmosphere had changed completely.

After a few days, Jesus said good-bye to “Joseph Jr.,” Joses, who had to stay in order to take care of the business. The Master’s sisters, all married, had already gone back to their husbands and homes.

First, the men went to Cana, which was very close, to stop over there in order to meet up with Nathanael bar Tolmai. He convinced them that they should stay overnight in his house, enjoying his hospitality. It was understandable. Poor Nathanael, he wanted to extend his “home vacations” a little more.

And then, on the following day, they prepared to return to the lake. They were still near Cana when a group of horsemen came closer, galloping, their horses puffing foam and covered with white sweat. It was the mayor of Kpar Nahum with some of his servants. And you can read the rest of the story in the Bible.

Jesus and his disciples arrived many hours later. They had spent the night under the open sky, and they had walked slowly. The whole village gave them a tremendous reception.

The Master along with us soon took refuge in Peter’s house, blocking the door, so great was people’s insistence and eagerness. Only then did we feel “safe” from the hugs, screams and pushes. Everybody wanted to touch us, or rather, the Master, in order to get a cure for their diseases, and we were pushed, hit and pawed severely, but with great affection. [Judas is smiling]

On that same day, when we were entrenched in Peter’s house and people had us besieged, another interesting event happened. But of that we will speak in our next message.

However, what I would like to tell you right now, in the context of the healing of the mayor’s son, is the following:

In the first place, Jesus had finally conquered the heart of the villagers. It is true that people needed signs to believe in him. But finally, they believed in his words. There would be other places where people would not believe, in spite of the Master’s signs.

And in the second place, we asked the Master, of course, how he had been able to perform such an act. Today you would call it “distance healing.” But then, for us, it was something unheard of, something that we had never witnessed. There were other people who cured, who had the gift of “channeling healing energies,” to express myself in a modern language. However, a healing at a distance of many miles, without imposing hands and murmuring magic formulas, we had never seen.

And it was then that Jesus tried to explain to us that the healing of a sick person does not depend so much on the healer’s power, but more on the disposition and will of the sick person, of their faith. He also told us that all men could obtain the power of healing, which only depended on the development of their souls. As in art, there were people with an innate gift for healing, but the supreme healing power lay in the Father’s Love, which stood at everybody’s disposition. Once again, he urged us to pray, an advice which we followed with little enthusiasm.

Do you wonder why we did not feel more enthusiasm for prayer? Well, I will tell you what happened in my case.

Actually, when the Master spoke to us so much of prayer, I tried it. Yes, I prayed. But when after some weeks I could not detect a drastic change inside me, when I did not feel filled with powers and wisdom, my efforts weakened. There were entire weeks when I did not pray, especially when the Master was not with me. I simply forgot. Prayer had never become a “matter of basic necessity” for me. Remember how often the Bible teaches that Jesus looked for a quiet place and prayed there? He prayed constantly.

The Father does not ask much from us. But something that He does insist on, is perseverance. We need perseverance in all we do, and mainly in prayer.

Remember what the Master said: “Everything you ask for in prayer, if you have faith, you will receive.”

This is true. Faith and prayer are the two sisters whose forces unite and bring us the Father’s blessings. You will not always receive exactly what you are asking for. If you want to move from place A to place B, God does not lift you up into the air and let you fly from one place to another. No, you have to walk, but He shows you the way, He teaches you how you may overcome the obstacles. He helps you, but you have to walk.

Yes, at the moment of my death, I had some Divine Love in my soul. Are you surprised? I want to tell you that the possession of a small quantity of God’s Substance will not save you from hell, if you are not able to activate this Love and to live It. You have already read that in many cases people possess the Love of God, but they forget about It, and it is as if It does not exist. It is like the leaven in the batch of dough. If you place it in a cold place, it will not die, however, it will never ferment. And I will tell you another thing: I received a great part of the small portion of Love in my soul, when I was about to commit suicide. When the mind in its desperation is no longer able to formulate coherent thoughts, the soul clamors for help, in all sincerity, with all its force, with all its thirst. In other words, it is a very intense prayer.

The Love in my soul did not save me from hell. It virtually did not exist, because soon my mind recovered its ascendancy and subjected me to a deep depression. Only when Andrew, through the warmth of his love, was able to melt the ice in my soul, the Love within me could start Its work of fermentation.

I tell you, my dear friend, is not so difficult to obtain the Love, it is more difficult to keep it active and radiant. This is what I referred to when saying that “you have to walk.” This is why we have spoken so often of people who “rest in the assurance of their beliefs,” because people who activate their love never rest, and they are aware that what they know is nothing more than the tip of an iceberg.

God has given man curiosity so that he can investigate. He has given him intelligence so that he can study and learn, and He has given him a soul so that he can be brought ever nearer to Him.

I leave you now with my blessings. Tomorrow I will speak of the surprise that we received from above.

May God bless you,



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