76 Sermons On The Old Testament Given By Jesus

Sermon 2 - Christianity’s failure to preach the Father’s Love.

August 24th, 1957

Received by Dr Samuels

Washington D.C.


I am here, Jesus.

I have been waiting to write you another sermon on the Father’s Love and His eagerness that mankind should receive His Love and become His immortal children through prayer to Him; and I also wish to continue with the reasons why the churches are not in possession of this great Truth.

Now I do not wish to say anything that might be construed as derogatory to the fine basic religious practices, like community help, charity, social welfare and moral instruction, which the churches are doing as forces helping to bring man into harmony with God’s Laws through obedience to the moral and ethical codes, like the Decalogue of Moses, above all, or its equivalents developed and practiced in Eastern churches.

For moral and ethical religion was the only kind of religion known to these churches of the East and to Judaism before my coming, and the fact is that Christianity, in all its branches and ramifications, is simply perpetuating that type of religion - one of moral and ethical living - with a positive pagan admixture which blasphemously elevates my personality to a nonexistent second part of the Godhead, and with no comprehension that I came not to purify souls through the moral and ethical principles, as did Moses, and which I merely confirmed as God-given Laws, but that, as the Messiah of God, I came to make available to mankind, through prayer to the Father for its transformation, a soul not only purified of sin, but a divine soul, made so by the constant flowing into it of the Father’s Divine Love, incapable of sin, impervious to temptation and no longer in need of the Ten Commandments of Moses or the other moral and ethical codes of the other religions.

This Divine Love, the loving gift of the Father to whosoever seeks it earnestly in prayer, is carried into the soul by the Holy Spirit, which is not the so-called third person of the trinity, nor even the Spirit of God of the Old Testament, as the churches preach, but that Energy of God designated to perform this delicate mission, and is that which the Christians erroneously call and preach as God’s Grace which fulfills the law. For it is not the Holy Spirit which fulfills the law, but the Father’s Love, and it is this Love and not the Holy Spirit which is in reality the Grace which pervades the soul.

And this state of Grace, if I may use the term, is not a fixed or static condition, due to belief in my name and partaking in the man-made rite of the mass and its pagan origins, or because of any vicarious atonement effected by my crucifixion - as preached by the churches but is a continuous process in soul transformation into Divine Essence through constant and earnest prayer to the Father for His Love, in this world and in the next, throughout all the eternity of time.

This message of eternal life through the Gift of God’s Divine Love was the message which, as the Messiah of God, I taught to the Hebrews and to all mankind when on earth and represents the only Way to achieve immortality of soul, through At-Onement with God.

I wish to emphasize and repeat, that it be well understood, that this Love is not the human love which man has or may have for his fellowman and for God, a distinction which is not understood by the churches, for they believe that love is universally identical, and that I loved, and that God loves, mankind with the same love which man has for God and his fellowman. This is not true, for abundance of love for one’s neighbor is simply an abundance of the human love with which God provided man at his creation; but God’s Love for His children is Divine, and it can come only into the human soul by prayer to the Father for its inflow, and it is in this Way that the process of transformation into the divine soul by the Father’s Love takes place.

The potentiality of receiving the Father’s Love, which Love has never been a part of man originally, but which was, nevertheless, available at man’s creation, was lost by the first human parents with their Fall; and it remained lost until it was made available to mankind again with my coming. For it was as a human being, possessed of a soul filled with the Father’s Divine Love, meaning a soul divine and one with the Father’s Essence, that I was the Father’s first and only begotten son at the time and was, and am, in that way the Messiah. I was born of the Holy Spirit in that, as I have said, it was this Energy of God that brings, and brought the Father’s Love into my soul, and into the soul of whosoever seeks His Love through earnest prayer. As a human being, I was born, as are all humans born in the same way, of my parents, Mary and Joseph, and in no such mysterious and metaphysical manner as taught by the churches. So that here again, the churches neither understand who I was, nor am, have me born of a virgin in violation of God’s Law of Reproduction and have no understanding of the Father’s Love and how, by prayer, it enables mankind to achieve that salvation unto eternal life for which the soul of man is yearning.

I shall stop now, for I have said what I had intended to for this second sermon, but there are many other things that I wish to write concerning the failure of the churches to preach the glad tidings of the Father’s Love; and I shall come again to continue these messages. So let me urge all those to whom these sermons may come to have faith in His Love and Mercy, and to pray with their whole soul for the inflow of the Father’s Love, and to make known that the true Gospel of the Messiah, Jesus the Christ, is being revealed anew to mankind.

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens