76 Sermons On The Old Testament Given By Jesus

Sermon 4 - The true fulfillment of the Law - the Father’s Love.

August 26th, 1957

Received by Dr Samuels

Washington D.C.


I am here, Jesus.

I was glad to be able to write you showing that the Christian churches as they are constituted at present are preaching a religion no different in its vital foundation from the religion of Judaism from which they parted, in that they are teaching the moral and ethical principles of human conduct as the way to God; and indeed, as I have shown, these churches by so doing are perpetuating the Mosaic code that leads to obedience of God’s Laws and purification of the human soul, with a place in the Spiritual Heavens prepared for the human soul cleansed of sin.

These churches believe that, as the Messiah of God, or God Himself incarnate as the Son, I brought salvation to mankind, that is to say, to those church members who adhere to this belief, through my supposed sacrifice on the cross, wherein my divine shed blood is held to be a ransom for the sins of those who believe in this supposed sacrifice. To some, this means that they may continue to sin, for their sins are forgiven, as they falsely believe, and that church absolution for sinning is sufficient to keep them in a state of grace. This is entirely untrue and vicious.

Others, with a better understanding of what sin involves, declare that Christ’s sacrifice of love, as they believe, makes man duty bound to answer this love with love of his own, which must manifest itself by the rejection of sin. And others are appealed to by their church in their human love for him whom they consider their savior in that they are taught, preposterously enough, that each individual sin renews the sacrifice I am supposed to have made on the cross for the sinner, and that I am subjected to the agonies of crucifixion repeatedly as each sin is committed. There is no understanding here that the spirit body of man, divested of the material body by death, is no longer subject to the bodily afflictions of the material world. In these cases, we have an appeal to man’s human love to strengthen his will against the desire to sin. And this is Judaism, I must point out, whether the churches understand it or not. For just as the Jew is exhorted not to sin for the love of Jehovah and the Torah, so is the Christian exhorted not to sin for love of his savior. And the effect, if successful, is the same: strengthening of the human will against sinning and the subsequent step forward in soul purification.

In short, the doctrine of what the Christian calls the indwelling Spirit, or baptism with the Holy Ghost, is meaningless, because the Spirit or Ghost in his soul has no purifying action upon it; and the so-called fulfillment of the law by grace, as taught to Christians by the churches, is false and nonexistent.

For while the churches would like to say that, because of Christ’s so-called sacrifice and man’s faith in his name, man does not sin, they cannot in truthfulness so declare, for it is abundantly evident in all mankind that this is not the case.

Yet soul perfection through Love was my message as the Messiah, and that was what my immediate followers and their disciples taught, as is found in the New Testament and, if the false doctrines of my sacrifice and blood-shedding were eliminated as the interpolations they are, and if my message were understood and interpreted correctly, then what they preached is the truth, for the early church, free of the later Greek and pagan notions of mass and trinity that were added, was filled with individuals who had obtained to a certain, and some to a great, extent, that real Grace - the Father’s Love - which, the Essence of God, is that which eliminates sin from the soul as it effects its transformation into a divine soul, and thus actually brought about a soul condition in them whereby the laws of Moses were no longer needed and the Torah fulfilled by the Divine Presence of the Father Himself in the souls of those to whom it came when sought for in earnest prayer.

So you can see that the churches of today are not preaching my message of the Father’s Love, which leads to transformation of the soul into a divine soul and its concomitant purity, but are preaching instead the false doctrines of salvation through my supposed sacrifice on the cross and the resultant remission of sin through the shedding of my blood, with the consequences that the real Grace - the Father’s Love - which I taught comes to man only through prayer to God, is not sought for and has not had the opportunity, except in relatively few cases, to cleanse and transform men’s souls. And it is for this reason that Christians have not experienced the Father’s Love in their souls, nor have remission of sins, as they think, for they still sin and are tempted to sin without ceasing.

And thus many Christians, while they continue to be churchgoers and adhere to the rites and ceremonies of their respective churches, realize that the great Saving Grace they have been promised and told is theirs with mere belief in my name has not been experienced as a reality in their lives, and they are disappointed and feel frustrated, as indeed they are, that the New Birth is not really theirs.

And the answer given by the churches is pure speculation and a pious hope that belief in Jesus’ name will give them, when they die, a place in Heaven, and that until then they must have faith in the teachings of the churches. What a poor and apologetic answer this is, and how contradictory to their own New Testament which preaches with authority the evidences on this earth of the transformation which God’s Grace - His Love - makes in the human soul; in Peter, in Saul of Tarsus (Paul), in Mary Magdalene, in Levi the publican (Matthew), in John and James and my other disciples, in Nicodemus ben Gurien, in Barnabas, Cornelius, Apollo, Aquila and Priscilla, Silas, Timothy and many others I may name, many of whom died as martyrs because of their certain knowledge of their immortality of soul through the possession of the Father’s Love I came to make available to mankind as the Messiah of God.

Christians must learn that what they call the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the soul of the believer in my name is a myth. And the proof of the falsity of that doctrine is the brutal but incontrovertible fact that Christians, as other faiths of mankind, continue to be tempted and sin.

And Christians, like other people, will continue to sin in this world and suffer the effects of their sins for a long time in the world to come, until they stop believing in my name for their salvation and pray to the Father for His Love, so that, in answer to such prayer, His Love - His real Grace - is conveyed into their souls by the Holy Spirit and effects that transformation of soul from human into divine souls, in the true fulfillment of the Law.

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens