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The Padgett Messages 1914 To 1923 Free Downloads

This page now has free downloads of both Padgett’s and Samuels’ messages.

Many of these messages have been published in one or other form. If you would like to buy books based on these messages, try this link. However, we deliberately offer all these messages without charge, on this web site.

We have recently created a single chronological publication of the messages, in the date order in which James Padgett received them. This pdf file also has the very latest editing, and footnotes. It is however over 5Mb. This was published in November 2011.

If you do not have a program to read these, there is a free program available. The standard program for reading that pdf format, is a free download from Adobe. 

As some readers may not know how to open these formats, I will now offer some advice on that epub can be read on a number of applications, such as Firefox, and Chrome as well as Calibre under Windows. The browsers will require an additional module to be installed. There are also apps for Android and Iphone. Mobi is best read using one of the free applications you can get from Amazon, and Amazon will also allow you to email the file to your Ipad, or Kindle if you have these set up as destinations in your account. The Amazon app called “Send to Kindle” can be used easily to achieve this. (Please note: If you install an Amazon application, make absolutely sure you download it from Amazon, not just the first site on the Google page. I have found out the hard way that some folks are re-packaging the Amazon application, and adding some malicious code. Beware.)

The very latest (2014) editions of the original publications produced by Dr Stone, and entitled “True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus” are available as free pdfs, and as epubs, and as an Amazon format file-mobi:

The issue of duplicated messages has been resolved in these latest editions of the original publications. They also have dates where known and a very large number of footnoted cross references.

There are now some German translations available.

We also now have free downloads of Dr. Samuels Messages.