Messages 2015 and 2016

The value of knowing your souls.

November 27th, 2016

Medium: Al Fike

Hawaii, United States of America


My friends it is James, James Reid.

How different it is to speak on this side of the voice. To be a channel in this way, to speak to you in this way and how delighted I am to have this opportunity to speak to my friends and to you my friend Geoff, who has been my staunch supporter and dear friend.

I wish to tell you that I am very happy in the realms of spirit. I dwell within the 5th sphere and am finding much to do here and am learning much as I progress through this beautiful sphere. And I want to tell you all, especially my dear friend, you are not wasting your time coming together. Each time you come together in this way, each time you connect with others as you have done this day you are building a light, you are making change in this world, you are bringing about greater awareness, and touching souls as a channel of God’s love in the world.

And I have committed to your group, to the efforts made by all those who are praying for Divine Love and trying to bring this knowledge to the world. I’ve committed myself to support and to assist you in any way that I can.

My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude for the great blessings God has given me in my life and the knowledge of how to grow my soul in love and for all the blessings that I’ve received in this world, in your world and all the many blessings I’m receiving in this world and I wish to serve as you all, and I will be by your sides as your eager helper.

And I wish you to know that I have changed some of my beliefs and attitudes upon coming to this side of life. Things are so much clearer in these higher spheres and simpler and I see now that the power of God’s Love is the ultimate blessing and truth and much of what I perceived when I was in the flesh was just a lot of clutter around this truth, the power of this truth and my mind was so eager to know these details, these things about the life of spirit and about life, the purpose of life, the meaning of life. And so I do not blame myself for immersing my mind in all of these aspects and details which I read about and discussed and shared with others. It is the nature of your world to inform the mind, to develop the mental capacities, to make sense of the truth, but I tell you, my friends, as you progress and your souls expand in Love these things of the mind will have less importance and relevance. The things of your souls will be what comes forth and has power and influence upon your being and who you are and how you perceive the world and how life is, truly how life is and is meant to be.

It is all very simple and it is based on the foundation of love, again, I am grateful that I understood this fact when I lived in the world. The foundation of love, my friends, is the greatest, strongest, most powerful foundation that you can build in your life. Everything must be in harmony and in synchronicity around love.

So I ask you: When you come across a new concept, an idea, ask yourselves, how does this increase the love in my life, how does this build love in my life, how does this express love in my life?; because all else, in many respects, is irrelevant. Especially for all of you who have made a commitment to serve God as a channel of His Love. To bring the truth of his love into the world. This is what is important; to build love within yourself, to build the truth of love, the wonderment of love, the glory of love, the great wonderment that is God’s love within yourselves.

And though your mind may be hungry for facts and details, knowledge of the great mysteries of the Universe, my friends, when you are truly immersed in this condition of love, this understanding of love, that which is true and of God and eternal and absolute will come to you in time and that which is the fabrication of the mind, part of the intellectual ruminations of imagination and interpretation of truth will fall away.

It is your challenge, my friends, your deep challenge to predicate everything in love. To go to God. To receive His great gift of Love and to integrate this into every aspect of your lives, of your minds, and of your souls in order to bring us all together in harmony. You need to shake off the clutter and the error and the irrelevant details and focus, focus, my friends, on love. For the world will be saved by love, not by facts, not by information that is not of this world, no, my friends, the world will be saved by love, the power of love, the healing touch of love, the wonderment which is God’s Love.

So continue in your efforts, utilize the time you have together, my friends, in prayer, in work together to bring healing, to bring comfort to others, to bring the truth, to reinforce one another in this great pursuit as you traverse the Divine Path and in this way, if you are truly dedicated, if you truly wish to be in the light and to enact God’s Will in a close approximation as you can in this world, then you will join me in this beautiful sphere of light when it is your time to pass. What a blessing that would be for you, my beautiful friends.

And to do so, to work for God, to work for love is not a hardship, is not that difficult, but it requires focus and a desire to do so. Prayer, faith, trust in God, an eagerness for love; this is simple. Put aside all else that is not a part of these efforts and be in the mighty flow of God’s love. My friends, I will join you there, the angels will join you there and much will come of this, this dedication, this service, these prayers.

God bless you friends, I’m very happy to be able to speak to you and I hope that I will be able to speak again through this instrument for he has let down a barrier allowing those of us who are not yet a Celestial Angel but are well on our way. Thank you my friends. God bless you and may His Love flow into your souls my friends with great abundance, great abundance. This is your focus; this is why you come together. To help one another in this great effort, to rise above the conditions of this world, the conditions of your mind and truly come to know your souls. What a wonderful, wonderful prospect to know your souls, my friends. So happy to be with you. Know that I will be with you as you continue in these prayers and efforts together. God bless you, your friends James, James Reid loves you and is with you. God bless you.

  Note This is our fairly recently departed and very dear friend James Reid, receiver and publisher of The Richard Messages