Miscellaneous Messages from Dr. Samuels

Many Hebrews have been named Jesus.

Not Dated

Received by Dr Samuels.

Washington D.C.


I am here, Jesus.

I am very happy to be together with you, my dear Trustees, (of the F.C.N.B.) and co-workers for the Kingdom, and to be able to listen in upon your discussions and to obtain the opportunity to make a few remarks.

Now, I do not wish to write at length tonight because you are obviously not in a condition to support a long or major writing, but I do wish to say a few words of observation.

Now the first thing I wish to speak about is Mr. H____’s remarks about my supposed travels in Persia, and I must tell you and him that throughout these many years there have been many Hebrews called Jesus and I shall name but a few, (such) as Jesus, son of Sirach, in connection with the saying(s) and writings that have already been published in non-canonical books of the Bible; and also, I may mention that Jesus who some time before my appearance in Palestine incurred the displeasure of the Hebrew authorities and was stoned to death. And there have been some Jews and others, among others those even in the spirit world, who have confused him with me and have even written about this through automatic writing such as I transmit through you.

So you see that in addition to myself there have been many a mortal called Jesus and indeed this name is a common Hebrew name, and many Hebrews throughout the ages before my time have borne it, so that it is quite possible and indeed likely that people called Jesus were in Persia and studied there and enjoyed friends of various philosophies and beliefs. But I must tell you, as I have written through Mr. Padgett, that I never traveled or studied in the Orient, and this I must repeat and reaffirm now through you.

I trust that this explanation will be satisfying to those who are in need of enlightenment on this subject….

I shall not say more for today, but I wish to tell you to pray hard and earnestly to the Father for His Love and let us go forward with our countenance alight with His radiance and our hearts aglow with His Divine Love.

I shall stop now and sign myself, your elder brother and friend,

Jesus of the Bible


Master of the Celestial Heavens.