New birth

Messages 2001


August 20th, 2001 (in the afternoon)

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador


I was following Alfredo’s advice on how to relax, with my eyes closed, when I saw this light approaching. I asked myself why I could not see anyone. Was this light my guide? And suddenly I saw the outline of a man. It was a black silhouette, surrounded by bright light, like a counter light photograph. How strange, I thought, I can see a person, but I cannot distinguish who he is, it’s like he is hiding.

“I want to show you that the less developed soul cannot see the higher developed soul”, I heard the voice saying.

“I know,” I answered, “but I cannot understand why this is so.”

“It is very difficult to explain. But I tell you that our light is so great that we cannot even show ourselves to you as we really are. Your eyes would get blinded. But your light is weak, and we can distinguish each and every detail within you. You have to obtain more light, little by little, getting acquainted, only then you may see us as we are. This is a law. Whatever seems bright to you today, will seem weak and dim in the future, whatever seems like a flash of lightning, unbearable and inscrutable for your eyes, will seem to you pleasant and normal in the future.”

And then I saw his face, so real like a photograph. He was skinny, his hair somewhat long, but not very, scarcely reaching to his shoulders, covering his neck, the hair pitch black. It was not combed forming a hairline, but brushed forward, concealing his forehead. His eyes were not large but cheerful, yes, he looked at me with a smile on his face, and his halfway opened mouth uncovered his teeth. His nose was neither long nor short, but slim, as all his slender face showed a fine bone texture. He also had a beard, short and not very dense. He was young, maybe twenty-five, not older than thirty, difficult to estimate. And his face began to deform, like a caricature.

“It is because your mind is playing tricks”, he explained. “You don’t know how to control it. But you will learn.”

“You are Judas”, I stated.

“Yes, and now you know me personally”, he replied. “We’re going to work together,” he added, winking.

I saw him like one of those gawky youths, and he seemed to be chewing gum (!), and with those almost uncontrolled and exaggerated movements of his hands, as if he wanted to present himself as one of those nonchalant young people, still idealists, which possibly was his character when he lived on earth, but he said nothing. This is only my impression, and he left me pretty confused, above all his chewing gum.

And then, everything faded away. He was going away, or I was going away. I think he said good-bye, but I am not sure of this anymore.

Then I was alone again, with my heart beating terribly...


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