Messages 2002

Miracles and thoughts.

August 8th, 2002

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


Did you really find my last message so shocking?

[H.: Not shocking, but strange. I was thinking that the people you mentioned, Saint Augustine, Saint Thomas, Calvin and Luther, as inhabitants of the Celestial Heavens, are your friends. And suddenly you ask me to write some really ridiculous or terrible quotes, which showed your “friends” in a really bad light.]

It is true, my friend, they are my friends, even more than friends. However, understand that they are no longer the same people who wrote these sentences. They are Celestial spirits, having experienced the New Birth, and therefore, they are already much beyond these expressions of their past lives. These memories no longer hurt, there are no longer open wounds, they live without sin and error, which have been forgiven already a long time ago, forgiven and “forgotten.”

Today, I would like to talk about two topics. First, I will address the story of the wedding at Cana once again. In the letter you received, you could discern much incredulity.

[H..: A few weeks ago, a woman, who had found the Padgett messages on the Internet, contacted me. She apparently moves in spiritualistic circles or in “non traditional” churches, because she told me of “speaking tongues,” etc. Among other things, she spoke of a family that receives messages, commenting:

“But what confuses me most, is that this family is not very well educated and didn’t know about the story in the Bible on the weddings of Cana. And in that visit, Jesus always told them, through the boy, that he really transformed the water into wine.

_H__, since this is contrary to what Padgett received and you may imagine that my search for the Truth brings me some difficulties.”]

While it is of very little importance whether people believe that Jesus transformed water into wine or if they do not believe this, I wish to highlight that the story, as I told you, is consistent with truth. Even Jesus himself, many years earlier, informed of the fact in the same way through Dr. Samuels.

However, what is important is to emphasize that Jesus’ portrait as the “miracle maker” who walked through Palestine, performing his magic tricks, is not correct. It is my intention, through my account, which we must take up again soon, to remove this shell of mythology, and to present the man as he really was. Jesus performed miracles, this is true, but mainly in the healing of sick people.

People who lived in antiquity expected holy men to distinguish themselves through supernatural prowess — an attitude, by the way, that continues stubbornly in the present time — and later, when the biographical or pseudo-biographical stories were written, many anecdotes coming from the realm of fantasy were added, in order to satisfy people’s expectation.

As a matter of fact, there were people in that time who, taking advantage of the expectation of their partisans and potential followers, excelled as “magicians,” such as in the famous case of “Simon the Samaritan.”

However, I want people to understand that it was not Jesus’ task to convince humanity through magic, but through the brilliant light that his soul radiated. Which perhaps leads you to recall that your task is very similar… or should be so.

Another topic that I want to address in this message is the statement that thoughts are things. It is an assertion that has been heard with a mixture of incredulity and surprise by many. And this is not amazing, considering that to some, thoughts are electrical impulses, or more generally, energetic or chemical impulses that at times are stored in the brain, and at times are of an ephemeral nature and simply disappear, and to others, they are part of a hazy concept which is called “the mind.”

When we speak of thoughts as things, we really mean what we are saying: Things, tangible, real things, of existence. Jesus has already indicated in a communication that advanced spirits have the possibility of “creating” animals, pets, and many more things. These are creations through thoughts, they are thoughts “materialized.” I have mentioned the fact that the thoughts of men are very powerful, exercising a global influence, especially in their combined form. You have heard some information on how the “clothing” of spirits is built, and now, going one step further, consider, too, what you heard of the spirit body that is constantly renewed, always reflecting the condition of the soul which it harbors.

The spirit body is the thought of our soul; it is its materialized manifestation. Therefore, it will be very easy for you now to understand why higher spirits have the ability to evaluate the condition of soul of lower spirits — without being able to actually visualize those souls — but that it does not work the other way around, since, just as the higher spirits’ thoughts are unfathomable for lower spirits, likewise their materialization in form of the spirit body is inaccessible for them. They describe it as a “bright light,” unable to grasp its true nature.

That is all I want to communicate at the moment. Now I will leave you, wrapped up as you are in your poncho and shivering from cold, with icy fingers, but with warmth in your soul.

Your brother,



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