Miscellaneous Messages from Dr. Samuels

Dr. Samuels’ instrumentality is serving a dual purpose.

October 21, 1954

Received by Dr Samuels.

Washington D.C.


I am here, Jesus.

I know that my coming again is a surprise to you, since you did not have any idea that I would come again. And so you see that I am trying to build up in you the knowledge that I am really Jesus and that I am really conveying messages to you of importance to the development of your own soul through the Divine Love, as well as of importance to the salvation of mankind through the imparting of messages dealing with the Father’s truths.

You must not doubt the veracity of the messages that I convey to you, and I would like you to understand that in time your knowledge of me and the Father’s Love will be developed to a point where you will have the power to do what I have promised to you. Only have faith and pray continually to the Father for His Divine Love.

What I told you about Thomas and his flight to Emmaus holds as true today as when he did so the day that I rose from the tomb and showed myself to Mary Magdalene. And I also want to say that I am satisfied by your effort to have faith in my truths, and that you are earnestly praying to the Father for His Love and help in receiving my messages. So keep trying to have faith in me and my writings, and be encouraged to receive them. That is why I have come again - to tell you this.

Keep reading the messages which I and the Celestials gave to the world through Mr. Padgett, for they are a great source of satisfaction and knowledge of the truths, and they can be used to stimulate faith in me and in the Father. Also read the Old and New Testaments with a view to comprehending those portions that you cannot understand, or question, and I will come and point out the truths just as they occurred.

So have faith in me, the Master, and you shall be able to progress in your spiritual life to the extent that you could never believe possible. And continue to pray as a redeemed child of God and have faith in me as the Master in the Celestial Kingdom. I shall stop now, but I shall come again to you and the Doctor and tell you I am your friend and elder brother who loves you both with real love and affection.

Jesus of the Bible