Messages 2002

Other beings and the purpose of these messages.

January 7th, 2002

Received by H.

Cuenca, Ecuador.


My dear brother, do not consider this a message, consider it a simple chat. I am aware that you have a series of questions, in the first place one about faith, but today is not the day to answer them. The subject of faith is very deep, and I want to deal with it in detail, together with other concepts, such as beliefs, perceptions, awareness, mind, soul, reality etc. And to do so, we need a very good rapport, which we do not have at this moment.

We can talk about a subject which came up yesterday.

[H. Are you referring to UFOs? Well, it is just that on Sundays on TV there is a program here on these phenomena, presented by a man, whom I assume is a little bit crazy but what irritates me is that there has already been a question in the past in that respect, and in his answer Jesus said that he didn’t know anything about this.]

Then you did not read accurately what he said. Insert here the respective passage, and let us have a look at it.

[H.: Jesus wrote the following in amessage received by D.L. on October 1, 1989:

“I would like to be able to answer your question with regard to other possible souls in the visible universe who may have partaken of the Father’s Love, but this information has not been revealed to us. We do know that our spirit world is populated exclusively by former mortals of earth, and our Celestial Heavens as well. However, considering the unfathomable greatness of our Father, it would not be surprising to us if there were many other worlds and heavens wherein God has created and placed other of His children made in His image. But, as I say, we have no knowledge of this one way or the other. Suffice it to say that the vastness of our combined worlds is more than sufficient to occupy our undivided attention and encourage our unceasing labors of love.”]

Jesus talks of souls created in the image of God. Modern science knows with an almost absolute certainty that there is life on other planets. The number of solar systems is so vast, millions in each of the millions of galaxies, that it would be difficult to doubt this. Moreover, we do know that life exists outside earth, and not only primitive life, but also organized and intelligent life.

What we don’t know is whether these forms of life, which equally are subject to death, continue in one or another form in a spiritual environment such as our spirit world. Jesus states clearly that all inhabitants of the spirit world are beings that once lived as mortals on earth. However, he does not exclude the possibility that there are other “spirit worlds,” to which we have no access. He does not say that he knows nothing about extraterrestrial life.1

But if you expect me now to embark on a speech about UFOs, you are wrong. Our messages have a purpose, and our coming has a purpose, and this certainly is not to discuss this kind of subject. I know that you have other questions in mind, for example, if this creation is the first one that God made, etc. But the answers to these questions have nothing to do with the well-defined goal of our cooperation. It is true, sometimes we answer questions that don’t contribute directly to the solution of your current problems, for example the story of Jesus’ life. However, those are topics in which a great number of people are really interested. Therefore our work in satisfying these questions may guide many people to take an interest in the central message of Love that we try to convey. If, on the other hand, we tried to explain the laws of gravity, we would hardly achieve these ends.

In the context of religion, there is no unimportant question, although it may not refer to what we call the Higher Truths. The reason is that each successful quest motivates mortals to continue ahead. Eventually, they will find the very heart of our teachings.

What I personally want to communicate is that each and every person is capable of getting started on the greatest adventure known to humanity: To learn of God and of their own being, which being is in fact hidden to them. And they can learn this not only through theoretical speculations, but through their own experience. Each one is able to open their way to our world, if they only learn how to listen to us. This is why I speak so often of the inner voice. Once they are able to develop this capacity, a new universe of knowledge and fulfillment will open up to them. And the ultimate and definitive fulfillment is at-onement with our Creator.

Yes, this is a form of expanding your awareness. The light is there; you only have to see it. It is not a question of illumination but of opening up your eyes, and to open them up properly. You will learn to do this.

It is time to say good-bye.

Your friend and brother,



1 A very interesting message concerning just one such person can be found here.


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