76 Sermons On The Old Testament Given By Jesus

Sermon 1 - The Way to Immortality.

July 16th, 1957

Received by Dr Samuels

Washington D.C.


I am here, Jesus.

Yes, I am here in response to your request that I write you a sermon for those people who may be interested in learning more about the Gospel which I really preached when on earth - a Gospel designed to show man the Way to Immortality through possession of the Father’s Love through prayer and the resultant transformation of man’s soul from a human soul to one possessed of the Essence of God and hence Divine.

Yes, that was my mission when I was on earth and that was the great message which my Father in Heaven sent me to preach to the Jews and to all mankind, and it is the message which I have been, and I am still, endeavoring to bring to mankind over the long centuries from that time until the present, so that the clouds which have appeared through human incomprehension of my work and mission can be at last cleared away and mankind can see exactly what I preached when I appeared on earth and what the exact Way is which man can follow for his becoming at-one with the Father in His Divine Love and Mercy, and thus enable him to achieve that immortality of soul which he so much and so eagerly seeks and yet which seemingly evades his grasp and his frustrated yearnings.

And in these sermons I wish to state that what I have written through Mr. Padgett is correct and that the true and only Way to the Father and His Love was explained in the messages which I and the many high spirits associated with me in the writing of these messages were able to transmit to mankind through him.

So that in this first sermon we come to the questions: Why is it that the churches fail to turn man to the Father’s Love, and what is necessary for religious leaders to do to bring about the realization that God’s Love is available, and that it is the possession of His Love in the soul of man that effects its transformation into a soul filled with His Essence and possessed, and aware, of its immortality?

For I wish to show in this first sermon why it is important for mankind, regardless of religious affiliations or background, to hearken unto the voice of the Master and to obtain that immortality which God the Father is eager to bestow upon whosoever shall turn to Him in Love and Prayer, and which the trappings and misconceptions of the present churches make so difficult and uncertain for the very congregations they serve and seek to guide. For the churches of today, built as they are upon the speculations of men who could not comprehend my message and who worked out false doctrines based on the false notion of my deity as part of a supposed trinity, cannot show the Way to the Father and His Love because they have no conception of the Father and His Love that will lead man to seek and obtain that Love and the subsequent transformation of the soul from the human to the divine.

The churches of today cannot inspire man to seek God’s Love because they no longer understand, and they have not for long centuries so understood it, that God’s Love possessed by the human soul through prayer to Him for its coming is the Way and the only Way to man’s salvation.

These churches emphasize the moral order of society very much as did Moses when the conception of the Ten Commandments for man’s conduct was developed and brought into operation, and the moral order, as I have many times explained, has merely the force of purifying man’s human soul and bringing it into harmony with God’s Laws, but does not have the power of bringing about the transformation of the soul, no matter how purified, into a divine soul filled with God’s Love and Mercy.

No obedience to any moral code, I repeat, nor, for that matter, any magical effect of anyone’s blood, whether he be in physical life or was at one time a mortal and now a spirit, can cause the soul to be transformed into a divine soul, for only God’s Love conveyed into the human soul through the Holy Spirit in response to earnest prayer can bring about such a transformation - and no church as it is constituted today teaches that great fact - and this is the real message which I taught as the appointed Messiah of God. And it is for this reason, I must repeat, that the Way to the Father and immortality lies not with the churches nor with their doctrine of moral behavior or the efficacy of Jesus’ blood or mere belief in my name or in any religious concept which is now taught by the priests and pastors of these same churches.

The Way to the Father, let me emphasize it again, is only as I taught it on earth, as I explain it now, and as I have explained it in the messages which I have written through Mr. Padgett. This sermon is clear in showing that the churches do not possess the knowledge of bringing mankind into At-Onement with the Father. That is why mankind must be given the True Gospel and the Way shown to them. Religious leaders in the world today must follow me in my teachings and carry on my work and awaken mankind to this fundamental Truth: that we may all be One in God’s Divine Love through prayer, and this by all and every means now available that will help bring the Word to all flesh. And it is through the teachings of the Truth by you, my disciples and workers everywhere in this new age, that my true church can and will flourish from henceforth on earth.

I think I have written enough on the cardinal points treated in this sermon and I shall continue to write and show those interested that the Truth is at last being given - first through the messages and now through my Church of the New Birth, which shall teach the Way to the Father and His Love as did Jesus the Messiah when he was an earth.

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens